Lynx By Ten To The Power Of Three Hundred And Sixty Eight

Ten links to a diverse range of opinion that might be of interest to TPQ readers. They are selected not to invite agreement but curiosity. Readers can submit links to pieces they find thought provoking.

Before We Conform, Or Condemn, Let Us At Least Be Curious

Carragher calls Klopp combination into question after overarching Liverpool error stemming from double transfer failure

Jürgen Klopp is about to get first-hand view of £25m starlet who dreams of Liverpool transfer

Liverpool can repeat brutal Jürgen Klopp trick on 'angry' Jesse Marsch as turning point sought

Old Liverpool transfer 'target' has gone up a level as Jürgen Klopp should now seek £32m move

FSG have used Boston Red Sox transfer trick at Liverpool and Chelsea have paid it top compliment

One recognizes one's course by discovering the paths that stray from it - Albert Camus♞ 


  1. Maguire in place of Tomori and Abraham snubbed entirely? I CANNOT wait for the WC! They're going home, they're going home, Engerlunds going home...

  2. I am cheering for Wales plus any teams with LUFC players in them.