Lucía, 11, Was Raped. Then Argentina’s Church Conspired To Deny Her An Abortion

Claudia Piñeiro with a Guardian piece on religious assault on the rights of a young girl in Argentina.
In my country, even rights enshrined in the constitution are being crushed in the name of God.

Lucía is not called Lucía. Her name is the only fiction in this spine-chilling true story. But we must call her Lucía to protect her identity.

Lucía is 11 years old. Four years ago, a court in Argentina placed Lucía in her grandmother’s care after her mother’s boyfriend reportedly abused her two older sisters. However, Lucía was not safe at her grandmother’s home either: she was raped by her grandmother’s boyfriend and became pregnant.

“I want you to remove what the old man put inside me,” said the girl, who does not fully comprehend what happened to her. While the government of Tucumán province, where Lucía lives, deliberately delayed the abortion to which she was entitled by law, Lucía embraced her mother and her dolls.

Why did the government delay the abortion? Because in Argentina there are those who believe they can impose their religious ideas on the rest of the population. And if to impose them they must break the law, they will do so. And if they have to torture a girl as well, they will also do that.

For them, the law of their God is above the country’s highest law. Argentina’s constitution says that our state is secular. However, day after day, we see how our rights are curtailed and even annulled by religious ideas imposed on the entire population by an authoritarian and dogmatic group that believes itself to be the owner of the truth. That’s how dangerous things have become in Argentina.

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