Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

A musical interlude from TPQ's Belfast Rockabilly ... Frankie Mckillen.

Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

(Those words nearly always seemed to linked in the same way as Big and Brother or Conspiracy and Theory).

Think about Gary Glitter, Jonathan King or Rolf Harris for one moment. I bet most people are rightly cringing and are calling them all sorts of names in their heads for the vile crimes they carried out to innocent kids. The three of them had hits in the charts to varying degree's of success. There is no denying that Gary Glitter was one of the biggest glam rock stars of the 1970's. I'd guess most people over 40 can remember Rolf singing Two little boys, and older heads, Jake the peg. And Jonathan King said Everyone's gone to the moon. And today their music is banned from the air ways and their names linked forever with child sex abuse.

Now if I mentioned Elvis Presley most people would think ... “The King of rock'n'roll, I did nor didn't like his music." Maybe some of you ladies might think "He was very good looking when he was young and he did look good in black leather". Some may think "an over weight junkie who became a parody of himself." And if you heard an Elvis Presley song today on the radio you wouldn't think twice. Do you prefer Elvis music from the ... 1950's, 1960's , 1970's.?

Now, back in 1959 while stationed in Germany, Elvis started dating a 14 year old Priscilla Beaulieu. In 1958 one of Elvis's friends and former stable mates from the legendary Sun records label in Memphis, Jerry Lee Lewis was hounded out of the UK and his tour cancelled because he married his then 13 year old cousin.. Upon returning to Memphis he found all his songs banned from the airways and Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun records was forced to splice together several of Jerry Lee's hit's with a radio interview in a track called The return of Jerry Lee in an attempt to rescue his career. Jerry Lee himself recorded under the ghost name 'The Hawk'. But for years no one would touch Jerry Lee until the late 1960's when he released 'Another place, Another time' which won him huge critical acclaim in the country music industry.

In her 1985 autobiography, Elvis and Me, Priscilla describes Elvis as ...

a very passionate man who was not overtly sexual towards her. According to her account, the singer told her that they had to wait until they were married before having intercourse. He said, "I'm not saying we can't do other things. It's just the actual encounter. " ... Wikipedia

In Albert Goldman's book 'Elvis' Brent D. Taylor has stated that

Elvis's closest female relationships were usually with young girls of around 13 or 14, ending as they reached late teens . He didn't have sex with these young girls, but had pyjama parties, pillow fights and indulged in 'girl talk'.

Priscilla said in a TV bio-documentary she made about her life with Elvis that on at least one occasion he raped her while all their friends were down stairs in the Jungle Rome of Gracelands.

But you can listen to Elvis Presley on music radio stations today ...?

Now, if I was to say 'The Rollin' Stones'... most would think, great in their day. But one of their former members is a paedophile..

Wyman was probably the least well-known band member till he became a front-page news story in the 1980s - partly for sleeping with more women than Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias could dream of, and largely for sleeping with a girl who was 13 years old when they met. Nowadays, he's a family man - happily monogamous, almost 70 and with three young daughters.

Mick Jagger seemed to have sex with anyone including threesomes with David Bowie.
.... The men frequently engaged in threesomes, but had a deeper emotional bond too, said Ava Cherry, a backing singer. She recalls some of their steamier moments together: "Even though I was in bed with them many times, I ended up just watching them have sex.
And Keith Richards is best friends with a pervert who filmed young women in toilets and was once prosecuted for bringing a 14 year old girl across state lines for prostitution.
However, in December 1959, Berry ran afoul of the law again after he invited a 14-year-old Apache waitress whom he met in Mexico to work as a hat check girl at his club. The girl was arrested on a prostitution charge after being fired from the job and Berry was arrested under the Mann Act. Berry was convicted, fined $5,000, and sentenced to five years in prison...* 
(*While in prison Berry wrote one of his many hit's called No particular place to go )
In 1990 Berry was sued by several women who alleged that Berry installed a video camera in the ladies' bathrooms at two of his St. Louis restaurants. Berry probably installed the camera so that he could masturbate vigorously while watching video of women going to the bathroom at his restaurant. It's possible that Berry had microphones installed so that he could hear the sounds of women farting after eating the food at his restaurants.
Yet all over the world today budding guitarists are busting their fingers trying to work out how to play the opening riff to Johnny B Goode .. (it's played in Bb--B flat). Or Bill's riff's on Honky Tonk Woman..

France also has the same double standards in music.. If I was to mention Serge Gainsbourg some would think, isn't he that French singer who had the quasi erotic hit with Jane Birkin called Je t'aime, non plus. The song was banned because of sexual content (story goes Serge and Jane had sex while recording it).  He had recorded the song several years previous with a young Brigitte Bardot but the song was pulled for the same reasons. Some people may know he once told Whitney Houston live on French TV, while drunk " I want to fuck you." He famously pulled out a 500 franc note and burnt it to show how much of his earnings went up in smoke.

But there is also a darker side to Serge Gainsbourg. He recorded several songs with his daughter Charlotte and one was called Lemon incest. The music video is of the two of them cavorting on bed half naked while singing to each other. France Gall, who wasn't to dissimilar to Cilla Black sang a song penned by Gainsbourg called 'Les Sucettes'. This is what France Gall thought about the song after she had discovered 'other meaning' and how she felt betrayed by the music industry and how it made her feel.

Then there is Johnny Hallyday who is a cross between a French Elvis Presley & Cliff Richard who in the early 2000's had a case of rape thrown out of court because ....
The acting judge took the police officers off the case at the beginning of this month because he was unhappy with the slow pace at which it was proceeding and was worried by witnesses' claims of an unhealthy closeness between police officers and the singer's entourage.
Some of Hallyday's closest friends include both Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, both former presidents of France who have very chequered back grounds.

Even today in the music industry there are stories linking pop moguls to known sex abusers. Simon Cowell, put up the money for Kings bail. He only cut ties with Max Clifford after his conviction. During Max Clifford's court case Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash movies asked Clifford did Cowell know Jonathan King was bringing underage girls into Peter Stringfellow's West End nite club for drug fuelled sex parties to which Clifford gave no reply.

Cliff Richard has a 'squeaky clean' image in the press but when you scratch under the surface you quickly find out he is an adulterer.

'In a book about The Shadows published in 1983, Harris claimed that his first wife, Carol DaCosta, whom he married in 1959, had had an affair with Cliff Richard in the early days of his success; this had led to Harris’s chronic depression and alcohol addiction.'

The Peter Pan of pop Cliff 'Kitty' Richard attended Elm Guest House. According to the Coleman Experience site is said to attended sex parties and is said to have a 'fetish' to urinate over boys with Melvyn Bragg. Cliff Richard today not only owns a home in Barbados but also has full citizenship. Funnily enough Barbados doesn't have an extradition treaty with the UK and strangely it's almost impossible to obtain citizenship from there. Does Sir Cliff think he'll need to protect himself from something?

I suppose what I'm asking myself more than anything is why are certain Rock stars allowed to have their music played without causing an offence to anyone when other's aren't. Elvis Presley, Bill Wyman and Jerry Lee all liked 13 & 14 year old girls, Chuck liked to film women and Serge sang about incest with his teenage daughter. While Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, Jonathan King and the Lost Prophets are all banned from the airways and most peoples MP3 players. Yet they are all guilty of sex abuse and sex crimes!

I'll let Johnny Rotten have the last word.


  1. god save johnny lydon. he should have a street named after him and a statue on o connel street with all the other legends. he had them all sussed out when he was only 19. thanks for this frankie even though it isnt what i wanted to read.

  2. Grouch I doubt most don't want to think about it either. The double standards leaves me scratching my head. Why are/were some celebrities allowed to get away with child/sex abuse while others are hung out to dry?

    Take for example a blues classic 'Good morning little school girl by Sonny Boy Williamson. That song was covered by Muddy Waters Grateful Dead...Yardbirds while Clapton played lead. Could you imagine a group releasing that song today?

  3. im just glad the beatles were sound frankie. that would hav ruined my buzz altogether. was elvis a pervball - i dont know, if he didnt sleep with her til they got marid hes not a perv in my book.

  4. You make a valid and insurmountable point Frankie. I am glad you brought it up. There is a lot of hypocrisy about sex offenders and how people treat them.

    However, although I am aware homosexuality was illegal in the decades when Bowie and Jagger were meant to have been together it is legal today in most countries and I am at a loss as to why you included their story along with those of rape and child abuse?

    Should people file gay or bi-sexual people in the same category as rapists and child abusers?

  5. Grouch,
    I grew up listening to Elvis, Jerry Lee, Chuck Berry etc.. I'm not going to justify what they did. From what I've understood from reading books on music etc it happened. His ex wife said it in her book 'Elvis & Me'.. Not me.She was there I wasn' Goldman spoke about it yrs earlier and Peter Guralnick hinted at it in his book 'Last Train to Memphis' in his second book about the rise & fall of Elvis. . He started dating Priscilla when she was 14. Today it's called grooming. I guess what you have to throw into the mix (if you want to take the 'edge' of it) is both Elvis & Jerry Lee both grew up in the deep south, and they still have today a different outlook on certain things.

    Maybe Elvis got an easier ride because he married Priscila and had Lisa Marie.. Jerry Lee married is 2nd cousin which a lot of people did south of Mason Dixon..

    Check out why James Burton was fired as Elvis's lead guitarist in 1976... The story goes James had pictures of Elvis and young girls and James was going to release them to the press. Elvis held up a plane, walked on an produced his DEA badge given to him by Nixon and arrested James Burton. The Brenda Lee hit 'let's jump the broomstick' is about getting married. Brenda was 13 or 14 when she first recorded it in 1959.. Basically that was part of the ritual/tradion, jumping broomsticks..

    I guess in a way it's like finding out certain Republicans worked for the British..

  6. Correction in my last post...The book wasn't 'The last train to Memphis' (my mistake) it was called 'Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley' that was the follow up to Peter Gurlanicks first book.. Another book that 'unmask's Elvis is... 'Elvis what happened' written by Red & Sonny West who got fired from the Memphis Mafia in 1976.. What the books do is explain/show the man behind the music..James went back to play with Elvis in 1976... (I can source what I'm saying and stand over it...)

    Gerry Anderson: Gary Glitter was a great guy

    ' The Radio Ulster favourite interviewed the now-shamed glam-rock singer — real name Paul Gadd — on his BBC chat show Anderson on the Box in the mid-nineties.
    Recalling Glitter’s time on the show, Gerry said: “He was great.

    I don’t care what anybody says about him. “I know he’s probably done things, but nobody is all bad. I really liked him — he was funny.”

    Maybe it's all down to peoples perceptions...

  7. u know ur stuff frankie, and u didnt even mention jacko, crikey. nuff sed.

  8. What I think Grouch is Mi5, police etc throw a few 'C' celebs to the wolves (press) while those higher up the chain are protected.. There are loads of stars I could mention.. Dave Lee Travis is up for sentencing today (27/09). You wont find the dots in main stream media.. Alternative media sites are a wash with stories. The problem main stream have is 'libel laws'...Take the Lord McAlpine case.. He had enough money and 'friends' to force a libel case that was settled out of court.. The allegations against him weren't proven or other in court. Michael Jackson settled out of court too..Jess Conrad a 1950's jazz, rock musician is said to have attended Elm Guest House..

    To help restore your faith in rock'n'roll grouch one of the members of the Million Dollar Quarter (which in my opinion was the best jam session in the world), Carl Perkins used money from his record sales and concerts to set up ' Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse' in Jackson Tenn..

    @Simon.. I totally take your point about Jagger an Bowie on board and I should have worded it better. The point I didn't make very badly (I didn't omit it on purpose, it was an over-site).. Everyone within the music industry knew they had a homosexual relationship at a time when homosexuality was illegal in the UK.. And there were several prominent homosexuals 'outed' at the same time and their careers wrecked..

  9. DdFrankie- Fair enough.

    I didn't think about it this way until your last comment: politicians and other celebrities were "outed" and then their lives were ruined by the press for being homosexuals whilst those who were 'useful' or in a sufficient level of power were protected even though at the time they were guilty of crimes like sexual violence and paedophilia. Look at Kincora or the stuff about Jimmy Saville or Cyril Smith MP.

  10. Simon,

    who were 'useful' or in a sufficient level of power were protected

    That's my understanding. The more I read up on the subject of child abuse (on a world wide scale), the same names keep coming up. Not always within the same circles but the same names. Cliff Richard a god fearing bible thumping Christian living with former Roman Catholic gay priest? I've nothing against two consenting adults of the same sex having a sexual relationship.. It's their lives not mine. But having one rule for one set of homosexuals and another set of rules for a couple lower down the chain, maths don't add up..

    I'm convinced that the sex abuse surrounding Gerry Adams family was uncovered around 1983 by the spooks in suits and they 'lent' on him. I've no proof that happened but let's call it my spidey sense. And I say that because of these two video's I stumbled across on youtube a year or two ago.. video 1... video 2 ( listen to video 2 and make you own minds up about Clonard being bugged. It doesn't take a great leap of faith to think Gerry Adams going to confession and talking to a priest about his father & brother and the spooks listening...)...They (spook's) knew almost everything else that was happening within the RM.. And it wouldn't be the first time they (Mi5) lent on someones dirty secret to suit their agenda..

    As you pointed out Simon, Saville, Kincora, Cyril Smith... They knew and did nothing. What kind of person covers up child abuse to suit a political agenda!!!!

    Ms Long said meeting victims had been harrowing and that she believed the present generation of politicians owed it to them to give them the proper hearing which had been denied before. She stated: "My fear with Kincora is that if we don't include it in the inquiry now, we will never know, because sadly many of the people who were victims of the abuse have died already and others are in ill-health. "We are already reaching the point where the people who perpetrated the abuse are also much older and dying too. There will never be any justice unless we get it now."

  11. thats why you and the quill are important. the paedocrats are shitting themselves at the top of their septic shitstem. the dirty fuc*ers never saw the internet comin. i've read there was only one prime minister in the last 40 years who wasnt a pervball. savile at checkers for every new year party when tin knickers was in power. as for heath, anyway, nuff sed. i hope the english wake up and chop all their heads off.

  12. Grouch put this name in to Google and make your own mind up...

    'Charles Lynton'

  13. yes came across that one before when i was checking out the 100 year secrecy over dunblaine massacre for his mate gordon the britscot.

  14. I've read up on Dunblame Grouch. if there is nothing to hide then why the secrecy for 100 yrs? Brimingham locked away for 75y.. Elvis Presley's autopsy wont be released until 2027....

    In this piece there is loads of questions. And the link Sarah put up... reads...

    Manjoo, who travelled across the UK during a 16-day fact-finding mission into violence against women, said she was barred at the gates of Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre on Monday, on instructions "from the highest levels of the Home Office".

    She told reporters she was deeply concerned at her exclusion "because if there was nothing to hide, I should have been given access"............

    The Maddie McCann disappearence.. there are a lot of unanswered questions.... Hidden from the media

    All I know is the maths don't add up in my head. If they add up in someone else's head,.. Point me in the right direction..

  15. An interesting 'side note' on the Maddie McCann Case is found here

  16. the sniffer dogs clinched it for me frankie.