A Morning Thought @ 962



  1. So republicans in Derry gave a former comrade a guard of honor and are getting criticism from most quarters today. I honestly don't see what they did wrong. All they done was pay their final respects to a friend.....

    I can go to Tesco now and buy a case off beer and not only be around just as many (maybe more) people that attended Eamonn McCourt funeral but I wont gimp up and no one bats as much as an eye lid..

  2. Mourners at the funeral of John Hume kept their legal social distance from each other. Precisely the opposite happened at the commemoration (or whatever it was) for Bobby Storey and I presume this was the case for Eamonn McCourt. Coronavirus spreads through droplets and aerosols from those infected, knowingly or unknowingly particularly within confined spaces. Sorry to make statements of the bleeding obvious but the law mandating social distancing is based on good science.

    Perhaps, Frankie, the reason why no one so much as an eye lid when you don't gimp up in Tesco is that staff fear abusive, antisocial responses if they remind shoppers to mask up. This has been the case in one Co-op store in Colchester; they offer masks instead.

    Then we wonder about increased Covid infection rates.

  3. Relax Barry the WHO has reset the test cycle recommendations after Biden election. We will see a dramatic decline in fatalities..sorry my mistake...in positive tests very soon and you'll be able to come out...from under the bed..that is.