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  1. Quillers,

    Why did someone in the media decide to rename the capital of Ukraine? Lets face it, up until a few weeks ago everyone on the island called it Kiev today it's Kyiv...Anybody think the media will stop calling Belfast..'Belfast' and give the city back it's Irish spelling Beal Feirste?

    Now down to the nitty gritty Quillers. Last week in Peter Andersons excellent piece Sport & Politics --The Fault Lines, my comment read....

    "Saudi wont be banned, they have too much money and oil. You could throw into the mix why isn't Israel banned from world sports because of how Palestine is treated...I hope it's nothing to do with skin colour."

    The following day in the EU parliament Clare Daly said the same thing in relation to the mess the West left Afghan in.... open the link and listen it's not even two minutes of 'your' life....Why doesn't the West have an open door policy to Palestinian, Yemenis, Syrian...Somalian refugee's? Is it because they aren't white Christian? That is how it looks to me.

    This is from antiwar.com. The Yemen Data Project released its monthly summary of the Saudi-led coalition’s air war in Yemen and found the last four months have been the most sustained period of heavy bombing in the war since 2018. For the month of February, the Saudi-led coalition carried out at least 200 air raids and up to 716 individual airstrikes in Yemen. Since October 2021, the coalition has launched at least 200 air raids each month.....(worth a read)....

    From The Guardian Nothing makes liberals abandon their values, or their courage, like mentioning PalestineProgressive, except for Palestine
    What starts with “P” ends with “E” and is too terrifying a word for many people to so much as mention? “Palestine”, of course! Simply uttering the P-word in a vaguely sympathetic way can be enough to elicit bad faith accusations of antisemitism. The topic has become so loaded that some people seemingly prefer to pretend Palestine and Palestinians don’t exist and just ignore the issue altogether. Last Sunday Gigi, who is half Palestinian, announced that she was giving her earnings “to aid those suffering from the war in Ukraine, as well as continuing to support those experiencing the same in Palestine. Our eyes and hearts must be open to all human injustice”. Vogue initially included the reference to Palestine in the post but removed it after it was accused by a number of pro-Israel voices, in very bad faith, of furthering antisemitism. (Vogue later amended the quote to include Palestine due to a back lash).....

    1. Frankie - lot of good points there. Why does the suggestion never come up from the West to impose a No Fly zone over Gaza each time the Israelis move to bomb it? Israeli land theft continues unchecked by the West. It is infuriating that people or any society be subjected to the murderous bombardment that takes place in Ukraine, Yemen and Gaza. Yet the West endorses the states that inflict this horror on the latter two.

  2. From Al Jazeera Ukrainian fighters grease bullets against Chechens with pig fat.....He says: “Dear Muslim brothers. In our country, you will not go to heaven. You will not be allowed into heaven. Go home, please. Here, you will encounter trouble. Thank you for your attention, goodbye.”...........(A hate crime?)

    From Mondoweisse.... Congress’s ‘Israel Normalization Act’ normalizes ethnic cleansing and impunity While the Israeli regime continues to inflict massive and routine violence in order to steal Palestinian land and remove the native Palestinian people from it, the U.S. Congress is actively enabling Israel’s settler-colonialism.

    H.R. 2748 is the Israel Relations Normalization Act of 2021—or as the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights names it, the Normalizing Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Act—and just passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday evening and the Senate late on Thursday. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer shamefully sneaked it into the House omnibus government funding bill at the last second, along with a record $4.8 billion in deadly military funding that will fund horrific Israeli state violence.

    From the International Middle East Media Center Israeli Army Abducts Nine Palestinians In HebronOn Monday at dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted nine Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the Hebron governorate, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. Many army vehicles invaded Hebron city before the soldiers stormed, searched many homes, and abducted four Palestinians, Tareq Anwar D’eis, 40, Bashir Khaled Rajabi, 35, Ismael Amro, and Amer al-Qawasmi.It is worth mentioning that the soldiers also installed many roadblocks in several neighborhoods in Hebron city, the main entrances of Sa’ir and Halhoul towns, stopped and searched dozens of cars, and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards. In related news, the soldiers invaded the Saff Street in the center of Bethlehem city, in the occupied West Bank, Marah Rabah village, and Shepherd’s Field area in Beit Sahour, before searching homes and abducting three Palestinians......

    From UNCHR... UNHCR ramps up aid to thousands displaced by Somalia drought UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is scaling up assistance to thousands of people displaced by severe drought in Somalia following three consecutive failed rainy seasons that have decimated crops and livestock. People’s coping mechanisms have been eroded, forcing thousands to flee their homes in search of humanitarian assistance including food, shelter, and safe drinking water.

    From The East African Somalia faces crippling lack of funds to tackle drought crisis: UN The crisis in Somalia is predicted to worsen in the coming months as drought ravages the country and relief agencies struggle to raise funds for adequate humanitarian response. And the UN is warning that the situation in Somalia, and the Horn of Africa in general, could take a back seat as aid agencies and donors focus on other crises around the world.............................

    Again Quillers is the real reason Ukrainian's are recieving the full attention of the world media because they are the correct shade of white and pray to the same Christian God?

  3. Ukraine is receiving the attention of the world's media because for the first time in Europe since 1945 an independent democratic has been invaded by an imperialist power thereby tearing up the basis of post-1945 international law.

    That there are other conflicts in the world that rightfully demand our attention such as the ones Frankie lists does not detract from the fundamental wickedness of Putin's aggression and the economy of misinformation that surrounds it. I notice however that he fails to mention the war in Ethiopia with massacres and mass rapes; the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities in Myanmar and the mass incarceration of the Uighur people in Xinjian by the Chinese Communist regime. Could it be that they are non-white victims of non-Western regimes?

    Frankie; i cannot fail to notice your Damascene conversion to the refugee causes. Are you the same Frankie that would have cast his ballot for Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential election because she would secure French borders or was so exercised recently by Biden's supposed responsibility for the chaos on the US/Mexican border.

  4. Also Frankie; are the same Frankie that supported Brexit the campaign for which was turbocharged with fears over immigration and "swarms" of refugees. You do remember Nigel Farage's "Breaking Point" poster showing columns of Middle Eastern and other non-white refugees poised to overrun the European continent; don't you. Just hours before the murder of Jo Cox MP. But of course you have shared videos produced by Farage's erstwhile party UKIP to deliberately misrepresent the views of Jess Phillips MP on male mental health.

  5. The East Europeans who were supposedly "the correct shade of white" and who pray to the same Christian God" found that was no protection when thry were told to "go home" by Brexiteer racists in the aftermath of the UK vote to leave the EU which Frankie so welcomed.

  6. Anthony/Barry,
    It is infuriating that people or any society be subjected to the murderous bombardment that takes place in Ukraine, Yemen and Gaza. Yet the West endorses the states that inflict this horror on the latter two.

    I have no idea why there is an almost media black out when it comes to Palestine. Jonathan Cook asked a similar question in Middle East Eye....Social media giants allow hate speech against Russia but silence Israel's critics .....(Deffo worth a skim)

    "The most blatant change was a sharp about-turn by Facebook in its policy on hate speech and incitement. Leaked emails to content moderators seen last week by Reuters indicated that Meta, the rebranded company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, would allow threats of violence against Russians and death threats directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin on its platforms. If Meta’s new policy for Ukraine were to be applied impartially, would Palestinians then be allowed to promote violence against Israel and against Israeli soldiers that have been occupying and besieging them for decades?

    In a related, equally stark policy change, Meta announced it would overturn an existing ban on praise for the Azov Battalion, the most prominent of several Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary groups absorbed into the Ukrainian National Guard. "

    Other news.... Israel carries out aerial spraying of herbicides near Palestinian farmlands. Gazan farmers fear a season of ruined crops and the longterm consequences of Israel's ongoing practice............................. Israel officers torture Palestinian prisoner suffering from chronic health problems


    You can keep asking me the same questions in any way you want, make the same accusations and I'll say the same things and offer more links (that you seldom open) as to why I think like I do....I'm going to have a beer, roll a spliff and while I listen to this song ..I'll answer your points again