British Viceroy Interning Irish Citizens

Tonight The Pensive Quill carries a letter from the Family and Friends of Brendan Hughes group expressing its concern at the internment of Marian Price and Martin Corey. It appeared in the Irish News on 21/05/2012

A chara,

Clearly, the British Secretary of State, Owen Paterson does not understand the fundamentals of Irish history. If he did, he would know that the interning of Irish citizens by British viceroys is anathema to all Irish people and he would appreciate that the introduction of internment has failed in the past and has exacerbated the political situation rather than cured it.  
It is against the re-introduction of internment that we, the Family and Friends of Brendan Hughes, wish to register our support for the campaign to free the internees, Marian Price and Martin Corey.

Given that she is gravely ill, the internment of Marian Price is a particularly shameful human rights abuse, and rather than stick his head in the sand in the hope that the issue will go away, Mr Paterson would do well to take cognizance of the growing campaign for Marian’s release, a campaign that has the support of all shades of nationalist opinion, but particularly that of the SDLP.

We respectfully call on all Republicans and Nationalists to attend the protest march on 27 May, from Beechmount Avenue to the Busy Bee, Andersonstown. The march starts at 2.30.         

Is sinne le meas,

Terry Hughes                Paddy-Joe Rice
Gerard Hodgins            Carrie Twomey
Fra McCullagh             Tommy Gorman      
Richard O’Rawe           Danny McBrearty
Ivor Bell,


  1. This Sundays march by all accounts will be one of the biggest demonstrations in Belfast in a long time ,its interesting to see the front page of qsf ,s Anytout news giving Marians situation such prominence,and combined with the increased demands for Marians release from party paid hands,its clear to see that Marians internment is begining to become a major issue and as usual qsf want to" cash"in on popular support for this womans plight,while all support must be welcomed for this is a serious wrong that needs to be righted,qsf and its support base need to explain to the nationalist people its prolonged silence in Marians case,I for one see it as nothing more than a cynical ploy by carpetbagger politicians trying to save face..the argument for Marians release has been won,the people are begining to mobilise and qsf know that they need to get on board and do it quickly.I cant help agreeing with Jim Allister when he called qsf hypocrites.

  2. A very good letter, there are people who do not see what is going on, or, are just turning a blind eye to the re-introduction of internment, the way i see it is, NO EX REPUBLICAN PRISONER IS SAFE, Lets not forget, It was Republican and Loyalist Prisoners who were released on license, has Johnny Adair had his license revoked,he was shown on tv firing live ammunition in africa, if one loyalist was treated like Marian and the rest who have been returned to prison, all hell would break out. something sinister is happening within the British Intelligence corp, economics is dictating the re-introduction of Internment, Why?, because they want to draw us into another war, Unemployment is rising at a rate not seen before, remember the Falklands fiasco, Thatcher sent men to be slaughtered to take peoples minds of the economic situation. They will stoop as low as a worm under a brick.
    They can't be trusted, the biggest liars that have walked the face of this earth.

  3. Great to see monsignor Raymond murrey calling for marians release. I hope the shinners use their live slot tomorrow on rte at their ard fheis to call for Marians immediate release. but I won't hold my breath. Their paymasters will be watching.

  4. itsjustmackers
    loyalists have been subjected to a re-run of the supergrass system. The RUC are busy. Maybe if they are determined to selectively intern people they should give them status'.

  5. john paul Raymond Murray has been to the fore in the campaign to have Marian released this man and the late Dennis Faul are among a very few clerics who deserve our respect.

  6. Both these people should be released immediately. Patterson's procrastination is a disgrace. However I feel if the entire colour party was arrested next Easter at the parade and interned not too many would care. The brits are no doubt aware of the extent of public distaste for the dissidents. Be interesting to see how big the parade is on Sunday.

  7. Larry would it be ok to arrest the chucks colour party as well just wondering and the irsp,s and the workers party, oira,irm, the nga, eirigi, rsf, ff, fg, etc

  8. Larry and of course look what happened the last time internment was introduced on a sectarian large scale it gave life to the fledgling prm.internment will always be opposed in any shape or form by people who support decmocracy,

  9. marty
    im not advocating it. I'm pointing out the lack of interest in wider society on what's going on just now. Unless widespread and indiscriminate in its use as it was in the early 70's, people don't care. It's being used selectively and isn't giving wider society any cause for concern...seemingly. If coloured parties are rounded up in the future i content 'outrage' would be limited. That's all.

  10. Larry Hughes

    Loyalists have been subjected to a re-run of the supergrass system. The RUC are busy. Maybe if they are determined to selectively intern people they should give them status'.

    That is true Larry, But, If it had have been a Republican Trial, the touts evidence would not have been thrown out, and classed as untrustworthy to me, that was just a show trial, those involved in that trial were and are known as haters of catholics , and were run by MI5, as for status, the shinners have made sure there is no longer a status of, "Political Prisoners", now at the, ard fheis , McGuinness has stated that talks have been taking place with various Unionist parties, That was Yesterday, Not a Mention of Marion, nor any of the others Interned, to expect any of them to do anything about the situation would be laughable, Lets see what Adams has to say Today!!!

  11. Marty,

    and they expected us to hate Denis and treat him like a pariah, essentially to cover up what the Committee did to the hunger strikers.

  12. From Helen McClafferty:

    The Free Marian Price Campaign is growing.

    We need as many Irish-Americans to do what Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey suggests: Organize! Educate! Activate!

    Follow the link.

    Join the letter or postcard or email campaign.

    Please inform your family, friends and contacts.

    Thank you.