The Year Of Trans Tyranny

From Spiked Online a piece by Joanna Williams on the censorship culture than has mushroomed around the transgender debate.

In 2018, trans activism became even more violent and censorious.

Who could have guessed, even a decade ago, that in 2018 the word ‘woman’ would be treated as an expletive? It’s become a dangerous word, either erased from public life altogether or discussed in apologetic, hushed tones.

Bizarrely, what ‘woman’ signifies now needs explanation. But anyone brave enough to define women in relation to biology, to make reference to ‘sex’ or ‘female’, risks vilification and public shaming.

In a very short space of time we have moved from the premise that men and women exist as fundamentally distinct biological entities with tolerance shown to a small minority of people who chose to live differently, to transgenderism as an ideology that insists all aspects of public life must comply with its demands.

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  1. Dr Williams has bigger balls than I first beloved and more power to her elbow for exposing a lot of what is wrong today.

    She deffo gets my vote. Men are men, women are women and if you are gay be happy. All this nonsense that people can wake up one day and decide to change gender and get away with it is bollicks.

    1. Without in any justifying the campaign of psychological terrorism being waged by trans extremists, transsexuality is a recognised sex/gender categpry and the feeling of being trapped in the wrong body (gender dysmorphia) is a recognised psychological condition. The boxing promoter Kelly Maloney and the food writer Jack Munroe are examples of successful transitioning.

  2. Barry,

    If tomorrow I decide to be an ape and wear a gorilla suit, do you think the law would be changed for my identidy crisis? What if I bought a load of feathers and stuck them to my body because I identified more with ducks. Will there be a box for me to tick for what type of duck I feel more like? That is how silly this Trans lets all be pink leftist-liberal agenda is. I would advise you to re-read Dr Joanna Williams article and look at the arguments she made...(same Dr Williams who had fealess Jess jumping through hoops in the Podesta piece I linked to you a few days before TPQ carried the Spiked piece).

    The two examples you mentioned, Maloney is simply gay and Jack is a butch lesbian. What you and and others want to call gender dysmorphia... Is simply balls. It is a pink agenda that allows for the sexualization of children. There is no medical evidence to support any of the claims you want to make. There is a lot of fact based evidence that shows transgengers have a higher suicide rate compared to hetro males and females and very often transgenders either regret their sex change or have another operation to go back to the body they were born with. Here is a talk given by Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP who is also a pediatric endocrinologist who trained at the John Hopkins institute and knew Dr John Money.

    If you don't have time or other to watch the video maybe you could look over this paper from the Arizona State University that exposes what Money was doing and how David Reimer, who was born a male, whos penis was irreparably damaged during infancy due to a failed circumcision and how Money used David as nothing more than a lab rat.....

    Reimer claimed that much of Money’s treatment involved the forced reenactment of sexual positions and motions with his brother. In some exercises, the brothers rehearsed missionary positions with thrusting motions, which Money justified as the rehearsal of healthy childhood sexual exploration. In his Rolling Stone interview, Reimer recalled that at least once, Money photographed those exercises. Money also made the brothers inspect one another’s pubic areas. Reimer stated that Money observed those exercises both alone and with as many as six colleagues. Reimer recounted anger and verbal abuse from Money if he or his brother resisted orders,

    I am keeping an eye on Jayden and I am not surprised that social services think everything is good in the hood....They are part of the problem too.

    Social services have also sided with the parents in the face of anonymous complaints, with Jody telling the Daily Record that they informed the couple that they 'have no concerns'.

    You can again tell me that you will refuse to engage with me because I am bullying Nazi propagandist who apart from being a wanna be Irish Republican is also misogynistic. When the truth is I am what you will never be

  3. Indeed, I would not want to be seen near that flag and all is represents and stand for. African- American and Afro-British soul (with a bit of Northern Soul thrown in) from Sam Browne to Laura Mvula is more my gig.