The Betrayal Of Charlie Hebdo

Written on the fourth anniversary of the theocratic massacre of Parisian journalists Elan Journo 
bemoans that the threat to  freedom of speech and opinion is growing. 

Four years after the massacre, the West continues to lose faith in freedom.

Four years ago today, self-styled jihadists burst into the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo and shot to death 10 members of the magazine’s staff and also a police officer and security guard.

Immediately after the massacre, countless people took to the streets to remember the fallen journalists. Globally, on social media, many echoed the slogan ‘Je Suis Charlie’ in solidarity.
But when the moment faded, it became clear that the threat to freedom of speech emanates not only, or even primarily, from the ‘jihadists’ veto’. The deeper problem is us. There’s pervasive antipathy to the principle of freedom of speech. Unless we understand and value it, we will lose this crucial right.

Ever since the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, it has become clear that free speech is under threat from the mainstream intelligentsia as well as violent Islamists.

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