From the Hilltops: One Ireland-One Vote

Press Release from the 1916 Societies: 24 April 2014.



98 years to the day from the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on the steps of Dublin's GPO the 1916 Societies reaffirm that republic and its legitimacy as the sovereign will of the Irish people as expressed in the succeeding Declaration of Independence issued by the democratically elected 1919 First Dáil Éireann. Our call for an all-Ireland referendum on Irish reunification is to re-assert the legitimacy of the Irish Republic that has been usurped and subverted by British military power for nine decades and counting, in turn resolving the partition of our country and the accompanying and continuing occupation of the six-counties. Today our activists took to the hills above Belfast to bring our campaign to the people of the city and beyond. That campaign is 'One Ireland-One Vote' and we ask the people of Ireland on this the 98th anniversary of the Proclamation to lend their support to this worthy cause going forward.

Photo: The 1916 Societies have marked Irish Republic Day on the Belfast hills by calling for 'ONE IRELAND ONE VOTE'.  On April 24th 1916 Republicans, who were a small minority took a courageous stand against British Rule in Ireland and saved our struggle from disappearing forever.  In 1918 Republicans won overwhelming support in the election which many people saw as an endorsement of the 1916 Rising.  Britain's formal response was 'the Government of Ireland Act.  Britain refused all Ireland opinion and partitioned our country.  We demand 'ONE IRELAND ONE VOTE'  We demand Democracy.  The  1916  Societies  are an Irish  Separatist   Movement  and believe that “the Irish  Republic  should be a  Sovereign  Independent  State.”  as set out in the 1916 proclamation.
The  1916   Societies   believe  in  the  right  of  the  Irish  people  to  National Self-Determination.  We  demand that this right is  recognised  in the form of a 32 County Referendum on Irish Unity.
The  1916  Societies believe  the proposed Border Polls under the 1998 Act do not constitute  National  Self-Determination,  and would in effect be merely an internal  six County  Planters Poll. Schedule 1 of the 1998 Act gives the British Secretary  of  State  a supreme veto  over  the  Self-Determination  of  the Irish people  and  guarantees  Unionist  gerrymandering  of  the  island  of  Ireland. Under   this  act,   the  British  Government  through   the  Secretary  of  State, claims  that  they  and  they  alone  may  or may  not  call  a  Border Poll,   and claims   the   right  to  decide  who   will  and  who  will  not  have  the  right  to vote,  decide  on  the  wording of the  Border Poll  and will only call  one when they are satisfied as to its outcome. 
The  1916  Societies  believe it is for all of the Citizens of Ireland  who have the absolute  and   sovereign  right  to  decide  the  future  of  this  island.  It is  for the  them and they alone,  free from external impediment,  to choose their own destiny.
The  1916  Societies believe  National Self-Determination  expressed through a 32   COUNTY   ALL-IRELAND   REFERENDUM   is   the  only   true   democratic process  which  will,  ensure  every  Irish Citizen  the equal right to vote on the issue  of  the partition  of  Ireland. 
The   1916  Societies   aspire   to   a   Republic  based  on   socialist  values  as outlined  in  the  1916  Proclamation,  “equal rights  and equal opportunities to all  its citizens...   To  pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and all its parts,  cherishing  all the children of the  nation  equally,”

We are an Irish separatist movement committed to fostering and promoting Irish reunification in the belief that the Irish people have an inherent right to self-determination and that this basic right has continually been, and continues to be, forcibly denied. Our strategy is to build support for a 32-County referendum, whether legal or extralegal, to affirm the national aspirations of all the Irish people free from external political interference and regardless of artificial lines of demarcation arbitrarily drawn by the British government at the time of partition. We feel such a plebiscite gives both the British and Irish governments an alternative route forward and a way out of what is fast becoming yet another failed attempt to resolve the 'Irish question' without losing face. What is there to fear from a referendum on reunification?

98 years on from the momentous events of April 24th 1916 and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic we remember those who rose up against the British occupation of our country and salute their courage and bravery. The struggle for Irish freedom goes on - join us in our campaign to finally realise the republic declared on Easter Monday 1916 by MacDiarmada, Pearse, Ceannt and Plunkett, MacDonagh, Clarke and Connolly. One Ireland-One Vote! Restore the All-Ireland Republic Now!


  1. Thanks for carrying this Anthony at such short notice - a pleasant surprise logging in here on my tae-break, go raibh maith agat. Brilliant work by those in the Belfast Societies to get this done for Republic Day, well done all involved.

    'If you strike us down now we shall rise again and renew the fight. You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom then our children will win it by a better deed.'

    And so the struggle goes on....

  2. Sean Bres,
    I saw that sign up on the mountain and I just knew my old pal Sean Bres had a hand in it. I must be psychic! Maith thu! Serious question, in that press release you make a call to join your campaign, what would an individual be doing in such a campaign to actively strive towards reunification. You might want to ignore me but this is a pertinent question that the people you are reaching out to need to know if they are to join you. What is your strategy?

  3. The cause of a united Ireland is getting more and more distant because of the actions of the Banquet man and the Banquet party.

    With there actions they are copper fastening the position of Northern Ireland within the UK.

    Not only that as the shinners/provos are a party based on a single personality, that of the self sainted Gerry. As a Unionist all we need to do is wait until Gerry and the old guard go and watch as they self destruct and become another irrelevant party in the south and here become even more establishment than they currently are. As they will never want to relinquish the wages and the expenses that they are becoming so accustomed to.

    The Unionist long war is to watch the shinners/provos old guard off and see them implode. Versions of the shinner/provo future is starting and can be seen with the Leo Green case. When the provo influence and personalities leave the shinners, there will be noting to control the various fractions and views within the shinners.
    They can't speak with one voice forever, and then it's shinner implosion.

  4. Great slogan over Belfast.

    Good to see it. Mac Tire the strategy I would assume is to give an alternative to the SF horse-shit of unity 2016 which has now become Royal Dublin (as in Ascot) 2016. Raymond McCartney outed now, latest in a long list of Judas' and Paedos that makes up SF. Just add the entire leadership to that list and save us all being drip fed further. lol. You got to be walking tall in Belfast these days lad...

  5. The unionist long war consists of trying their best to stall Sinn Fein! But we are going to take this country by storm in these upcoming council elections! We are snowballing towards a united Ireland. Sinn Féin is growing at a serious rate! Gerry is the most popular party leader in Ireland and Sinn Fein is the largest party in the country and growing!

    Sean can't break down a strategy for the societies because they don't have one. Wishing for a referendum isn't going to make it happen. Putting a couple of words up on a mountain isn't sufficient, although it is quite impressive.

    Vote Sinn Féin on 22nd May - join Sinn Féin today!

  6. I prefer to think of decolonializing than separatist - but they pretty much mean the same thing on some level.
    However I believe decolonizing minds that for generations have accepted this situation as being lawful and normal is the bigger challenge ? There is so much unlearning to be done !!!!!

  7. It is an inoffensive gesture, but this assumes that the Unionist constituency are rational, and will act in their own self-interest.
    Larry, that is shocking stuff about Raymond McCartney, his interview whilst on Hunger Strike from his hospital bed is iconic. (That classic Bobby Sands image was sullied by Dennis Donaldson having his arm draped over him too.)

  8. DaithiD

    Elections are upon us and it is amazing the shamelessness of these guys. Yes the Donaldson and McCartney images from back in the day are what propelled them up the ranks. That and assistance from Brit intel' and agents at the top I'd feel safe at this stage to suggest.

    But look at those 'outed' since the 'process' began. AND STILL they neither had nor have the slightest sense of shame, fear or embarrassment at forging those careers.

    Pity those that went to the grave. However, the real head wrecker for me is, WHAT was McCartney doing on hunger-strike, trying to redeem himself?

  9. larry, ...speechless and feel like crying.

  10. This asshole mustn't realise some of us have to work and haven't the luxury of lying about all day talking shite on the internet. I've no desire to engage with this shit-stirring wee bastard but for others looking on of course we've a strategy and are developing it as we move forward. The immediate strategic goal has been the basic survival of the republican tradition, an objective we feel has now been for the most part achieved - with ourselves having played an important role in that process, particularly here in Tyrone where we originate and where massive progress has been made. My own view is that we need to move cautiously at all times and build slowly until events catch up with our analysis - if we are to increase the scope and range of our activities we need to be very, very careful. A lot going forward will eventually require debate but at this moment in time we're content with the progress we're making. We understand the need for and the value of patience. Because we understand the damage that has been done. Our upcoming Spring Conference will hopefully provide a platform to tease some of this stuff out, we have tried to format it so a more in-depth strategy can be formulated from the outworkings of the internal discussion. We're realistic enough to admit we've a lot of work to do if we're serious about becoming a credible alternative. It all comes down to what you want us to be. Some want us to push on and be that credible alternative right now this instance whereas others are content that we're just keeping the republican tradition afloat. I'm of the view that the strategic imperative at the moment is to preserve the tradition and the integrity of our struggle which has unfortunately been decimated by the treachery of a former leadership. But yes we still need to look at how we can take forward and build this all-Ireland referendum. We've had some good discussion on it but the Conference will hopefully inject some real energy into taking it beyond a mere written down aspirational policy to something we are vigorously pursuing in a planned, organised way. It's a plausible approach that can become that credible alternative Irish republicans are looking for at present. Anyone who wants to give us a hand rebuilding the republican tradition and the republican tradition is more than welcome within our movement

  11. Mac Tíre said...

    Vote Sinn Féin on 22nd May - join Sinn Féin today!

    Here's your answer

  12. Unionist long war ? Truly.. Does such a thing exist ? I expect many a position to demonstrate it's truth over history.. But is this really a current thrust ?


    You ask for a strategy.. I would think, tho I do not know, out of a quest for knowledge.. You avow yourself as a member of SF, do you ask these questions of them ?

    Please, do not regard my questions, if they may seem, delivered.. in a flippant tone.. Genuinely interested in your thoughts..

  13. Sean Bres

    You write, it is a time to be very very careful.. In respects to the republican tradition.. May I suggest, humbly, it is a time to be bold..

    How much of the prevailing tradition has brought what one wants ? Little..a new boldness would be welcome, not old hash..

  14. Sean Bres

    I wouldn't get too upset. A while back I was extremely critical of republican attempts at continuing the philosophy. I'm still not totally convinced to be honest but I am happy to admit to being impressed recently at the turnout and commitment of those of you involved in the societies in keeping the spirit and integrity of 800 years of struggle alive. You guys have come on quite a way for what I considered a 'dead-as Hector' situation a year or two ago. If nothing else that is a worthy achievement and I take my hat off to you on that score already.

    These elections are on top of us and as I've said already with the non-stop revelations and layer on top of layer of dirt coming out about SF high ranking people it amazes me they have the gall to stand for public office. I'm an ordinary joe soap, more a 5'4 than a 5'8 but I have no confidence to put myself forward for election. I am very confident though that I'd have to sink an awful long way down to even come close to where most of the SF 'leadership' are located. And yet....they not only have the shamelessness to put themselves forward, they retain the name republican. I'm dumfounded at this stage.

    There seems to be a sentiment within SF and its support that everyone knows they are rotten, liars, paedo facilitators and touts, but hey what the hell, no one seems to care!! If people want to vote for that shower of individuals it is their personal call. I wont be contaminating myself by doing that. I will do what I suggested people do north of the border and vote SDLP, only I'll opt for FF down here and hope their vote rallies. SF will get a lot of Labour votes I think, but FF will hopefully see the scoundrels off. I mean, would you want the likes of McCartney, Scap, Donaldson Liam and Gerry in control of your kids schools or futures? If they don't have morals in their attempts to get into power Christ help the country if they ever actually do get in.

  15. Michael Henry gets sinbinned and out pops another SF mouthpiece. I would urge all of you to ignore this persons posts. It will be a merrygoround experience if he/she is engaged. SF has an agenda to disrupt and steer discussion where it wants it to go. The ghost of MH haunts this blog still.

  16. Well we don't intend to sit still by any means Peanut but we must also take account of the fragile state of republicanism at present. I've heard it described as like a mirror dropped from on high and shattered into a thousand pieces, part of the reorganising process involves putting them back together again as far as possible and this is what accounts for the need to be cautious. There's been much progress to that end so perhaps now is the time to place greater emphasis on emboldened tactics, for as you suggest there is an appetite for such among republicans across Ireland. I still think it's important the groundwork is done properly and the solid footing required put in place without taking any short cuts. That's my opinion and not the Societies for the record. I see time as being on our side but of course there's also huge potential in the run-up to 2016 and the centenary of the Rising. The next two years will hopefully see republicanism emerge from the devastation wrought by its former leadership turned constitutional nationalists and Banquetmen. When you look at the position where we're coming from caution does no harm in my opinion, we can bide our time until the opportune moment and use the period in between to rebuild and reorganise effectively

  17. Feel te love is bang on, this muppet is here to divide and distract and is best ignored as far as possible. The level of engagement with him is staggering and when you consider he or she is lying back laughing their socks off why the hell would you bother. McIvor mk.II without a doubt. Also goes to show there was more to McIvor than some of us realised, now we know why his party tolerated his musings and rantings - they were behind them

  18. Sean Bres,
    you say your strategy is;

    "The immediate strategic goal has been the basic survival of the republican tradition... I'm of the view that the strategic imperative at the moment is to preserve the tradition and the integrity of our struggle."

    All I read in your "strategy" is that the societies are an "Irish Republican Supporters Club." What you are saying in simple terms is "your strategic goal is to act republican." You are not actively pursuing anything, you and your mates meet up once a month and discuss James Connolly, and think that this entitles you to the title republican.

    You then go on to say;

    "It all comes down to what you want us to be. Some want us to push on and be that credible alternative right now...others are content that we're just keeping the republican tradition afloat."

    So the societies don't even know what they stand for and have no set aims or objectives? They are not grounded in any solid ideology and are open to change? You will be what we want you to be? Ideological reasons have always been at the crux of republican division, yet you are basing your organisation on the promise of such ideological unpredictability? Who in their right mind would join such an organisation?

    Strand Peanut,
    I don't believe unionists have a "long war" strategy, I was using the term because 36th ulster division used it and I wanted to explain what I believe to be the extent of unionist strategy and also to dispel the claims that he/she was making.

    Also I have listened to Sinn Féin over a period of time before I decided to become active and I believe they have a sound strategy to deliver a united Ireland. I have spoken about this strategy, as I see it, elsewhere on this site but I will outline it once more.

    Sinn Féin have set about building up the party and will continue to do this. They are currently the only all Ireland party and they are aiming to become the largest party on both sides of the border. This will give them the strength to make bold decisions without petty politicking and interference from other parties and vetoing from unionists. Once they have this strength then they will be able to demonstrate that the north is better serves in a united Ireland. To do this they have made some important steps to reach out to the southern electorate and also to members of the nationalist community in the north who would not have traditionally supported Sinn Féin. They have also taken some bold and unprecedented initiatives to reach out to the PUL community and will continue to do this. All of this will feed into gathering momentum and support for a referendum on reunification down the line.

    I love how people on this site will suggest that this multifaceted approach is bullshit and in the next breath will suggest that Sean Bres and the societies, with all their inactivity and lack of direction, will deliver us to a republic!

  19. Strand, I see that you don’t disagree with the main substance of my post. The only issue you have with my post is that you don't think that Unionist had a long term strategy.

    The shinners/provos are a one man party, and Adams’ personality, is the glue that holds the shinners together, remove the head and the whole shinner/provo project loses its cohesion

    You may think that Unionist don't think in longer terms, but it was pointed out to me by a senior Unionist politician at the time of the GFA that the shinners/provos are built on the cult of Adams personality, and assessment can’t be denied and has been proven correct time after time. The Laim Adams child sexual abuse case being the latest

    Unionists have taken the pragmatic view that they will work as far as it goes with whatever comes along, and at some point in time there will be a shinner/provo implosion.

    I will concede it has taken longer than first thought, but given that the shinners/provos main focus and aim is now the Dail, and they are talking about Mary-Lou McDonald as the new leader, post 2016. I and I’m sure many will be interested to see if she will not have the force of personality to hold it together. What she does not have is Adams menace of personality, she not being in the provos and he being a former senior provo. Will she be able to, in fact will anyone be able to hold it together. When the big decisions need to be made will she have the force of personality to pull everything together within the ranks of the shinners?

    We know there are issues within the shinners/provos that they are trying to cover over. It is not conceivable that there are not going to be more dissenting voices. As Adams leaves the limelight these issues will bubble to the surface and an implosion and the inevitable splits will hunt the shinners/provos.

    Below is a post I put on another post and again no one denied the subject in fact Larry Hughes, agreed with the post and Unionist long term thinking.

    “I had a long talk with a Unionist politician at the time of the GFA.

    He was astute to realize that Unionism needed only to let the shinners become part of the establishment, and wait on the old guard leadership to ether leave or die for the shinners to go into political meltdown.

    It looks like phase one is working well, and phase two will start in a couple of years’ time when Adams is ether ousted or leaves due to stagnation”.

  20. The Adams cult.

    Kevin Sharkey, said "Gerry Adams, legend, absolute f***ing legend,"

  21. Keep on reaching 'Mac Tire'. The republican people, at least round here, have already given their answer as to what they think of your precious Sinn Fein. As a republican party they've lost all credibility with the people of Tyrone - so much so that when Lord of War Sean Murray came down here last weekend the only people there to listen to his so-called Easter speech (delivered to a seated audience in a half-empty hall) were those standing for election or otherwise in the pay of the party. No doubt a chastening fall from grace and a real eye-opener, long gone are the days when the leadership could send down their man to be met by a cheering throng. Those days are over. The following day thousands marched to the Garden of Remembrance in the independently organised commemoration and not even the slurry someone took the trouble to spread round the street could put a dampener on a magnificent, brilliantly organised event. This tells the story of where things are at, nothing else needs said. As for being the only all-Ireland party last time I checked Sinn Fein Poblachtach were the oldest political party in this country and organised all across the 32 - and that's to say nothing of eirigi or the RNU who're both all-Ireland political parties. In terms of the Societies we're comfortable with our analysis and what we stand for, it seems an ever-growing number of people share our views and are willing to get behind what we're trying to build. Yet it seems the same can't be said of your party stalwart Jim McVeigh who spoke out against the use of the mountain for the like of this One Ireland-One Vote montage. Seems someone or some party is very uncomfortable with what the Societies are at and where they're headed. Afraid of a referendum on Irish reunification? Quite pathetic. At the end of the day you's aren't calling for an all-Ireland referendum as you suggested but for an internal six-county border poll, so you'd be better to drop the bullshit pretence that you's have a strategy for reunification - you don't. Not while it's subject to the Unionist Veto and the triple lock, the elephant in the room. Tell us this in your infinite wisdom, are Sinn Fein really now calling for an all-Ireland referendum as you suggest? Perhaps you should run that past Windsor House before jumping the gun again or making up party policy on the hoof, the address is 147 Andersonstown Road in case you need it

  22. mac tire, you are waffling now.
    bres, i think u and ur societies are causing certain people to be planking it. fair ball to yous. i see what strandnut is saying too. keep her lit and sure if u stick to ur guns and not let a load of doublespeakers and marxist bullshitters take over ul be sound.(im sure yous will be targeted for infiltration by those who brought down old movement) very encouraged by a few young people ive been meeting in taxi lately over here in the west. they are ready to burst the croneys who have sold them into slavery here in the repukelic. people are copping on a bit at last even if they are only a small few. the net is our biggest ally over the next few years. beir bua oldstock. and mac tire, grow some balls and propose a motion of no confidence in ur north korean leadership and then build up ur beloved party as much as u want. kim il yung or whatever hes called probably thinks u guys are awesome. i mean ur leadership-for-life can do anything and u boys still cream ur pants for them. really, are u guys in a fuc*ing trance or something.

  23. Grouch

    Enjoyed that. Also agree, the societies are getting it together. I'm having to nip myself to believe it!! SF getting in a tangle over 'one country one vote' truly does hang them out to dry. It will only get worse. Sean Bres and Co. are young lads and will be around a long time after Gerry and Marty have left SF to crumble without trace in the years ahead. Bet that didn't fir into the script of Mi5 and SF super strategists.

  24. Sean Bres,
    the people will give their answer on 22nd May! We can discuss further then.

  25. Mac Tire

    'the people' have a choice of pro partitionist taig parties,

    Nothing to do with Irish republicanism. There's a movie being made about the SF super strategy "Carry-On Back to the Union". Why would any Irish republican/nationalist give a stuff about electing SDLP candidates in any guise. Go play yourselves.

  26. Larry,
    What would you know about Irish Republicanism?

  27. 1916 Societies piss off the political elite

    And senior Belfast Sinn Fein councillor Jim McVeigh has urged those behind the slogans to stop, slating them as unsightly.

    So PSF are asking people not to promote the idea of Irish unity. And have short memories...

    In the early 1980s Sinn Fein used the mountain as part of its campaign of support for the hunger strikers at the Maze Prison.

    Couldn't make it up if you tried..

  28. SF getting to the stage they will defend the ever decreasing Unionist population in N East Ulster to the death, and fuck the rest of Ireland. Oh yes Loyalism, that Irish historical treasure.

  29. yes larry/frankie, bres and his crew are good aul heads, with balls of steel too, okay for me to be sniping down here in the shoneen stronghold of galway town but them boys are at the coalface. fair fuc*s to them all.

  30. Why are Sinn Fein so wrapped up in their mandate?
    They were never interested when the other constitutional nationalists had a mandate i.e the SDLP.
    Why it would it matter to Republicans what happens on the 22nd in relation to the stoop lower than any Republicans ever party.

    I spoke to Jim McVeigh yesterday, apparently he was misquoted in relation to the 1916 Socities. He said he actually said, 'these myriad groups view Sinn Fein as sellouts'
    Persish the thought lol.