Citizen Or Slave?

Tonight The Pensive Quill features guest writer Sean Doyle commenting on the Austerity Treaty.

The government wants us to vote yes on the fiscal treaty to enable us to another bailout if required to continue servicing the massive banks and private debts that has been unjustly and undemocratically foisted on the ordinary citizens of Ireland.

The government of Fine Gael and Labour and their predecessors of Fianna Fail and the Greens over the past 5 years have more than adequately proven their commitment to corporate Europe through devastating cuts that have visually reaped havoc throughout Irish society and has decimated and impoverished families throughout the country.

Their desired yes vote will no doubt enshrine impoverishment in our constitution. It is obvious we cannot and should not carry the debts of bankers and speculators that was fostered and designed in corporate Europe by reckless greed to maximise profits shifting investment from manufacturing service and goods to the more lucrative financial markets and a significant increase in the extension of credit and the deregulation of banking.

This could not be brought about by the citizens of Europe as the whole European institutions are governed by corporate Europe in the European Commission. Why when the brainchild of corporate Europe has failed do the media expect those who reject the burden on ordinary people of corporate debt to be silent unless they have a cure for terminally ill capitalism? But like a wasp it has a dying sting . Before it ceases it will continue to decimate citizens across Europe strangling them with austerity to save itself.

They will also continue to rob our semi-state companies and our natural resources with the willing participation and assistance of our puppet governments to sign after sign power over to the Commission rendering us subservient slaves to a failed corporate Europe that must be sent a message to carry its own debt.

It is difficult and shocking the realisation of the extent of human misery and the total disregard of the basic daily needs of the most vulnerable to be withdrawn to offset the speculative gambling debts.

A monetary monster without heart, soul, or conscience only surpassed by the potato blight in Ireland of 1847 when a million people died of starvation and  another million left on the “coffin ships”. Trade continued, exporting of food and goods through the ports under armed guard while people died of starvation in the ditches and in their homes.

The people could not afford to buy food at market prices and the God and heart of capitalism the free market had to be protected at all costs regardless of the human suffering and loss of life.

Now 165 years later the same lack of values and disregard of humanity still prevail in pursuit of profit and greed. Only collective action by the citizens of Europe unified in resistance can halt our demise.

The salvation of the banks, speculators, bond holders and private debts as decreed by corporate Europe in the European Commission is to nationalise all debts with the full cooperation of national governments who share their criminal minded unjust burden and undemocratic decision to render the citizens of Europe the debt slaves of Europe.

Their most masterly stroke of all is to convince the citizens they are their debts and above all they are still their masters. It reminds me of a quote by James Connolly: “The trade unionist who is only a trade unionist wishes to limit the power of the master but still wishes to have masters”. Now it is our choice and we must seize it by voting NO to the ESM Fiscal (AUSTERITY) Treaty.


  1. AM+Larry-

    I have to ask [ there was no way i was going to let this one go by ]

    Will your votes be with the Labour
    party yet again or will yous vote no-

  2. I would be interested to know what the prognostications are for the treaty's passage.

    Is the opposition just a heroic tilt at windmills, or is there a chance that the treaty will be defeated?

    Best wishes to all who oppose it.

  3. Did anyone see Eoin O Broin sternly absorbing every word the bearded one spouted at the two press meetings yesterday on the austerity treaty,as you would expect the now bearded adviser was on the left and to tell you the truth AND I watched very very closely I couldnt see his lips move.has trickey dickey been ousted by this ambitious party advisor.
    qsf kind of remind me of the barking dog chasing the car.What the fuck will it do if it catches it? qsf as a government oh gawwwwd!but as Sean so rightly says the people of the republic should vote no hopefully they will, but the Irish seem to have a fondness of inviting foreigners from the time of Dermot macmurrough to come here and fuck the place up!

  4. Are SF any more duplicitous than they were in previous decades ? I never thought I would see the day whan a Antrim nationalist become LFC MANAGER ! The 2 sentences are unconnected. David Mc W rang rings around TUV Jim on Spotlight.

  5. michaelhenry
    i'm voting YES. As marty points out people have been coming here from an early stage fucking the place up. But the Irish never need help in that job. The last hundred years are no-ones fault only the cute hoors themselves. They will do the same 'one trick pony' routine when the banks get steadied enough...namely..bubble and burst and emigration for those not on the gravy train.

    THEREFORE...this time i'm thinking of ME!! One more year and I'm outa this shit-hole. Then you guys can argue in perpetuity and fight as many poxy wee wars as you desire.

    Tho' i do find it amusing SF are calling for a NO most bloggers here. I'll give you that michaelhenry...

  6. Larry-

    A big yes from yourself [ i am still in shock- wait till Tain Bo reads that] Wonder what way your labour partner AM will vote-

    No matter what Larry, you say what you believe- no matter if everyone agrees or no one agrees-by the way no matter were you go in this world you will not be that far from a lap-top-

  7. michaelhenry
    easy on'll have the bloggers here in trauma.

  8. No matter which way the vote goes , The Bankers will always win, they are the ones blood sucking for bail outs after stashing there funds in of shore accounts, just look at Britain, the are the only country in the EU who do not have the Euro , they still use the Pound £, now ask yourself why, the answer is simple, when a business purchases from any state using the Euro, and Payment is by cheque in Euros the British banks rake in a fortune by charging for each transaction, Minimum is £10, The British Bankers thought that one out. But, I am not sure how it works electronically via internet transfers, I would presume a charge is levied for the conversion + the rate per euros per £1 gbp.
    I vote NO.

  9. Yeah Larry lap tops are handy for the distribution of information,lap dogs like Mickeyboy well thats another story..

  10. Marty-

    lap-tops, lap-dogs- the peelers were sore on those lap-dancers today- 130 homes raided and not a druggie touched-

  11. Thats those austerity measures Mickeyboy a cara,cant afford to tackle both so they left the drugpushers to drad..I bought the wife a memory stick...she hasnt forgotten my dinner ,sex or beer since the first beating ...

  12. michaelhenry
    the peelers shouted on the way in 'come out with yer legs closed!'

    pissin meself at yer merciles humour...

  13. I see now Europe not paying governments anymore...they are paying the banks directly. THAT almost had me voting no michaelhenry...but its 12 months too early for fuck-it...i'm still voting YESSS!!

  14. Larry

    Uncanny Wit

    I tried to stop myself laughing, BUT

    I Couldn't help laughing at that one.

  15. Marty,

    I tend to see Eoin O Broin as much more progressive than most of them. He is open to ideas and has held his own in any debates I have seen him at.


    I am going with SF on this and voting Yo or Nes

  16. Thats what I was hinting at Anthony the bearded one was only mouthing the words of O Broin,,there are smart, ambitious, clean young kids coming through in that party and the likes of the bearded one could very soon be seen as a liability and a throwback to a past that these people are not the slightest bit interested in.

  17. AM-

    Come on- before the election- yes or No-

  18. itsjustmackers
    i find it hard to take anything too serious these days. Only gets ye jail.

  19. Larry Hughes,
    just out of curiosity where are you going? Why do Irish people always leave whenever things get tough? Why not stay and try to make the homeland better?
    Emigration is a curse on the island.

  20. Michaelhenry

    the wife for yes, me for no, no point in us turning up. We just cancel each other out!


    they are just as duplicitous today.

    Not sure of the choice that Liverpool have made. Seems no established manager will touch the club.

  21. Am-

    Sure everyone is allowed their own choice in a democracy [ well as near to demorcracy that we have ]
    but to blame the wife for a yes vote- you are a brave man-

    Whilst not a Liverpool supporter they are 1 of the teams that i like to see doing well-a new manager with no big ego-maybe he will be the one-he could do no worse than the last ones-

  22. Ryan
    why do a shower of cute hoors continually screw up a country of a mere 4 million people? Why do people like Enda kenny, [who from what i see on reeling in the years, has been in the Dail from before he was shaving] and many others like him, continue to get voted in. They have learned nothing since the 1960s or we'd not continually be in a mess. THE SAME bubble and bust mess time after time. Is kenny in negative anyone in the Dail? ARE THEY FUCK. Kind of gives the lie to the 'no-one saw it coming crap', huh?

    I'm after voting YES because the more power removed from those fucking criminals in the Dail...the BETTER.

    SF ..the revolutionary party just wants its fingers in the pie. I'm certainly NOT waiting on the dissidents or 'MING' and the lads to fix things. No Ryan, cant wait to get the hell outa this cute hoor shithole.

    its a big oportunity for the guy. Hope he doesn't regret it. Surprised they never went for Lambert.

    BTW Ryan, Japan Taiwan or China i'll be going to.

  23. I seen Adams prancing around Dublin like a man with a plan. I wonder how long it will take the voters to realise he is nothing more than a big tube of hot air?
    As Brian Feeney rightly commented someone should ask Adams to outline the logic behind the rhetoric.

  24. FFS Nuala that would be like asking him to tell us about his time in the RA!

  25. Well Larry I wish you all the best. Very heartbreaking to see this new wave of emigration, I thought those days were behind us. Come to California, you would enjoy our weather, women and might even learn to enjoy our sports.

  26. Bob Doh Brains sent the other half a text saying"I,m just havin one more pint doh then I,ll be home, doh if I,m not home in 20 mins read this text again doh..

  27. Ryan
    was in Southie..Boston..New York and Knoxville TN...all our guys and gals end up well into American sports. I've absolutely no doubt if i was there long enough i'd be well into the meantime...wherever I am..'the devil gotta hold of me' i'm a Glasgow Celt....HAIL HAIL...the queens in jail..

  28. Ryan
    i would consider California...but the 2nd time i went back to the U.S. of A. they put me on the same plane and sent me home 2hrs later lol... don't fancy Guantanamo.

  29. marty
    i only have to think about you and i get a cramp's nearly like when i think...i get a cramp then too lol

  30. Ryan here's one for y

    god bless the U.S. of A. and the barret light 50... yeehaw!!!

  31. Ryan
    sorry..try that link

  32. Larry had you been caught with one of those bad boys I dont think you would have had to worry about being banged up

  33. I see the people have voted for more erosion of their nationality if thats possible, it seems to me that the deaths of so many people over the generations to re- establish the Irish nation has all been in vain the country has been handed over to the German bankers by a country full of ball less wonders who believe any shit they are told ,the catholic church is a prime example,why would any nation subject their children to hardship to pay for the greed of the few ,is it any wonder the kids are on their way out and the scum of europe are heading here in their droves...

  34. marty
    being serious [for a minute] i'm of the opinion the more power removed from Dublin the better. That Dail is a criminal convention centre. What was done with the zillions pumped in here from Europe is a disgrace. Some of the scum from all over Europe you mentioned are quite attractive. I'd ban the old ugly ones though..and the men.

  35. Larry,
    nice link. Sorry bout the hassles with the USA Customs officers, they make Auschwitz prison guards seem warm and fuzzy. You're a man of constant sorrow but hopefully the Asians will cheer ya up next year.

  36. Michaelhenry,

    wasn't in the country to be able to vote. But it would not have been a yes vote. Most definitely a no. As for Labour. Look closely as tahat is what SF will become only further to the right. You might remember a time when SF were more radical than the SDLP!

  37. Ryan
    was never treated bad by USA authorities. They were very polite. I hadn't gone through the proper visa processes. Got caught out.

    Though the huantanamo thing does the country no good at all. I'm glad i wasn't wearing a turban.

  38. Nuala,

    'As Brian Feeney rightly commented someone should ask Adams to outline the logic behind the rhetoric.'

    Which is what Mike Nesbitt caught Declan Kearney short on in Hearts & Minds. SF does not seem to know where to drop the anchor and are floating around like flotsam at the mercy of whatever wave carries them.