Republican Prisoners Assaulted in Maghaberry

The following press statement has been issued by CIRA prisoners in Maghaberry Jail.

A number of Republican POWs in Maghaberry Jail in Co Antrim were assaulted last night (Thursday, April 24) by the prison riot squad.

Up to 100 members of the notorious search team with dogs stormed the canteen and yard areas ordering Republican POWs to lock up. The squad subsequently forcibly removed the POWs to their cells, assaulting them along the way, resulting in a number of them receiving injuries.

The POWs have been engaged in a peaceful protest against controlled movement, forced strip searching and the refusal of the prison administration to move Gavin Coyle over to the Republican wing in Roe House.

The OC of the CIRA POWs met with the wing PO this morning (Friday April 25) who told him if the POWs were not in their cells by 7.30pm every night they would be met with the same action from the prison riot squad.


  1. ostensibly few seem to give a dam about CIRA prisoners. Is this their own doing in that no one seem to be speaking on their movements behalf informing the public if they have dissolved into gangsters and if not who has and what is going on?

    I could not help noticing the lack of comments attached to this thread. Perhaps many of the Quill regulars are questioning the legitimacy of the CIRA umbrella.

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  3. Emmett,

    I personally don't care if the prisoners are from ONH, CIRA or other. To me they are republicans.

    Don't take my word for this but go into the vortex of Google and you'll be hard pushed to find much about the treatment dealt out by screws to prisoners.. And next to nothing about the recent treatment be it CIRA prisoners or Ta McWillaims.

    Maybe it would be better if republicans in prison formed a pan republican front and leave what I've read about 'personality clashes' on the outside. Maybe that is happening I don't know..

    There appears to be a complete media black out to what is actually happening in Maghaberry.

  4. It seems strange to me that the usual Quill suspects never commented as they always seem to hold prison issues close to their heart. I don't think its possible they missed the post therefore I'm lead to believe it must be something taboo about the CIRA tag that has gaged their keyboards?

  5. Emmet,

    I wondered about the no comments but it is not the first time I have said it here before we hear little or nothing about republican prisoners.

    Even this message is promoting division as it only acknowledges mistreatment of CIRA. This message is appealing for solidarity and support yet asking only for concern about CIRA prisoners.

    How are people meant to navigate the obvious divisions in the prison? Is it that the screws are deliberately singling CIRA prisoners the statement leaves more questions than answers?

    This is confusing as republicans are to my knowledge segregating themselves under various banners which is mirrored on the outside.
    I don’t think there is a lack of sympathy for “republican prisoners” the real indifference is on display with the lack of unity within the different groups.

    Why are these groups on the outside not highlighting “their” prisoners? As Frankie points out there is little to no information available.
    The leadership of these groups should take note and resolve first the division or rule book for the various factions inside.

    I am not following the logic as they say they are fighting for “Irish Unity” though display no unity amongst themselves. It wouldn’t take much knowledge to set up a website to update people on the prisoners.
    Though that solution will also be split along various banners again causing more confusion republican unity seems to operate on republican disunity.

    They need to revise their own segregation rules in the prison and unite under the common banner of “republican prisoners” not fractional republican prisoners.
    Rather than show concern for the lack of comments we should show concern for the lack of information which ultimately falls on the factions to display.

    If this article wasn’t carried here I wouldn’t like most have known about it.
    I don’t think people are being indifferent or unsympathetic but with the lack of information and the rules of different factions this only adds to confusion.
    The prisoners need to unite under the common banner of being republican prisoners.

    I don’t think it falls under keyboard taboo but is out of confusion and little to no information regarding the prisoners.
    If pre-computer information was available and widespread I don’t see why the various groups don’t have a POW information website regardless of what banner they follow.

    I don’t see the difference and didn’t see a difference between INLA/PIRA republican prisoners and it should be that way today “republican prisoners” and not this lark about separatist republican prisoners.
    Their leaders need to iron out this problem so that people can know they are supporting "the prisoners" and not just a faction.

  6. Emmett,

    For what ever reason there isn't any news (very little) about what is actually happening to republican prisoners anywhere.. be it blogs or mainstream media but Liam Adams still makes front page..

    Ta McWilliams was in the throws of having a stroke/heart attack and next to nothing, CIRA prisoners attacked by dogs & riot squad sweet fcuk all in the media..