Michilìn Mhic Fheargaìl    So a funny memory for me about none other than the good old Belfast bap.

A right few years back while studying in QUB I lived in Ardoyne part time, as in a few days a week, to save commuting. A great welcoming community I have to say and I loved meeting new people regularly in the bakery/coffee shop which was then situated a few doors down from where Spar is now.
I’m not sure if it is still there but then it was buzzing and seemed to be a great hub for the community.

Anyways to set the scene: one day I was lined up to be served and there was a delivery man with a very strong accent from Ballymena or thereabouts in front of me, and he asked the lady who was serving had she "any baps";  that he just wanted "two big floury soft Belfast baps", making a squeezing gesture with clenched fists” 

She replied “I still have big Belfast baps” in her strong Belfast accent.This may not sound too strange, but to me - a wee Tyrone girl with a weird sense of humour - I looked at the beautiful lady serving who had served me many a time. She was so full of life and character and mighty crack, but it was quite obvious that she was very well endowed on the cleavage area especially compared to me  (the world is unevenly divided). 

With that’ said my eyes started to well up and I burst out laughing hysterically she looked at me and instantly knowing what I was thinking she starting laughing. We both couldn't stop laughing. We laughed that much, your man standing scratching his head wondering what we where laughing at. And he said “can I have the baps?” Then the rest of the wee shop laughed at us laughing, not even knowing the joke. 

I’ll never buy Belfast bap again without thinking about this just priceless. 

Michilìn Mhic Fheargaìl hails from Co Tyrone

Belfast Baps

Lynx By Ten To The Power Of One Thousand And Twenty Seven

Ciaran McCleanwith a letter recently published in the Ulster Herald.

A recent report from Stormont showed DUP MLA Thomas Buchanan initially denied sharing private and confidential information relating to a Dalradian gold story when investigated by The Standards Commissioner.

The Standards and Privileges Committee at Stormont found Mr Buchanan had indeed breached MLAs Code of Conduct rules and punished him accordingly. 

His wasn't the first example of politicians advocating for the same company. Whilst they might not wish to admit it, some years ago Sinn Fein signalled, via The Financial Times, that Greencastle in the heart of the Sperrins was a sacrificial zone where investors could get a handsome return betting on industrialising the area. They have yet to account for doing so. The less said about the SDLP and Ulster Unionists the better such is the integrity free reputation their local reps enjoy on anything goldmine related. 

Ironically, the long awaited public inquiry into goldmining scheduled for September 2024 has been suspended, disappointing those in a hurry to cash in on the area of outstanding beauty. Departments obliged to progress the delayed proposal along with political parties will by now understand that the law will dictate the process going forward, not their political horse trading or civil servants peddling untruths as they did in the Strule Arts centre and which caused the public inquiry suspension. 

Unethical Investors salivating at the prospect of a mining boom in this part of Ireland should also know a hard truth by now too - try to profit on that which sustains a rural community like Greencastle and you'll need more than the assistance of politicians with the same values as yourselves.

Ciaran McClean campaigns against the rape of the Sperrins.

Unethical Investors Salivating

1916 Societies🪑 is hosting an event in Dublin in June.

Former blanketman Seamus Kearney will share a hard-hitting account of his pursuit to uncover the truth behind the execution of his brother, Volunteer Michael Kearney, and the complex network that surrounded the treacherous figure known as 'Stakeknife'.

Exposing Stakeknife In Dublin

Remembering INLA Volunteer Patsy O'Hara and IRA volunteer Raymond McCreesh whose 43rd anniversaries fell on 21-May-2024.

Remembering Patsy O'Hara and Raymond McCreesh

A Digest of News ✊ from Ukrainian Sources ⚔ 19-May-2024.

In this week’s bulletin

Russia’s assault on Kharkiv.
⬤ Plus Proposals for Russian compensation.
⬤ Plus the impact of the war on workers' rights in Ukraine.
⬤ Plus building links between the Ukrainian and Palestinian solidarity movements.

News from the territories occupied by Russia 

This year marks 80 years since the Soviet regime deported the entire Crimean Tatar people (Crimea Platform, May 18th)

The 80th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars (Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group May 18th)

Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Crimean Tatar Genocide (Feminists UA, May 18th)

News from Ukraine – general

Statement of Roma and pro-Roma civil society regarding Viktor Andrusiv’s statements (Zmina May 16th)

Spread too thin Russia’s new offensive near Kharkiv is gaining ground, but the real objective might be exhausting Ukraine’s limited reserves (Meduza, May 14th)

Importance of protection against discrimination and intolerance in Ukraine (Zmina May 13th)

Russia's new Kharkiv offensive pushes Vovchansk to the brink of annihilation (Kyiv Independent, May 12th)

Research of human rights abuses

UN Expert on Summary Executions to Visit Ukraine (UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights May 17th)

Concern at plight of civilians and intensified Russian attacks (UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights May 14th)

Analysis and Comment

We won the war with Russia before full-scale invasion because our civil society changed the narratives about Ukraine in the world – Aivazovska on X LMF (Opora May 17th)

‘Different possibilities exist’ Historian Hiroaki Kuromiya on the complex past and uncertain future of Ukraine’s war-torn Donbas (Meduza, May 17th)

Aivazovska: The efforts to undermine the right of citizens to monitor their own election processes are unacceptable (Opora May 14th)

Workers’ rights—a casualty of the war in Ukraine (Social Europe, May 14th)

Preparations for reparations: How Russia can compensate Ukraine for economic damage from the war (The Insider, May 13th)

What happened to Ukraine’s May 9, Victory Day? A discussion with Ukrainian historian Georgiy Kasianov (Commons, May 9th)

How the war in Ukraine has devastated the country’s trade union movement – and the lives of workers (Equal Times, May 7th)

Art and Culture

‘Inversion’ Photographer and visual artist Danila Tkachenko brings war-torn Ukraine to Europe’s best-known landmarks (Meduza, May 17th)

International Solidarity – Appeals, Action and Discussion

Supporters of Ukraine on Today's Gaza Demo in London (Ukraine Solidarity Campaign May 18th)

Ukraine and Palestine: Building Real Solidarity is Hard Work (People and Nature May 15th)

To foreign politicians - justice for Ukrainian workers! (Europe Solidaire, May 14th)

Upcoming solidarity events

Wednesday 22 May, 7.00pm: Kharkiv – Eyewitness Report by Colin Turbett and Ivana Khrapko. Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kharkiv-eyewitness-report-colin-turbett-ivanna-khrapko-tickets-896254751087 Online meeting organised by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign Scotland and Common Weal Scotland.

Tuesday 11 June, 7.00pm: Discussion meeting: “From Ukraine to Palestine, occupation is a crime”. Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB. Organised by the Ukraine Information Group

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News From Ukraine 💣 Bulletin 98


A Morning Thought @ 2158

Donal O'Driscoll ⚽ writing on the morning Jürgen Klopp left Liverpool FC.

I'm not a crier. It's not a macho thing, I don't choose not to cry, it's just the way I am. However I'm at home now with tears in my eyes, there will probably be plenty today. I've been dreading today since the end of January.

Yes I became a Liverpool fan like a lot of Irish people do, because my older brother was. If we were both five years younger, I'd probably be a Manchester United fan *shudder*, but I fell in love with the city of Liverpool and its people the first time I set foot there. I'm rarely happier than when I'm in Liverpool. It's the city of Larkin, a proud people who will give you the world, but won't be fucked about. I'll never be a Scouser, I wouldn't claim to be, but I do feel a deep connection to that wonderful city, even more so than to the football club.

I wasn't born in Shankly's time, I wasn't even 3 months old when Paisley resigned. Klopp is my generation's Shankly. From the minute he came in there was a sense that 'this guy gets it'. Liverpool is not just another club, it's special. Even if you don't like them, you have to admit as an entity, LFC is special. I would have no problem saying the same thing about Manchester United, I don't like them, but they're also a special club.

Jürgen understood Liverpool's specialness and got the fans. It was love at first sight, for him and for us. There are loads of great managers out there, but only one Klopp, and he was all ours. The same way Shankly was. He wasn't just a manager, he was a symbol, a father figure, an activist. He knew managing LFC was a vocation, not a job, and he served his vocation impeccably.

I knew today was coming, but nothing can prepare you for it. I don't normally put so much importance on sport, but this is different. This is like a family member leaving. I'm devastated. I think it will take a lot of time for this to sink in.

I welcome Arne Slot and wish him well, but he needs to understand just what we have lost. No one can replace Jürgen. He's not just a manager, he's an icon.

I want to wake up and have this be a dream. The thought of no more pearly whites showing as he belly laughs at a press conference, no more fist pumps, no more 'brain fuck' . This is the closest I've ever felt from sport of understanding 'its better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.' On a selfish level, I don't want to face the prospect of LFC without Jürgen, but I know our club will go on. This though, is a massive void to fill. Thank you Jürgen, not just for everything you've done, but for everything you are.

As the saying goes 'He made the people happy.'

Donal O'Driscoll is a Liverpool supporter.

Thank You Jürgen

Lynx By Ten To The Power Of One Thousand And Twenty Six

Phoenix Law 𝩓 Press Release 13-May-2024.

Today, at Belfast High Court, Mr Justice Humphreys has found that provisions of the Illegal Migration Act are incompatible with the Northern Ireland Protocol / Windsor Framework. The Court also found that certain provisions of the Act are incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights Act.

Our client is a sixteen-year-old asylum seeker from Iran who arrived by small boat into Kent. He was transferred by the Home Office to Northern Ireland under the National Transfer Scheme.

The Illegal Migration Act prevents individuals who arrive in a dangerous manner into the UK from ever being able to advance a claim for international protection. It was this Act that was the target of the instant challenge.

Today, the High Court has found that this act results in a ‘diminution of rights’ for the ‘whole of the community in Northern Ireland’.

Mr Justice Humphreys was clear: “This does not represent the will of the Courts, but this represents the will of Parliament.”

Sinead Marmion, Head of Immigration and Asylum at Phoenix Law and solicitor for JR295 outside Court said:

The Good Friday Agreement has always been a beacon of human rights protections and hope. Today, the Court through the Northern Ireland Protocol, has ensured those rights apply to the whole community – including Asylum seekers.
This runs contrary to the negative and toxic rhetoric peddled by the government against those seeking international protection.
This Judgment sends a clear message to the Government. Not only will Asylum seekers be welcome in Northern Ireland, but they will also be legally protected.
Today, marks the beginning of the end of the British Government’s flagship campaign to enact illegal and immoral laws with the sole purpose of frustrating and demolishing international human rights protections.

JR295 was a Judicial Review Challenge issued alongside an application brought by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

⏩Keep up with Phoenix Law.

Court Finds Provisions Of Illegal Migration Act Are Unlawful

Peter Anderson ⚽ It was inevitable really. 

The away game at Spurs last Tuesday was the decider as everyone predicted. City were awful in the first half, like they have been for many minutes in many matches this season, but in the second half it took one pass from KdB to split the defence and leave The Viking with a tap in from half a yard. Spurs had a chance to equalise but Ortega saved when Son looked odds on to score. A few minutes later and Doku wins a penalty and there was a universal sigh of relief from City fans worldwide.

West Ham were never going to trouble City at the Etihad on Sunday.

Within 79 seconds Foden had put City on course to win Pep's 6th title in the last 7 seasons, and his 4th in a row. A feat never before accomplished in English football. With this victory Pep has secured his place as the greatest manager in EPL history with 6 leagues and one Champions League and numerous FA and Carabao Cups, and don't forget a World Club Cup, all inside 8 years. A treble last season and 4-in-a-row this season demonstrate that this side have something special. Sadly predictable are the taunts of cheating. I understand.

It winds people up that one team dominate, but have they not heard of "innocent until proven otherwise"? It seems not. And if they are guilty of any of the charges, what exactly are they guilty of? Accused of corruption by the most corrupt sporting authorities on the planet smacks of desperation. United have spent more than City in recent years and have finished mid-table. Money doesn't buy titles. City have spent wisely and built excellence. They attracted the best manager in modern football and backed him. The sad sack haters will be pleased to see Pep leave, probably at the end of next season when his current contract runs out. Then it will be someone else's turn to dominate, and the haters will hate them.

Peter Anderson is a Unionist with a keen interest in sports

A Feat Never Before Accomplished In English Football

Lynx By Ten To The Power Of One Thousand And Twenty Five


A Morning Thought @ 2157