Cartoon by Brian Mór
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The Three Wise Men...

Cartoon by Brian Mór
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  1. If I was one of those camels I,d take the hump,those bast##ds have been on the peoples backs for far to long now !

  2. One wonders what direction they are going in? Definitely not together especially since Gerry is intenting to take the rocky road to Dublin. The other two probably will probably stop at Stormont before continuing their journey to Whitehall..

    As for the gifts they are bearing I will say no more..

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  4. Wise man White on yahoo sport declares;
    Tonight, however, against committed, bright, fluent opponents punching way above their weight, the great Scot is likely to discover quite what that job he has taken on really is.
    5 Times European champions have become after 12 months of drift and shambles: Premier League also-rans. And the dismal prospect for Dalglish is that not even he - with his direct link to the great times - is in possession of a magic wand with which to arrest the decline.

    Blackpool tonight. Liverpool owners may be shrewd in buying time with Kenny but NOT giving him a long term contract. Like Shearer at the Toon, a temporary blip?

    Are the 3 wise men here enroute to Anfield to deliver the 'black spot' I wonder?

  5. By the look on Gerry Kelly's coupon I'd say he's none to pleased with the ungrateful rabble in Ardoyne, so he's taken the gifts back off them. Adams is off down south with the holy grail, but it's really a load of hot air and McGuinness is away to disappear up the brits collective jam roll. As for wise them camels probably talk more sense

  6. Martydownunder Kelly taking the gifts of the people in Ardoyne,what gifts would that be a cara, the right to protest maybe.?

  7. Saw marty mi6 on TG4 last night, Dan Breen my fight for Irish freedom. He asserted he was in Stormont as a nationalist with allegiance to Ireland, others were in there with allegiance to the UK. Breen said at the end, anyone comes and tries to take my country i'll kill them without apology and i'm saying that in the winter of my life.

    Marty mi6 needs to 'wise-up' it's just getting way too much to take.

  8. Three wise men sharing gifts with the birth of a 32 Ireland-

    All are doing well

    No star to follow this time
    The provos led the way.

  9. Yeah Larry watched that programme then when Mc Guinness made his apperance I made a positive decision turned over to shameless,isnt it funny how the two fit together Mc G and Shameless that is, I note Paul Butler is standing down from the Stormont jobs for boys,claiming he has been snubed for the west Belfast seat,which has been gifted to Pat arrogant Sheehan, landlord Butler knows rightly that with the new boundary changes he hadnt a hope of retaining his seat so he,s jumpings to save his face, and so another absentee landlord leaves the stage with a golden handshake while his badly repesented constituents are left in the shit as usual.same old storey.

  10. Spot on Marty, do recall the good people of Ard Eoin had the cheek not to listen to their esteemed local member (not MP, hes probably got the shits with them about that too) during the protests last year, so they sent down for big Bob and they didn't listen to him either!
    MichaelH, first time I've ever seen donkeys riding camels, so they're leading the way alright

  11. Marty
    funny how every time someone gets the hump enought to abandon Shame Fein they site dictatorship of the leadership.
    Dan Breen died in 1969, so gracefully he was spared the antics of Adams and Co. Marty mi6 wouldn't have wheeled him out like oul Joe Cahill I rekon.
    If the SF seats dwindle maybe we'll see a bitching session over nominations. That's there fight these days, the nomination catfight.

  12. Larry psf like most political parties is dogged with internal bitching,however in psf the personality clashes are encouraged by the bearded one ,and like Hitler who also enjoyed the infighting in the nazi party,this keeps the members from looking closely at the activities of" the leader" ,as you say there,s a fight a day in psf, like cats over spilled milk,Martydownunder please tell the people in Brisbane...keep your chins up!!!!!

  13. Anthony I was thinking you might like this....Sky Sports interview with David Beckham.........."David you are planning a return to the premiership,having made your name at Man Utd and other top clubs,are you worried about the stick ?".."er no she,ll be fine she loves London"

  14. Anybody happen to read todays front
    page of to-days newsletter

    Loyalist working class to vote
    Sinn Fein this year

    From kerry to derry
    From mayo to the shankill- is there
    anyone not going to vote Sinn Fein this year.

  15. Mickeyboy I for one will not be voting for psf as a matter of fact I wont be voting for any of the usual wasters here,and why wouldnt the loyalists vote for psf after all didnt that party help copper fasten partition.

  16. Marty, wee towns on the outskirts of Brisbane have just been smashed by the floods, houses were just floating away. The crazy weather has also started to hit other parts, areas in northern Victoria have been evacuated. Alot of people have lost the lot.
    Michael i'd say that interview with Jackie McDonald has more to do with the Ulster Dealers Association trying to looking legit and win votes from their own. You actually belief people in loyalist areas vote SF???

  17. Michaelhenry,

    millions of us

  18. Loyalists to vote SF, sure SF are a unionist party. No shock there. Saw mi6 marty on telly tubreties last night. Old and worn looking and talking crap.
    Michaelhenry, southerners, the further south you, go like SF less and less. I recall 2007, you seem set for a re-run...DISAPPOINTED.
    Louth and border areas apart, i wouldn't expect too much.

  19. mcguinness said on Tubrety the no warning bombs in birmingham and guildford were wrong and shocking. He said that was his view at the time. Is it my delusion or were not the balcomb street gang recieved at the SF Ard deis as heros just before a watershed policy vote was taken? Released in the nick of time to appear by the brits. We office at Westminster priceless.
    Mcguinness and co won't fool the southern electorate so handy as they did their michaelhenry like cadre of old. FF voters who are talkin about a switch next time out are suggesting a one-off to shock FF.
    seems to me all those cute hoors in the 'RA were just numpties.

  20. Tain Bo,
    Loved the comparrison to the three blind mice.
    You could just picture them turning up at the manger and then beating their way to Baggot's residence to disclose all they found.

  21. oh Fionnuala ur so naughty. yep regardless of everything, we realise these people couln't be trusted to look after the dog when ye go on yer olliedayz.

  22. Nula

    Welcome back! Hopefully the nursery rhyme ending might be a metaphor for Gerry losing in Louth? That would be a great setback to the party of fraud.

    Mickey if Gerry wins I will back you up on the PQ just after I convert to Buddhism.

    I hear Robert will be first in line casting his vote for the Great party he has been absent as he is brushing up on his PSF lexicon.

  23. Michaelhenry,

    "Anybody happen to read todays front
    page of to-days newsletter Loyalist working class to vote
    Sinn Fein this year From kerry to derry From mayo to the shankill- is there anyone not going to vote Sinn Fein this year".

    I just got done agreeing with you for the first time on something you said on the "Hate TV" article and now you just lost me again.

  24. Tain bo-

    Buddhism can be bad for your back


    jackie's uda were nobodys who killed when the brits give the nod-
    but some living in loyalists areas
    want Sinn Fein to represent them


    You made a statement on the hate t.v article-
    " why do people blame God for what men do "

    Typical- women do nothing wrong now

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  26. Aye Michael I'd say the UDA and the other loyalist groups are feeling redundant now the Brits have nothing for them to do, threw them on the scrap heap after all the dirty work. But still those in loyalist areas voting for SF sure as hell wouldn't be broadcasting it!

  27. Michael

    “Buddhism can be bad for your back”

    I will probably regret this but I have to ask as that line had me in stitches! Why is it bad for the back?

  28. Tain bo-

    Why is Buddhism bad for your back-

    Any time i see them on t.v they are
    bent over or in a funny squat

    On a totally different topic ?

    R.t.e is reporting tonight that there is a 1997 letter containing
    proof [ does any one need more ]
    that it was accepted vatican
    procedures to cover up the crys of victims and for the church to hide the sex crimes of their evil one's

  29. Michael

    Thanks, one of these days I might get around to watching TV, do Christians suffer from bad knees well apart from the hoods that did?
    As for the evil ones they can try and cover up the victims cry’s but this will not go away anytime soon.
    Good luck mucker