Let There Be Lolly

The arrogance of some archbishops knows no bounds. Perhaps with their heads so far up one of the universe’s many black holes, they have no appreciation of the world they live in. Given the ignominy heaped upon the Roman Catholic hierarchy because of its global cover up, from the highest authority down, of clerical rape of children, in normal circumstances it would be expected that a touch of humility would be in order. Not so for the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols.

Nichols, who is leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, has been telling Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Humanist and whoever else that they should all fork up out of the public purse so that the pope can visit Britain. This flies in the face of the sentiment expressed in a survey by Theos, a religious think tank, which found that 76% of people sampled rejected the idea that the public should cough up the money for the visit on the grounds that the Pope was a religious figure.

Alan Palmer, Chair of the Central London Humanists expressed a secular perspective:

We know that many people are angry that the State Visit of Pope Benedict XVI is going to cost the UK taxpayer a lot of money. Some wonder whether in the current economic circumstances we should be spending millions of pounds to provide a state platform for a religious leader … Clearly many of our supporters are very unhappy with some of the statements made by the Pope in the name of the Catholic Church and Vatican State. This adds to the dismay many feel at our government honouring a Pope whose pronouncements fly in the face of the human rights that we support.

There is no reason that Joseph Ratzinger should not visit Britain, if he can pay his way. There is nothing in his Nazi past to suggest he was involved in war crimes, which would be prohibiting. There are some such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens who have demanded the arrest of Ratzinger on the grounds that he covered up child abuse. Dawkins levels the charge of crimes against humanity. An interesting approach but these things if not carried out with sufficient gravitas can quickly acquire the flavour of a stunt. As is the way with stunts and gimmicks, they all too easily lead those behind them into cranks’ corner from where it is well nigh impossible to make concerns heard above the din of ridiculing voices. As a result the argument can be lost by default.

At the heel of the hunt British citizens are not serfs obligated to carry and keep a clerical class. Ratzinger should fund the visit out of church coffers. No one else should be expected to do it on his behalf. Arguably the Queen who has invited Ratzinger to Britain should open the purse. But that would be forcing the public to pay by proxy. She has made a habit of fleecing the taxpayer over the years so they get you every which way.

Not content with fleecing the British tax payer, an aide to Nichols, Edmund Adamus, added insult to robbery by describing Britain as a ‘selfish, hedonistic wasteland.’ The penance for its sinfulness presumably to pony up for the visit of the man who will help put matters right. The sheer chutzpah of Adamus – not supported on this one by Nichols - is breathtaking. Perhaps the selfish, hedonistic pursuit of boys, much opposed by the British public, has escaped his attention.

An estimated £12 million is to be forked out and Vincent Nichols tells us: ‘this is the leader of probably the oldest international institution that serves humanity in a tremendous way right around the globe.’

The institution in leading by tremendous example has in the words of the body behind the Protest The Pope campaign been busy in:

• opposing the distribution of condoms and so increasing large families in poor countries and the spread of AIDS
• promoting segregated education
• denying abortion to even the most vulnerable women
• opposing equal rights for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people
• failing to address the many cases of abuse of children within its own organisation.
• rehabilitating the holocaust denier bishop Richard Williamson and the appeaser of Hitler, the war-time Pope, Pius XII.

Maybe there is something in biblical scripture that can justify these categories of behaviour but for people who develop their sense of right and wrong from sources other than the bible, the tremendous way should have a very large ‘no entry’ sign emblazoned across its main access point.


  1. As the head honcho of probably the biggest paedo ring in history,I would love to see Benny the bad confronted on every possible opportunity and made grovel to the victims,it aint gonna happen I know that much but what does confuse me, he tells the faithfull in Ireland that its their fault for not praying hard enough,but still needs megga bucks for protection, well why not just use the power of prayer if its as powerful as he claims,I wonder if Robert can get me into his lodge Id really love to kick the pope!

  2. Maybe if he "gets down on his knees" and begs, my lady Sinead O'Connor will buy him a ticket....

  3. Is the Pope's visit regarded diplomatically as a head of state? Does this place this in a different budget and protocol as to how he's received by after all the head of the State Church that founded itself on opposition to Rome? Or, is the Pope coming as a leader akin to, say, the Dalai Lama, and not as a governing entity of his little fief? I am guessing to some Whitehall bureaucrat if not the Archbishop of Westminster that this distinction's germane.

  4. Marty,

    "I wonder if Robert can get me into his lodge Id really love to kick the pope!"

    Did'nt I tell you we could work this out! If only you had conceded what fanatics like me were telling you about the 'papa' years ago there's no telling how high your ascent in the civil service might have been!

  5. RE:
    Maybe there is something in biblical scripture that can justify these categories of behaviour but for people who develop their sense of right and wrong from sources other than the bible...'
    Me fav bible scrip & my translation!
    'What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs--beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside with dead people's bones and all sorts of impurity.' (Bible Matthew 23:27)
    Translation (my own)
    Ye filthy, two faced, drunk on religiosity Vatican bastards swanning around in your religious pomp – we know what you are: False versions of the Christ and full of deceit. Only fit for the rubbish heap. A pox on humanity. The smell of feces in our nostrils day in and day out is what you are. You broke the backs of the people worldwide, razed cultures and reduced millions to grovelling, servile fools. You are genocidal in approach and care nothing for those afflicted with Hiv/AIDS. Yet you pontificate on purity, abstinence from sex - the very thing you preach you do not live out... Unrealistic crap and manmade laws and dictates that are not spiritual but evil insanity. But the time is on you now in the 21st century for your curse on humanity to end... No longer can societies ignore what you really are, have done and continue to do. You are of no relevance, import or assistance to a world drowning in sorrows and struggles.

    'These little ones believe in me. It would be best for the person who causes one of them to lose faith to be thrown into the sea with a large stone hung around his neck.' Mark 9:42
    Translation: You destroyed countless childhoods and continue to. You are vile beyond comprehension and will pay in the next life for what you perpetrate. Perhaps it be best some of you top yourselves and rid the world of your vileness is suggested in this scripture imo.

    you do realise of course there are many who will donate money twds the Pope coming over... Reminds me of my Mum carefully saving money to give to the church in a wee purse... whilst both my Mum and Dad worked their guts out in shitful jobs... See what indoctrination gone does to the Irish working class. The Pope is not God He is a travesty. Free the people but the people gotta be willing to be freed. (And same applies to Prodsville - their own brand of religious pomp has the same smell of feces too...often)

  6. G,day G,day Mary,dont hold back hon let it rip,wouldnt it be a laugh if the ex nazi tripped and broke his neck,how would that impact on the faithful,gods will, he did,nt pray hard enough!especialy after the amount of money spent making sure that those he should apoligise to dont get anywhere near,one can only wish,Robert a cara while I,d gladly join any lodge if it meant I,d get a chance to put the boot into Benny when finished I.d want to have a go at every other religious head waster,so that would,nt go down to well methinks,my new call for the lodge would be just dont kick the pope kick the whole lot.and lol will now stand for Laugh Out Loud.

  7. Marty, what about the big Reverend Ian, would you kick him to?
    All the bile that that vile creature has spewed over the years.
    This is like a, lets get into the Catholics day out!
    All that our people suffered here, it's starting to sound as if we did it to ourselves or at the very least deserved it.

  8. Nuala you called him rev not me ,Paisley was one of if not the main instigators of what passed here as the troubles, the man should be inside a prison or a mental institute, the graveyards are filled with the results of the bile he spewed,cute enough to let others do the dirty work and accumilate a tidy pile on the way,and in the end like the rat he is sold out his principals and people for a seat in the lords, Adams and co wont be long following him into Westminister,I am no bigot hon I hate all religions.

  9. the queen is a religious leader,
    not much talk in the media about the cost of that blade and her familys travels,

    the vatican is the richest country
    in the world with many priceless
    arts, the price of the pious
    time for those who knew the dark secrets about child abuse to search there own pockets-there is a
    fortune to be had,
    when familys feel the pinch-not from the holy sanctimonious but from poverty they have to sell a
    heirloom or two, time for the vatican to sort themselves out, the peoples money is for there familys,
    will i contribute to the pope's
    english visit, my sainted arse.

  10. Mickeyboy the mushrooms are doing you a power of good ,theres hope for you yet man.

  11. Is it standard practice for countries receiving a foreigh head of state to foot the entire bill for the visit? If it is, then we can't complain too much, for, as much as I dislike Ratzinger, he is still a head of state... Or is he? Does the Vatican count as a state? I'm confused - maybe I should ask for some of Michael Henry's mushrooms.

  12. Alfie

    The Pope falls under the title as a head of a state I could hear Marty thinking “the pope falls under a bus” sorry Marty no punch line. Though my brother would gladly push the pope under the bus and Robert would testify in court that he fell.
    Unfortunately the tax payers always pay the bill for dignitaries and their entourage. The rare visits should be welcomed as without the highest echelons of proper society gracing us with an appearance we would have no reason to live.
    A visit from the pope does not make one more devout much the same a visit from the queen does not make one more British.
    There is an upside to the visits as clever vendors shall make a profit flogging trinkets and memorabilia fair play to them exploiting the exploiters.

    Robert I think the posse lost your trail and have decided to unceremoniously verbally lynch the evil one.

  13. an american evangelical christian
    church minister was to burn copies of the koran on the ninth anniversary of 9-11, does he not care about the american muslims who
    were killed that day, those people
    burnt, it's likely that they had a koran on them or with them in the
    where was the ministers love for
    those americans,
    he is yet another church preacher
    who went against gods will.

  14. what exactly has Ireland gotten back from all those years of pious devotion to the Roman Catholic Church? I'll tell you what it has seen its young sons and daughters molested in the most vile manner by repugnant priests, its seen its Free state gov't ruled by censoring right wing nutjobs and its seen despicable attacks on republicanism from the pulpit every Sunday. For Ireland to be free and united it has to break the link with Rome as well as London. There simply has never been a single benefit to either. I actually think we are getting there ever so gradually but it absolutely has to get rid of mandatory Catholic education and move to the American model of send your kids to Catholic school if you want to, or a secular public school if you want to. The fact that Irish people have to send their kids to the same Irish Catholic Church run institutions of learning that have committed so many heinous crimes is revolting to me.

  15. As Alfie also asks, I'm still waiting despite the usual papist invective to find an answer to our question: if the Pope's a bonafide head of state as any other despot or dictator, does he then get an all expenses-paid trip to host nation?

  16. The Vatican City State is internationally recognised as a state. It is not a member f the UN but has observer status.

    What claim that gives the Pope in terms of having his visit funded I am not sure. In my view it should be funded by the Vatican and anyone else who wants to freely donate. The public should not be compelled. I would feel the same way about Ayatollohs and the like.

    It strikes me that religion alone is the only reason the Vatican is recognised as a state.

  17. Totally agree with Ryan, we and I mean all of us ,need to break the connection with not only England but Rome and the pervs who work for it,both of them have been a millstone around the neck of the Irish.as far as the Vatican being a state yeah well it sure is a haven for paedo,s in frocks ,

  18. Ryan,

    there should be no faith schools where religious myth is taught as truth or where the Bible is taught in the science classroom. I find the whole system of Catholic Maintained Schools wrong

  19. Saint?MaryHedgehog

    a passionate and heartfelt critique.

  20. Anthony, I have just recently discovered your blog after having been a reader of the blanket. After reading this post I can safely say that the only expertise you have is Irish Republicanism. You do yourself a huge disservice when you try writing about religion or philosophy. 'Try' being the operative word. This article is just a diatribe.

  21. Believers shall disbelieve, and, disbelievers shall believe?.

    Suffer onto me Little children?

    The meak shall inherite they earth?

    do these people know what century this is, they are on a winner all the time, Pope begets cardinal, bcardinal begets bishop, bishop begets priest, priest begets any child he can get his filthy vile hands on.
    Theire spaceship is on its way, to take them back to heaven. my moto is, "If god created the universe and jesus created all those miracles, then they are not of this universe, ach, who gives a shit, the world is ending this december, think iL go and rob the ulster bank, because the managers are robbing it themselves, Though there is something devilish about this pope, now isnt that something, comming from someone who attended Holy Cross Boys in Butler St Ardoyne, and, Then St Gabriels Secondry Inter Ejits.
    to hell with the parisites.