Worrying Silence

Tonight The Pensive Quill features guest writer Nuala Perry. In a piece written for the Andersonstown News the former political prisoner calls for an increase in support for the interned Marian Price

On Sunday, May 27 a march will take place on the Falls Road highlighting the continuing and unjust imprisonment of veteran republican Marian Price. The outcome of this march should not be dictated by those who have chosen to turn a blind eye, but rather by those who believe what is happening to Marian is totally wrong and therefore feel compelled to come out of their homes in support of her plight.

There is a serious dearth of ex-republican prisoners coming out on to the streets to identify and empathise with Marian’s cause. There is also a worrying silence from the many ex-prisoners’ groups, groups who have quite recently threatened to impeach the British Government for the very offences currently being visited on Marian Price.

Like many republicans, I cannot remember a time when prisons and republican prisoners were not a feature of my life. My maternal grandfather was interned on the infamous prison ship Argenta. My father’s cousin and close friend, Terence Perry, died in Parkhurst prison as the result of an illness which was greatly exacerbated by the conditions he was kept in. My father served a commuted life sentence in the Crumlin Road prison, his eventual release the result of a reprieve.

From a young age, I remember walking the streets with my father collecting for prisoners’ welfare. I remember sitting with him as he diligently counted the cash and placed the very meagre monies in tiny brown envelopes to be delivered to the prisoners’ families. I remember coming downstairs in the wee small hours to sit quietly beside him as he typed  letters to highlight the cause of republican prisoners wherever he could. The fact that he was a fluent Irish speaker and adept in several other languages provided him the opportunity to take the prisoners’ cause to a previously untapped audience.

Often – and especially throughout this recent campaign for Marian’s release – I have found myself thinking continually about him. I know precisely where he would have stood in relation to Marian, the re-introduction of repressive legislation and the brutalisation of republican prisoners. I know because, just like Marian, his own prison experience left an indelible mark which went to the very core of his being. Like Marian, he could not dislodge himself from a cause that would dictate his life and his psyche. He never forgot the people who spilled out on to the streets in their thousands to campaign for his and his comrades’ reprieve.

On his release from prison, the prison and prisoner issues remained for him a constant. As a founder member of the Felons Club he was determined to create an atmosphere within a republican society whereby republican prisoners would never feel excluded again. Sadly, and very regrettably, it never happened. It never happened because, quite ironically, republicans, republican prisoners and ex-prisoners are finding themselves dangerously and quite menacingly more excluded  and ostracised within the context of the ‘new phase of the struggle’ than they have been for decades.

On May 27, many of us will be given a chance to go some way to restoring the balance. We can make the most of the opportunity to make a real difference to the life of a republican prisoner who has already suffered so much. We have a chance to align our feet and our voices with decades of republican prison struggle. We have a chance to tell those who need to hear it very clearly: Free Marian Price!


  1. Since Nuala penned this Sinn Fein and Coiste have both called on ex-prisoners and party members to support tomorrows march. The cynic in me wants to pour cold water, by the bucket load, on this development coming as it does thirteen months into Marian's imprisonment. What took them so long? Did they have to wait until her health became a serious cause for concern before they felt safe to call out their people? Was the basic in justice dealt her not enough? Whatever, it remains to be seen how many faces appear tomorrow. Will the big hitters, Adams and McGuinness, be there? I expect we will see the Belfast senior management clique showing up for the optics. And when the day is over, they will tell their supporters how they made the difference. So be it. When it was Brendan Lillis they had to be pushed hard before stepping up to the plate. If it all helps to secure Marian's release then who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth. However, the woman in question will not be throwing flowers at them once she walks through the gates.

  2. Nuala your memories are of a man who Tone ,Connolly,Mac Diarmada, Sands would have no difficulty in recognising,anyone can call themselves republican and quite a few do Tombstone Hartley, Morrison, etc yet when the call to assist a comrade in need these and other stalwarts of republican principle would rather kiss the queens arse,The use of the word republican has been hijacked and usurped by people no more in tune with the beliefs of Tone, or Connolly, Perry but in reality and through their words and actions closer to any of the unionst parties and indeed Martyboy Mc Guinness has been even more vocal in condemning republicans than any unionst.real republicans and people who care about human rights will be at the march tomorrow, those other republicans will either be getting full in the Felons or filling out their subsidised menu for the Stormont restaurant, they,ll not be missed.

  3. Gerry Adams call at todays Ard Fheis for the release of Marion Price will raise this case onto a higher level- far more than any small march could hope for-

    Saying that there should be more media out covering this march now-thanks to Gerry-

  4. A very meaningful letter from Nuala and one that should be published everywhere it possibly can be!

    I hope that as many Ex-POWs' as possible turn out tommorrow for Marian and her Clann.

  5. Nuala.

    Its sad that not all Republicans can see what is happening to ex POW's, We now have Internment through the back door, ALL EX POW's should be warned, "MAYBE YOU WILL BE NEXT".
    Its time for everyone to stand up, Take to the Streets In Protest, let the British know, WE ARE NOT HAVING ANYMORE INTERNMENT. Those days are well gone, The People will rise up and fight these Draconian outdated laws, "By an Orange State ; For an Orange State" , and supported by SF, by taking to the streets in protest marches, are we going back to the old days of Civil Rights Marches?, I wish i knew the answer, But England is up to no good, are they hoping that protesters will take to the streets?, so they also can be arrested and Interned, Nuala, you come from a long line of Republicanism, you have my utmost respect, and, thank you for this letter, EX POW's, disregard which section you have decided to place yourselves in, UNITE NOW, show your face on the streets to get Marian and the rest released, Do you want to go back to the old Draconian British Laws, "Special Powers Act", I sure as hell dont.
    This Brave Woman Should Be Released Forthwith. Thanks for posting this AM.

  6. Mickeyboy Will you be at this small march? I think you might be in for a surprise, the bearded ones call while from a leader of a brit establishment party must be welcomed it will however be seen by many as a cynical attempt to hop on the bandwagon of this righteous cause,and as Alec has said I cant see Marian throwing flowers at any qsf members when she gets out .

  7. Marty-

    No-i myself would not go to this march- but i would love all the p.o.ws to walk out of the camps tomorrow-even Marion-
    If some of the leaders of Sinn Fein attend this event it can only be good media ways-but it should be up to Nuala or any other spokesperson to get their message out today-Will the brits listen-who cares-but the Irish will listen-surly thats the whole point-

  8. qsf,s new "war cry" LOCK EM UP-LET EM OUT ,wonder did the Belfast executive head honcho Bob Doh Brains think this one up....

  9. Everyone,
    I am seriously very touched by the response.There was a fantastic turn out for the march today, Alec could give a much better estimate than me but I thought several thousand.
    Maybe the tide of republican opinion is starting to turn in relation to the prisoners and prison issues.

  10. Mickeyboy why wouldnt,nt you go to a march that was demanding justice, shame on you, The so called or you hoped small march was one of the biggest I,ve seen in many a long year marching up these roads, the turn out was more than impressive,the people came from all over to show solidarity with this woman who has been interned by an English conservative politician on nothing more than REVENGE basis,we the people gave the so called sos Paterson the message today,and that was you have tortured Marian enough we want her home now Martin Millar and Gerry Kelly were not in the march but choose to stand idly by on the roadside,so much for principled leadership Mickeyboy, however the march reached the Busybee just up from Thacther house and we heard from the speakers a call for Marians release from her interment,it was notable that the mla mp for the area was absent and given that the bearded one himself called on all the party to support this most worthy of causes ,one wonders if the party is now showing the president for life the same respect Martyboy showed Frank Hegarty.todays march Mickeyboy a cara was a demonstration to qsf that "ruling by fooling " just wont work anymore. .

  11. Michael Henry,

    the point would be to say interment should not be accepted in a supposedly free and democratic society.
    I would question the States motivation for needing an interment policy.
    If PSF do lend their voice, I applaud them even if they have an ulterior motive in doing so.
    They much like the Brits should have considered the issue more carefully as the growing support for her release seems to be counterproductive to the authorities’ miscalculation of interning her growing interest would run contrary to your position of people don’t care and that of Larry Hughes. At least you are honest as you are only following your leader.
    Obviously, people do care and do not need the approval of the British State or any elected representative to voice empathy opposing a clear unjust practice.

    If you read, the article Nuala is unquestionable clear in her concern as with other articles and comments that display people do care.

    If society is not concerned with interment and torture then there is something seriously wrong.

  12. Media seem to have totally ignored the march. Can't see anything about it online or on tv. Finely tuned and controlled media. Do the old soviet union proud they would.

  13. Tain Bo
    not going over old arguments with you. I feel lack of motivation on the Price case because of her own actions.

    The Corey case gives me severe cause for concern. Also the fact that SF members like O'Dowd and McCartney are shepparding the man to his brothers funeral and ensuring he goes back inside after it makes me sick. Who needs to pay screws huh?

  14. Having said that I can see nothing incorrect about McGuninness' statement that dissidents are deluding themselves when he offers talks to them.

    The Corey is a total disgrace. McGuninness should be doing some talking/explaining about that. He's supposed to be in government [puke] so what's his problem? Corey threatened no one from what I can make out.

  15. Corey case that should have read.

  16. Marty-

    It was a bigger march because of the Adams call out on saturday on live television-

    You protest because i said i would not attend yet you also protest because other Sinn Fein members did attend [ Gerry Kelly ] hard to win any people over with that argument-

    Tain Bo-

    You are 100 per cent right-it is about removing interment and getting those prisoners home to their familys-but its hard to leave politics out after what was said about Gerry Adams-but he rose above him being named and called for Marions release- that is true leadership-

  17. Nuala I would have estimated around two thousand people at the march yesterday,there is a pic in todays Irish news page 12 and it shows the march as it emerged from Beechmount Ave.the response from the shopkeepers in Andytown handing out the bottled water was thoughtful and considerate.and the signatures on the petitions that we passed around were certainly in the thousands, the message is getting out there can be no doubt about that now,
    Larry I totally agree who needs screws when qsf will do their work, but when the were probably who got them scooped in the first instance, hence their new "war" cry LOCK EM UP -LET EM OUT

  18. Nuala, I'm not good at guessing numbers but I would venture 2000 at its highest point. Looking down the road from the front of the march, it was an impressive sight. The Irish News today said hundreds and carried a photo showing only half the crowd as it exited Beechmount Avenue. Gerry and Clare were delighted as were Marian's daughters. Everyone I spoke to thought the day a great success.

  19. Marty
    is that LOCK-EM-UP...LET-EM-OUT!! sung to the tune of 'rawhide'?

  20. Mickeyboy the people came out in their droves yesterday to show their support for the call for Marians re,lease from internment,not because of but more in spite of the bearded ones call,ex pows and activists that I spoke to yesterday were disgusted by the hypocritical approach of the quisling party to which you belong or give so much allegiance to.I would have thought that had those members of your party Kelly included wished to show support for this cause they would have joined the march to show their support just like the psni/ruc they instead stood at the roadside .the qsf mp mla.s for the area were particularly noticeable by their absence ,as for winning people over with any argument mo cara well to that I would say that Marian,s physical and mental condition is doing that much more than anything I could say, all I can do or say is that this woman , has been tortured enough and a cara enough is enough,this Irish woman as a political football has been kicked enough time to blow the whistle and bring Pattersons dirty game to an end.if as you said the bearded one and his cronies wanted to show true leadership they would have attended that march,but then they would have only been one of the crowd and with egos that big that would never have done.

  21. I didn't see Marty's post so it's interesting we both estimated 2000. I didn't know Gerry Kelly was present until later. Apparently, he left after a minor flare up. This was carried on another site. How uncomfortable he must have felt considering his position in a British administration today. In light of their shared past experience he should have a lot more to say about the situation. He and Marian once stood shoulder to shoulder against the common enemy. Where Gerry to threaten to resign this could secure the release of his erstwhile comrade in arms. Peter Robinson was prepared to walk for a lot less.

  22. Was great to see a well attended protest and great to see prominent prm heads in attandance, so hats off till the organisers and all that attended

  23. I see Maians case is not the only one Barraboy and his inept dept have fucked up,the collapse of the trial today of the oap,s accused of murdering their granddaughter is another example of people not fit for the job making decisions that could affect our freedom and lives..

  24. It's sad times when the leadership of provisional Sinn Fein have to be encouraged and embarrassed into lending their voice to the disgraceful detention of Marian. Sad times indeed. But after knowingly allowing the death of their fellow comrades on hunger strike to further their own political careers, it does not surprise me in the slightest that Gerry and co probably care more about getting unionists to vote for them or what suit to wear when greeting lizzy Windsor, than the detention of Marian or the wider prison issues that are on going in magab jail...

  25. Yes indeed john paul and if you watched the bearded one on tv talking about the upcoming visit of head honcho of the army Liz the brit,and his assertion that for someone from his party to greet the commander in chief as a huge thing and a big ask ,and it would be a decision to be taken by the Ard chomhairle.Who does he think he is fucking kidding ? they are tripping over themselves to greet Lizzie,that decision has already been made, like every other sell out decision facing the party such decisions would be taking by his lordship alone and endorsed by the nodding dogs on the ard chomhairle Martyboy will probably elbow Peter the punt and Irish the c##t out of the way to kiss the royal butt.Marion WHO?

  26. John Paul

    Well Said, you are correct, Though Its not just marian, others are incarcerated as well, and, should be released.


    Nice post, Gerry is Ard chomhairle, or, so he thinks, One thing sticks in my mind, When he, and, others were flown from the Kesh for secret talks in London.
    No One but them knows what went on about those "SO SECRETIVE TALKS", Everyone will have there own views on that one, but to me, and, this is my honest view, The brit intelligence brainwashed them, promised them heaven, and they have it, but the ordinary foot soldier is left to wonder what the war was all about . I could go on and on. I think he will be given a Knighthood, it brings a monthly income, Sir Gerry, Ard Ballymurphy.

  27. Nuala,

    very relevant piece with loads of history throughout.

    Michael Henry,

    whatever the merits or otherwise of your argument about the effect on the march of comments made by your party leader, a point for you to consider: there must be something deeply flawed about the outcome negotiated by your party when it allowed for republicans to be held by the Tories on the basis of acts conducted under the auspices of the Provisional IRA in 1973.

  28. mackers
    not sure i agree totally. SF have abandoned all. But were pardons not also requested and granted on top of the GFA release scheme? 'Cake and eat it' often rings true in recent cases.

  29. Larry,

    “not going over old arguments with you. I feel lack of motivation on the Price case because of her own actions.”

    If you are not going over the argument with me you should have paid attention and not added that you agree she should be interned for her own actions.

    “The Corey case gives me severe cause for concern. Also the fact that SF members like O'Dowd and McCartney are shepparding the man to his brothers funeral and ensuring he goes back inside after it makes me sick. Who needs to pay screws huh?”

    You do not explain your severe concern and would he not be responsible for his own actions or is only Marian accountable for her own actions and here you once again contradict your other great lines especially the people don’t care rule that you afford yourself as an excuse when applicable in Larry’s world.
    I have no idea why you have a stomach ailment would the important part not be that the man was able to attend his loved ones funeral regardless of who escorted him. I doubt very much indeed restriction would be a priority over grief and personal loss.
    Your ridiculous comment would suggest your supposedly personal feelings supersede this man’s personal loss.
    Would your stomach feel better if he had been denied a very basic human right and more importantly a fundamental human emotion the need to grieve?

  30. Tain Bo
    again, you lose yourself along the way. The world and its dog know why Marion was arrested. No one knows why Corey was arrested...DOH!

  31. Marty, I did not watch the gathering of nodding dogs no more than I watch the sdlp conference, as I have no interest in middle of the road nationalist politics . You are spot on when you say that Adams alone calls all the shots ( even if he never fired one). And the only choice he now has is who he picks to meet lizzy Windsor. My money is on Barbara Brown. Anyway I'm sure he sat uneasy on his throne in the felons on Sunday night as he realised that the Marion price issue is not going away nor is the the other unlawful detention of republicans on trumped up charges. I think people have finally awoken to their deception and lies.

  32. AM-

    Marion has got a royal pardon for those acts of war which she helped to carry out in england in 73- [ her own words whilst in prison last year ] so i dont know what game the torys or brits are playing
    but it has nothing to do with Sinn Fein who is looking for the interned to be set free- Marion never got a slip of paper and the brits have lost theirs-

  33. Larry, the world and its dog also know that Marian received bail on both charges. Momentarily she is imprisoned on the basis of her previous licence having been revoked without an explanation thus far. This is unacceptable.

    In regard to Martin Corey I agree with you entirely. This man has spent a much longer period in jail than Marian for arguably a lot less.

    Both Marian and Martin should be released immediately, not to forget to mention Gerry McGough.

  34. Mickey Henry,

    I can almost agree with you on that one, as it is understandable that the man himself being perched so high would need a year to return to the ground of commoners.

  35. Larry,

    fill me in as I have no idea what Marian is charged with.

  36. Alec
    if the Brits say its because she was keeping company with terrorists in public would that then suffice?

  37. Lisence revoked Tain Bo. I remember a guy got out after serving life and left local pubs in Armagh if 'republicans' entered..he was protecting himself against missinterpretation and 'touts'. Staying clean.

    Once again...high profile Marian did herslef no favours. ALL IM SAYING.

  38. Larry, no it wouldn't suffice. What would such an assertion be based on? Supposition? The act of holding a piece of paper in a public place is not in itself a crime. Evidence has yet to be proffered that Marian knew the content of the statement. As for the other charge, again we do not know the nature of the evidence against her.

    The example you give of a lifer leaving bars in order avoid contamination is exactly how the state would have us behave. Keep the head down and be a good boy. Sadly there are too many people that choose to live their lives in this way. Marian Price was not one of them.

  39. Alec
    why request/accept a pardon or release on lisence then?

  40. Acceptance of a licence or pardon hardly equates with an act of surrender. A licence is an integral part of any sentence i.e that portion not served in prison. Your question would apply to anyone who has served time. Perhaps we all should have stood our ground and done our full term. Do you speak as an former prisoner?

  41. Larry,

    'But were pardons not also requested and granted on top of the GFA release scheme?'

    But of what relevance is this to the case under discussion?

  42. John Paul,

    'I think people have finally awoken to their deception and lies.'

    Too early in my view to make that call.


    the point is that SF are calling for an end to internment which they should have sorted out at the negotiating stage. That they agreed to a justice dispensation that included internment and gave the British police the right to prosecute Gerry McGeough for activity prior to the GFA must surely beg questions.

  43. Mackers
    I'm not sure how those things work but i assume that before release was granted undertakings would be agreed to. If these are flouted or broken then the brits may suggest all deals are off. Just my assumption. SF were never in reality negotiating anything. We are where we are because of them. Advocating violence isn't the answer.

    i think it's a case of defending Marian's right to engage or support those engaged in violence. Doing so in such a repeated and overt manner in her position, well to me it seemed ill advised. I can't bring myself to alter that perception. I'd like to see her released. But her own actions have her where she is. She gave the brits ample excuse. Its very sad. But she's not Moira Drumm and this IS 2012.

  44. Larry, I feel that your position invites abuse of power. Your kind of reasoning is precisely that applied by those responsible for revoking her licence: If it walks and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. This would be a seriously flawed principle of law as it removes the burden of proof.

  45. Larry,

    'if the Brits say its because she was keeping company with terrorists in public would that then suffice?'

    How many could so easily be jailed on that basis? Lawyers and everybody else.

    'I remember a guy got out after serving life and left local pubs in Armagh if 'republicans' entered. He was protecting himself against misinterpretation and 'touts'. Staying clean.'

    Rosa Parks had a point in refusing to go to the back of the bus.

  46. i dont need convinced marian is a dissident. she did that herself.

  47. Larry,
    You must be on that demon drink again or just on a wind up.
    Marian is interned just like Martin Corey they are republicans whose faces don't fit with the 'lets all move forward to never never land' theory.
    Are we supposed to adhere to some sort of self appointed censorship like your friend who left bars and bascially let himself become a prisoner of fear or whatever?

  48. YES!! Fionnuala ...now be a good wee girl and stop making trouble for troubles sake..or ye will be in jail again..FRIENDLESS. get the fuk over it.

  49. you'll never fill ur daddies booties fionuala...stop trying to be a MAN....AND DO THE DISHES.

  50. Larry could you define the word dissident for me?

  51. Our Nuala will do what she believes to be right and just ,she has true grit, like Marian will not bend the knee even when those who would have called themselves comrade have settled for the crumbs the brits handed out.proud to be a friend to such women, (even if she is a vegan)

  52. Actually come to the conclusion all dissidents shud be slung in jail. Round em up and sling em in. And all oul battle-axes with them.

  53. Round Em Up Larry. Great nickname,lol.

  54. Hearts and Minds last night....

    Declan Kearney is rambling as only he can ramble, when Mike Nesbitt - brother of Rab C - steps into his path and hits him with a gut buster. Then stands back.

    His question; 'Persuade me of the merits of a United Ireland'.

    Kearney catches his breath and instead of doing what Republicans are meant to do - persuade about the merits of a United Ireland - the lesser Shinner goes off again into the 'New phase of the Peace Process. and other prerecorded messages from Adams."

    Twice Nesbitt came with the question and each time he sat back and smirked as Kearney couldn't do it.

    What was it Bobby said about "systemised,institutionalised,decent law-abiding robots."

    Kearney's performance was indeed 'Robotic'.

  55. Larry,
    We all know what your boots are filled with and it's not grit.
    Could not imagine the catalogue bride doing your dishes so it must be you, good enough for you Larry.

  56. Larry,
    I wonder how many so called 'dissidents' you would actually relay your jail theory to in person?
    Your a wind-up merchant, simple as!
    Sadly though you are a wind-up merchant who harbours very dangerous views in relation to republicans and republican prisoners.

  57. Larry,

    I hate to say this, but it is sad to see a former republican prisoner sink so low as to make such deranged reactionary remarks.

  58. Fionnuala.

    Maybe you are right, But;
    Our problem on any blog is, "WHO ARE WE BLOGGING WITH", Do we actually "know" the person we are commenting on, replying to?. What is in a name?
    I can tell you this, My grandfather always taught us; "My brothers and sisters", YOU KNOW NOTHING, YOU HEAR NOTHING, YOU SEE NOTHING", I have been like that since he told us, in 1958 in Ardoyne, Ireland will never change, its in our blood, the fight will always go on,
    The problem is, WILL WE EVER WIN?.
    To many touts, To many drug Barons, But most importantly, TO MANY F**KING HOODS. they need sorted. This is 2012, GFA was on my birthday 28th of July, I did not agree with it, What makes me sick is, Marians SO CALLED COMRADE ,in the bombings in london, SIR Gerry Kelly, He has the F**king cheek to walk and drive throughout IRELAND , Yet never spoke out about his former comrade in arms being interned through the back door, to me that is a low life, Our history will never change, Until the British Government decides they cant take anymore, Europe is in crisis, the whole world is in turmoil , British forces are stretched to the limits, they are selling of there Aircraft carriers, there Jump Jets, now they don't even have an Aircraft carrier, they are in SH*t Street, TIME TO STRIKE BACK AT THERE FINACIAL ESTABLISHMENTS. The World Banks are creaming BILLIONS and putting it in of shore accounts. In the old days, Marion and the rest of republican prisoners interned would have been broken out, saying that, I must confess, I am very old, but I am far from passed it.

  59. Marty,

    'anyone can call themselves
    republican and quite a few do.'

    I guess it shows not the republican success but the project's strategic success in wrapping the republican mantle around a non republican substance. It definitely does not offer what it says on the tin.

    I guess a useful way to evaluate them is by examining what they said about others who did what they are doing now.

  60. Alfie
    I understand your frustration. Sad to say Republicanism has no meaning or place in Ireland in 2012. It has been sold to the lowest bidder. Thankfully i have better things to do than flog a horse that has been dead for almost two decades and isn't going to be reserected. Some people seem to have no other life vision than the past. I can't help that. People like that would be pittied if their only objective now wasn't a vain pathetic attempt to reignite misery and violence that has no chance of success. This reality is known to them...but they don't care. Maybe because they are mostly oul-dolls who wont be pulling a trigger anytime soon. PATHETIC creatures in my estimation.

  61. Alec

    'Round Em Up Larry. Great nickname,lol'.

    don't forget to sing it with ghusto and add a rousing RWAHIDE!! ...for effect.....rawhide!

  62. Dixie,

    just watched it. It was a poor performance. I don't think he prepared for Mike Nesbitt and was reduced to routinised answers. Declan often seems to make his case more complicated than it needs to be and because of overegging the pudding with technical dry language he loses the point. I am surprised at his delivery because he is very clever but seems to alienate his audience. This was my experience of him during the policing debates he did.

    I think one of the difficulties for him in arguing about the past is that SF has so lost the interpretation of the past, that it cannot argue about moving on from it convincingly.

  63. Foinuala
    Republican politically correct 'racists'. How 'Irish' that seems to be...yep..round em up sling em in...rawhide..yeeha!!

  64. Thankfully Larry is not a member of the judiciary. He would have a ball as a Diplock judge sending people to jail with a tap of his judicial hammer. Round Em Up Larry!

  65. Could be worse Alec,he could be HANG-EM-HIGH Larry!

  66. marty
    working my way round to that stage.

  67. @ Fionnuala great read & share. thanks.

  68. SMH,
    It is great to share with people like yourself, thank you.

  69. itsjustmacker,
    I think we are what we are.
    I don't think Republicanism or Republicans can be re-moulded or fashioned to sit nicely within the context of the status-quo.
    The end goal was reframed and modified so often that sometimes it is difficult to remember what it was initially.
    Of course you are right, people are full of distrust, our communities are rife with hoods and drugs, all amounting to a very depressing picture.
    Can we win? I don't know! I'm not even sure what winning means anymore. But I think if we just let it all go, let go of all those hopes and aspirations then we have lost.

  70. Larry,

    'I'm not sure how those things work but i assume that before release was granted undertakings would be agreed to. If these are flouted or broken then the brits may suggest all deals are off.'

    From a perspective of citizens' rights against arbitrary state power this argument has little merit.

    'Advocating violence isn't the answer.'

    Absolutely. But denying rights fuels the discourse of those who advocate violence. Geraldine Finucane made this point very well in the US a few months back.

    'I think it's a case of defending Marian's right to engage or support those engaged in violence.'

    I for one do not come at it from this perspective. My support for Marian's release has nothing to do with her outlook. I don't believe she or anyone else should be interned.

    'But her own actions have her where she is.'

    But this is the point. Her own actions as you term them have her on bail not in jail. She is in jail because of a politician not a judge.

    'She gave the Brits ample excuse.'

    If it was a game of chess we might argue 'wrong move'. But the key point here is that the Brits wanted an excuse not a reason.

  71. Mackers
    I agree with you about internment..it is WRONG. My slant on this issue and my attitude results from the mind numbing refusal by some people to see any fault or personal blame in Marian's actions and attitude. I'm not playing stupid for assholes. If they say YES she was supporting dissident threats and actions and that got here interned i would be more outspoken in her defence. When eejits blankly and blindly state she did 'nothing'??.. well that just puts me in the...'i'm switching off' mode immediately...fukn gobshites they are.

  72. BTW my comment about dissidents being found in waterloo place in derry was a joke. It's where wino's are to be seen layin on the street every day. Those who suggested on here i was divulging info 'dangerous' for republicans just showed their own total stupidity. You here that Fiaonnuala...?? you are no doubt head of the 'teligence' unit..Get the fuck outa Belfast..just for one day..'wee love'.

  73. Larry,

    I believe you meant to say, “Hear” that Nuala but you are addressing the wrong person.
    I believe this is what you are paranoid about now. It was a poor argument that you used on the other thread and now it seems to be disturbing you. I notice it is now poor Winos so you are lying to prop up your weak repeated insults.

    “So you laugh at them and observe them laying in a drunken state in a very specific location and then add tout should I assume you might be subconsciously or subliminally stating you are on the payroll of the state as you are very specific about a place in Derry and the activity of alleged militant dissidents. How exactly do you know they are touts and members of any militant group unless you have specific information and where exactly would one ascertain this information?
    That is a very strange reply to a simple question I cannot qualify that as an answer unless the “anyone” you know would care to collaborate your story and what is the need you have to include “others” I have made it clear that I am addressing you.”
    Seems as if people can be “foolish” as you have no problem in pointing out you should actual read what you post.

  74. Tain Bo
    once again im lost in your ramblin attempts to sound superior and smart...cant even be arsed reading it after first two lines. Common English if you please.