Don't vote for me, I'm not standing.

A letter from former H Block Blanket man, Thomas Dixie Elliot. It earlier featured in the Derry Journal today, 25 April 2014.


With the week's pomp and ceremony behind us I thought I'd nip in and ask why have local politicians gone quiet on Project Kelvin and the subsequent Coleraine enterprise zone announced recently by British Chancellor George Osborne?

Have they meekly accepted that Derry is a city where nothing except the Belfast bus comes beyond Burntollet Bridge and that things, despite what we've been told, remain as they were in 1969?

They announced in 2009 with confidence and a clambering to take credit that Project Kelvin was coming to Derry but it then ends up in Coleraine...

Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson said the announcement was highly significant: 'It demonstrates clearly that when we "Stand up for Derry" with a united voice we can make change happen,'she said.

Foyle MP Mark Durkan said the telehouse was 'a real victory for Derry.'

They don't seem to be saying much now and if they take it upon themselves to spell out exactly why they've gone quiet. I wonder could they do so without lapsing to the 'anti-peace process' nonsense; which is burnt out, as we Derry Wans tend to say.

Oh....And where's this 'Change' we've been hearing a lot about lately? It must be another gimmicky slogan because most people in this city, which still has the highest rate of unemployment in The North, haven't much change in their pockets after the bills are paid.

Dixie Elliott


  1. Don't expect an answer Dixie, they are all on junkets or getting convictions quashed. I see RT (Russia Today) journalists simply don't get an answer from USA/UK politicians at press conferences. If you want logical answers you are a terrorist or anti-peace. Tactics all taught at the 'piss-process' conflict resolution powwows no doubt.

  2. Ah jessussssss Dixie a cara we are just getting used to living in the shit, why would we want those greedy lying carpetbaggers joining us and fucking up this slurry pit called norn iorn,

  3. From feed back the title 'Don't vote for me, I'm not Standing' beside the photo of the tuxedoed Marty caught readers attention in a 'what the fuck's this about?' sort of way which led them to read it.

    The thing is I'm not expecting a reply because it's about a game called hide and sneak...

  4. dont vote for Marty - hes not standing - he's LYING.

  5. Great letter Dixie, makes you wonder what their purpose is

  6. So Dixie, what have you done lately to bring down the unemployment rate in Derry?

  7. Larry Hughes

    RT employs journalists no more than any cable news affairs company does.. As in, very few.. They film, edit, and broadcast, freely in Washington D.C. Their staff lives there, sleeps there, parties there..

    My point.. Everyone shouts shit they know will not get answered in D.C. Will you weep tears for the CCTV guy who never gets a response ? Or rouse the the every 8 years reporter from NKV to ask a question, any question, on the record ?

    The dirt is in the ground, not the air-waves.

  8. Strand Peanut

    I've got to the stage I almost instinctively switch to RT on issues like the Ukraine and Syria. 15 minute tazerings repeated non-stop on BBC and SKY NEWS are embarrassing at this stage. There is just no truth in what Kerry or wee Willie Hague spout out. I'm aware I have to be careful and read between the lines to get the truth in between; but I'm more than convinced it is nearer the Russian side than the West's on the Syria and Ukraine issues.

    May the refusal to answer unscripted questions possibly have something to do with Kerry making a bollix of himself and giving Syria an 'out' when the Yanks/France and UK were all but ready to invade the place? The 'What can Syria do to avert military strikes' debacle..? Because the USA/UK don't do logic, only 'interests', they can't handle inquiry I suspect.

  9. Deirdre I happen to be one of Derry's Unemployed, unlike those claiming to be standing up for Derry while their leader sits down to dine with the British Queen...After standing to toast her that is.

    Typical shinner question from people who have no answers and who are employed because the British are pumping money, in the form of funding, into their party in order to retain what little loyalty remains.

    Remember this Deirdre, no one, especially the British invests in anything unless it is useful to them.

  10. Sinn Fein's contribution to employment will take place whenever they inevitably implement the welfare cuts, then it will simply be a case of sink or swim for those affected.

    The powerless bastards can't prevent it from being introduced but will try and fool everyone into believing they can stop it, do the decent thing and throw your hands up and tell everyone the truth that you're nothing more than a neo British political party.

  11. Grouch

    are there elections in Saerdonia? (ur wee 6)

  12. in a word larry - no. i hav borrowed one thing from psf. the concept of a leader-for-life. that always appealed to me. i consider myself a benevolent dictator. not a fan of idi amin but i am working on an official title something along the lines of his 'His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular'.

  13. Grouch

    hell of a CV and every bit as authentic as Paisley's Doctorate.