Brexit And The NHS


  1. A state of the art world class health service is not beyond the capability of modern industrial societies. Greed prevents it and the NHS has long been on the decline from the era of Thatcher and Keith Joseph at least.

    1. When discussing the possibilities of a united Ireland, an NHS style system needs to be one of the talking points. A way in which unionists and nationalists can shape a new society.

  2. Christopher - to the jeers of Sammy Wilson telling them to go to the witch doctor or pray. His Let Them Eat Chips jibe sums up the arrogance people have to deal with.

  3. But wasn't there an NHS before the UK joined the EU in 1973?

    And wasn't there an NHS while the UK was in the EU?

    So why wouldn't there be an NHS after the UK leaves the EU?

    Seems to me that the concerns of NHS are unrelated to Brexit.

    And instead related as always to corporate greed and opportunism.

    Hence its privatization over time since Thatcher.