A Morning Thought @ 972



  1. Paddy was walking home one night very drunk and smoking when a police officer stopped him and asked..."Where are you going at 2am?"

    Paddy replied.."I'm going to a lecture about the dangers of alcohol abuse and the harmful effects smoking has on the body"

    Police office said "Who is giving that type of lecture at this time in the morning?"

    Paddy replied..."The wife......."

  2. In New Zealand, which has handled the Covid-19 pandemic really well, one thing that happened early on when the lockdowns were first announced was a huge run on toilet paper at the grocery stores. I guess this happened in Australia too. There was even blood! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/coronavirus-panic-buying-man-tasered-in-toilet-paper-fight-as-world-reacts-to-alarm-down-under/BII4FHOZLZTKP7R6T26UICLUYU/