The Pillar Man

Conor Lynam with a poem about the life of a republican activist.

Like a magician you made the improbable possible.
You made that monstrosity disappear from our capital street.
You did what countless free state governments failed to do.
No magic wand in hand, maybe an assistant, explosives and a determined heart.
Sometimes that's all you need.
To rid the statues of our very own colonial conquering conquistadors.
The symbols of imperialism and subservience to the crown.
But you showed us, them, and the world that some Irish will never bend the knee.
An explosive representation of resistance that reverberated throughout our land.
The first day I made your acquaintance you struggled up Derry's steep slopes to commemorate your comrades.
Time might have taken the breath from your lungs but it couldn't steal your determination.
I thought of all those that fought, died and were gaoled.
You, unlike others, had never forgotten the everything they gave.
You see, that's a soldier, and that you were.
Not like the ones that dress up, murder the indigenous and get paid by bloody paws.
You are the indigenous, you made your mark and inspired the bold.
What a beautiful thing that truly is.
There is Unfinished business, there is an Unfinished revolution.
Though you are gone, every time I walk down our capital street I will forever think of you.
We gather here to pay our respects to the unrepentant.
Unlike the Pillar you were never broken, because instead of stone you were made of Irish steel.
A patriot, a rebel and a soldier, we will not forget you. 

⏩ Conor Lynam is a campaigner with the IRPWA

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  1. Some Irish won’t bend the knee, but they will eventually have a leadership that advocates Tactical Use of Bended Knee’s.