Fuck You John Podesta

Frankie McKillen profiles John Podesta of the US Democratic Party.

Those words were spoken by Andrew Breitbart. Most people wrongly associate those words with the Pizzagate story that MSN either ignores or puts out fake news stories how John Welch conveniently shot point blank through walls of a fast food pizza joint owned by James Alifantis and managed to destroy a computer hard drive. What Breitbart was investigating when he made those remarks was a leftist think tank, driving a liberal agenda called Center for American Progress and John Podesta's links to the ACORN scandal after a series of videos began to appear online:

of a couple who said they were operating a prostitution ring that involved underage girls from El Salvador. The couple went to ACORN offices in New York, Washington, California, and Maryland with essentially the same story, seeking help hiding their illicit income from federal tax authorities. In all the videos, ACORN employees offered their help, knowing full well what the couple's intentions were..

In a Washington Times piece Andrew Breitbart had this to say about the ACORN scandal....

The next day, Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, the Democratic Party’s top fix-it guy with control over much of the left’s well-funded vast attack machinery (think George Soros, the Tides Foundation, et al.), was among a small advisory group placed in charge of investigating the matter. With the mainstream media continuing to ignore the evidence on the tapes, Mr. Podesta is now clearly in charge of feeding them information about his well-structured investigation into the investigators. The ACORN internal probe is a “war room” aimed at destroying the messengers and is not meant to clean up major corruption. Since Mr. Podesta was appointed to investigate ACORN, the only thing investigated has been the investigators, Mr. O’Keefe, Ms. Giles,"

John Podesta and modern day Kissinger, George Soros's finger print's have been found all over Washington for at least two decades. While Soros needs no introduction, John Podesta's C.V. is impressive from being Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff, Consellor to Barrack Obama and as Chairman for the failed HiIlary Clinton presidential race. Podesta would have stayed under most people's radar only a bomb in the form of a USB was passed to Julian Assange (some say by Seth Rich) and Assange published the contents on Wikileaks for everyone to see. Some of those leaked emails took on a life of their own and today they are called the Pizzagate emails.

We all know about child abuse with in the Catholic Church, UN and Oxfam child sex trafficking, how Jimmy Savile was allowed to take his vile crimes to the grave. How the BBC, MI5/6, parts of the British media helped pervert justice. Is it too much of a stretch to think John Podesta, Washingtons very own Mr Fix it, hasn't covered up for scandals involving little boys like Tim Fortescue did while a Tory Whip? This is what MSM and Mueller are not talking about.

MSM has largely ignored Pizzagate or prints half truths. Although former CBS reporter Ben Swan did an excellent piece on the questions rasied by Pizzagate ( shortly after his segment was aired Swan was dropped by CBS/MSN).

Hillary Clinton had her own Ms Fix it: Huma Abedin who was directly involved with the cover up concerning the "Uranium One scandal" lied about Bengazi, served as vice chair for Hillary's failed presidential race, and still has not divorced her husband Anthony Weiner, even though he was caught sexting underage girls for the third time. Twice while a congressman for the Democratic party and once while running for mayor of New York as a Democrate. Here is Bill Maher and Jane Lynch reading verbatim some of the lewd messagess Weiner was sending. And John Podesta, Washington's Mr Fix it, knew along what Anthony was doing with his Weiner.

Now a few years before Weiner or Podesta came on to most people's radar, a photofit closely resembling Anthony Weiner had been released by the police in connection with Maddie Mc Cann's disapperance. Along with an E fit of someone/person resembling both John Podesta and his brother Tony and their connection to Portugal and Clemment Freud Jnr, today accepted as a paedophile.

Tony Podesta like his brother is a political heavy weight in DC and came under the microscope when Mueller starting asking questions about what he knew about the Russia Scandal. What Mueller did not ask was an explanation about an exchange of emails mentioning both himself and his brother and what entertainment did the children provide.

"And I thought I’d share a couple more notes. We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure

Tony Podesta also has a creepy tase in art.

James Alifantis, who owned the Pizza joint that John Welch fired at apart from having a very strange taste in art, was once voted as one of most the top 50 influential people of Washington, is the owner of a Pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong. During Hilary's failed presidential campagin James Alifantis held a fund raiser at Comet Ping Pong, hosted by John Podesta and his brother Tony. Hilary was that impressed she sent a personal letter thanking him. What was the entertainment that night? Was it Majestic Ape and is the voice of John Podesta screaming at a child in Comet Ping Pong?

Another of the emails that dropped onto Julian Assange's lap was an email between Hilary's campaign chairman, John Podesta, and his brother Tony Podesta, an invitation from Marina Abramović read's..

“I am so looking forward to the spirit cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?

Marina Abramovic, like Alifantis and the Podesta brothers also has a bizzare taste in art.

Today John Podesta is still controling the Washington narrative with his colums in the Washington Post. I will leave the final words to Andrew Breitbart and a tweet he made a few months before he died...

"How prog-guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me." 1:21 pm - 4 Feb 2011

Frankie McKillen is a North Belfast Rockabilly and free spirit who for many years lived in Paris.


  1. Thank you for braving the inevitable and automatic ridicule for writing this Frankie. I think the elite peado rings is the scandal of our age. Sure a Clinton aid was caught trying to smuggle in a bunch of kids from Haiti but it was for humanitarian reasons she avoided the normal channels, any other suggestion feeds the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ right? Monica Peterson’s death was unrelated to this too ok?

    After the Jimmy Saville abuse revelations, where those who said he was a necrophiliac who abused vulnerable mental patients were dismissed or smeared, until decades after being proven as telling the truth, we should never automatically dismiss things however far fetched they first appear. The last accusation against Saville was that he was a procurer of kids for elite persons, unlike him still alive today. The lack of action on this is telling. Abusive elites is an age old trope, it doesn’t negate that one time it may just be true, we won’t know until they are subjected to the same scrutiny even a license fee dodger can expect.

  2. Small typo : her name was Monica Petersen, not Peterson as I wrote.

  3. Frankie

    Part of me thinks that this Goebbels type screed is not worth the effort of rising up to but the part of me that values liberal democracy and feels a moral obligation to defend it against the tide of Alt-Right (and occasionally Alt-Left) hostility to it.

    For as we have seen with Trump, Brexiteers, Orban and all the other like minded characters to have emerged from the sewers in the last two years, their MO is flagrant lying.

    There was no paedophile ring centred around that pizza restaurant; the allegation that there were almost had fatal consequences for staff and customers of that establishment.

    Your article is replete with the usual Wicked Witch Hilary Clinton misogyny and anti-Jewish vice signalling around the persona and spectre of George Soros.

    You say that Brexit and Trump was not meant to happen. Oh yes it was. The National Crime Agency investigation into the source of Arron Bank's dirty money for Leave.EU, the cheating by Vote Leave and the Mueller investigation will, I confidently predict, uncover the evidence of networks of secretive lobby groups and filthy rich individuals with a conduit to Putin via Trump, Farage and Banks with an agenda of turning the UK into an off-shore Singapore replete with a nightwatchman state sans workers and environmental rights and rounded off by good ole chlorinated chicken.

    I commend this piece of top MSM journalese


    As well as Carole Cadwallader's brilliant unearthing of the Cambridge Analytica dats mining scandal.

    Frankie, feel free to regurgitate Breitbart fake news and lies; feel free to dismiss my reactions as those of an uber-sensitive lefty liberal. But there may come a time when you may have to take responsibility for what you write.

  4. Fair play Frankie. I challenge any normal person to defend the 'artwork' that Clintons friends hold dear. If you find nowt wrong with their 'art' then someone should keep an eye on ye!

  5. Barry,


  6. Barry - Goebbels type screed would hardly describe the thinking of a guy who has a Jewish daughter and was in a relationship with a Jewish woman. TPQ featured a memorable interview between him and his daughter in the wake of the Paris attacks. He lived in the city at the time.

    I think we need to stop labelling everything that challenges our perspective as fake news. You appreciate yourself that the PC mob have prevented open discussion of the composition of the rape gangs in England.

    As for Hilary - why are the Democrats driving people into the Trump camp by allowing for the possibility that she might be a presidential candidate? I despair every time she appears. If she did not exist Trump and/or Breitbart News would have to invent her.

    I don't see Frankie as an anti-Semite although I don't share his views on many matters because I think the free spirit approach he practices makes it too easy for conspiracy theories to gain traction.

    Another poster commented on the matter of Jewish power and asked the question is any discussion of Jewish power, as they term it, to be labelled anti-Semitic?

    This resonates of the wet towel being thrown over any issues being raised about Traveller culture.

    A culture has to be identifiable to some extent by shared traits. If people are to be dissuaded from discussing the traits they think they see, we can never hope to understand the culture.

    You make some brilliant observations but the tendency to lapse into PC detracts from the quality of your argument.

  7. AM

    From Misspikemkilligan on another thread 8.45am 5 November 2018

    "The family of Seth Rich have asked people like you (Frankie) to desist from spreading fake stories about their son. They successfully got a retraction from the Rupert Murdoch funded Fox News. They have actually labelled those who spread such stories as 'dangerous sociopaths'.

    I rest my case.

    Btw Podesta's tastes in art are gross imo but what does this prove?

    I do not object to discussion and analysis of Jewish power and how notion developed due maybe to the over-representation of Jews in Hollywood, in banking and amongst the leadership of the Bolsheviks. For there are sound sociological explanations of these phenomena relating to the exclusion of Jews from certain professions and trades. The trick is how to identify the crossover point between academic theorising on Jewish traits and the racist deployment of them.

    The same applies to the discussion of South Asian grooming gangs; over-representation of Asian males in the night-time economy of English cities as well as the uber-patriarchal village cultures that they hail from. it is not racist or un-PC to discuss these factors.

    Both Brexit and Trump represent a cross Atlantic right-wing nationalist coup d'etat against the democratic institutions and processes of both the UK and US. Hilary Clinton's flaws do not negate the fact the Kremlin hacked into servers of the Democratic National Committee (aided and abetted by Julian Asshole; he of dubious person hygiene) with the probable knowledge of the Trump camp a theory that gains further traction with Donald Junior's admission that he was in contact with a Kremlin adviser with "dirt" on Hilary and that he was happy with that Donald senior's sacking of FBI Director James Comey. That the Remain campaign was poor does not negate the evidence of a similar criminal nexus at the heart of the Brexit project. Breitbart was a central part of both conspiracies.

    I do try and avoid facile PC reductions and try to use evidence based arguments. Honestly!

  8. Barry - resting your case does nothing to arrest the case that Frankie is trying to make.

    As I said earlier there is a tendency with the type of approach he takes to wander off into conspiracy theory. My main contention is that because he makes arguments that you do not like, or are even wrong, it does not make him an anti-Semite.

    I know nothing about Podesta's tastes in art but if you think they are gross then it proves that he has preferences for the gross, maybe even the perverse.

    A good point about "sound sociological explanations of these phenomena relating to the exclusion of Jews from certain professions and trades". But that needs extended further to the point of trying to understand what leads to such exclusion, what is it that drives it, what are the sociological reasons behind the prejudice against Jews The ahistoric trope that all these concerns are rooted in bigotry and racism needs to be shown the red card.

    It also needs to give consideration to how prejudices are formed and fuelled by the Jewish state for a Jewish people behaving cruelly and brutally towards an oppressed people, either forgetting its own experience or learning from it in the most egregious manner. And it needs to avoid the ahistoric trope of all these concerns being anti-Semitic.

    Kevin Myers for all his faults tried to praise Jews and was labelled the worst anti-Semite in the Irish media for it. The last thing Myers was is a Jew hater. Yet you would never get that from the PC discourse.

    There is always an anti-democratic coup in waiting, not just with Trump or Brexit. Poulantzas was great on identifying it. As some sage put it, corporate power exists to protect wealth, power and privilege from democracy. If Hilary's relationship to corporate power was the essence of democracy, I think my view and yours on democracy are separated by a wide chasm. There is something of "the people have voted, the bastards" in the response to Trump/Brexit. The Democrats made a rod for their own back and Trump is determined to lash them with it.

    I found it hard to take how so many republicans rushed to embrace and endorse Brexit as if it was some sort of great liberatory moment against Europe. I noticed earlier Eoin O Murchu having a go at David Cullinane because the latter found Brexit more vile than the EU. Faced with a case of having to choose the least worst option, then the least worst option should be picked.

    There are times when I want to turn my back on political discourse altogether and read novels. Although fictional, they are less dishonest.

  9. Is this blog leaning towards conspiracy theory? I find the connection to Madeleine Mccann quite disturbing...surely the McCann's would have sought this further?

  10. The blog is not leaning towards conspiracy theory even if some of the contributors tend to

  11. AM & Barry

    "As for Hilary - why are the Democrats driving people into the Trump camp by allowing for the possibility that she might be a presidential candidate? I despair every time she appears. If she did not exist Trump and/or Breitbart News would have to invent her."

    Mackers, many of us blue voters in the middle of the country feel the same way. Even before Trump was elected two years ago, a virulent feminist blasted me for suggesting that Hillary was a poor candidate. She didn't like my assertion that Hillary is similar to Lady Macbeth and a puss for not throwing Bubba out on the curb. Every other Democrat in Lake Louisville laughed at me and defended Hillary's mercenary career choices. Well, look what happened. I also thought Bernie Sanders, as a Jewish intellectual with a manner straight from the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, had an ice cube's chance in gumbo of winning any southern state. Hillary really does need to retire to a quiet place where she can't be reached. Obama, on the other hand, still brings game as a coach and cheerleader. Who knows who we'll get for the next presidential run. It just better not be Oprah! I'd almost join the other side in that eventuality. Not really. They wouldn't let me in: vocabulary too large, no guns in the house, and I got kids named Lorenzo Miguel and Mónica Graciela . . Mahoney.

    "A culture has to be identifiable to some extent by shared traits. If people are to be dissuaded from discussing the traits they think they see, we can never hope to understand the culture."

    I think stereotypes and generalizations are lazy and easy, but we do have to talk about traits and trends to take that wobbly path to truth. It's fair to say in the United States we are dissuaded from talking about a raft of topics, including Jewish exploitation of blacks in the music industry, absentee black fathers, suburban drug abuse, "Irish American" alcoholism, cock blocking feminism, dodgy Asian driving, and the selfish single issue obsessions of gays and lesbians. Yes, PC has made the latter next to impossible to discuss in this land of milk and honey and watch your step. On the other hand, belligerent trolling to my mind is just weak. I don't want to see speech limited to a shrunken field, but it really would be cool if people took credit for their own ideas, announced their real names, and considered whether they would make the same comments in person face to face with the opposition.

  12. Michael in terms of pen names, the political climate is such that some ideas , even if not illegal, cannot be advanced without causing severe detriment to the holder. Internet searches are standard for recruiters these days. I think TPQ get the balance right, pen names are challenged if they use the privilege to attack.
    Up until yesterday the only time I asked Anthony to remove a post was when it rendered me highly visible to those who can’t switch between Anglicised to Irish versions of a name.

  13. Michael - stereotypes and generalizations can be lazy but a common people/group/collective/community is a general entity and therefore generalisations have to be employed at some level otherwise we are back to the idea of there being no society just individuals. We should avoid generalising from the particular in a bid to suggest it is representative.

    People should take credit for their ideas and an idea carries more weight when a person stands over it. Most of those who use pseudonyms here are known to us. We are fine with it so long as people do not use anonymity as s shield from behind which they hurl abuse at those willing to stand over their ideas. We would view that as an attempt to censor and we curb it when we think it is necessary. If people want to talk shite no better place to talk it than over with the shite talkers on Bates & Wilkes. Anybody who goes to the Nazis stays there - In The Sewer with Der Sturmer.

    A rule of thumb here is invisible people have invisible rights.

  14. DaithiD & AM

    Thank you gentlemen, that all sounds reasonable to me. Diathi, I sometimes do worry about seeking new employment and then discovering that my cyber trail has rendered me toxic. As a song from 1982 goes, "You have the right to free speech. As long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it." The polls in Kentucky close in four or five hours (central time) - many of us will be glued to the TV tonight 'til our eyeballs fall out. All the best.

  15. Niall,
    If I had simply penned a piece about the Belguim State cover up of the Dutroux Scandal or sex abuse cover up within the Vatican, very few if anyone would have lifted an eye lid.

    It is about John Podesta and seperating fact from fiction. When I came across Brietbarts comments a few years ago the first person who sprang to mind was Tim Fortescue. I had no idea who either Podesta or Brietbart were, I had never heard of them. I was watching a few random vidoes on youtube one day and seen one called "Fuck you John Podesta" and went from there. I simply done my own research and found out very quickly Brietbart was investigating Podesta covering up of a sex trafficking ring known as The Acorn Scandal. Unlike certain heads have said, I don't particularly care what Brietbart News says anymore than any other media outlet (MSN and Alt News).

    From what I have read and understood from Wikileaks, which neither Hillary Clinton or John Podesta have denied the contents, questions have to be asked.

    I think this is an important piece that escaped everyone. Between 1970-1973 Tim Fortescue was a Tory Whip, who is on public record saying he covered up scandals involving little boys for "who ever" for brownie points. Which by extenstion means MI5/6 and British media outlets also helped. At the same time Ted Heath who was sending Para's into the Shankill, Ballymurphy and Derry to murder innocent people, was also raping and murdering young vunerable children with Jimmy Saville. We also know at that time children were being taken from Kincora to Dolphin Sq in London to be raped. Did Fortescue cover up for Heath and Kincora while covering up other scandals involving little boys?

  16. Naill (cont)
    I find the connection to Madeleine Mccann quite disturbing...surely the McCann's would have sought this further?

    What is known is shortly after Madeleine McCann disappeared, her parents accepted an invite from Sir Clement Freud and the police did nothing.

    "Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann were alerted two years ago to paedophile Sir Clement Freud's connection to the case, but did nothing, one of his victims has revealed. Vicky Hayes, who was groomed by Freud for years before he raped her as a teenager, was left with an "uneasy" feeling about Freud's motives after reading that he had befriended the McCann family and cooked for them at his holiday home in Praia da Luz, Portugal."

    The fact some of the photo fits released by the police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann look like both the Podesta brothers and Anthony Weiner, could very well be nothing other than a coincidence. But what can't be refuted is links to Freud jr and the Podesta's.

    Knowing what is in the public about Kincora and what Fortescue said, what has beeni revealed within the leaked Podesta/Clinton emails has to be investigated properly.

  17. Michael Mahoney, I personally know an individual who has to provide all their internet data in order to get a visa to visit the US for a holiday. Now which of us on here would be quickly granted a visa and which of us would be required to jump through hoops? My guess is the nodding dogs who don't challenge the authorities propaganda will have no problems. Just saying.

  18. Michael -the job market is not receptive to people it labels disruptive. Try getting a job here.

  19. Wolfe Tone & AM

    With a rush of blood to the head, I took a risk and forwarded my most recent Quill piece to my boss. She takes pride in our school's liberal values (sometimes) and its motto "The School of Thought". It was a dare, no question. She decided to circulate the piece to the whole faculty. Small victory for me and the Quill. The Catholic schools in Louisville (huge RC population) would probably not be so receptive. As for the visa problems of Irish who were caught up in the dirty war, things need to change. I don't know where the US stands at this moment post-9/11, but an old Belfast friend, my brother really, had one hell of a time getting a visitor visa to the states. He spent some time in Maghaberry like his notorious joyriding older brother. Their father Billy grew up in the Lower Falls. No more need be said. The shudder on the past just won't come down, will it? Only the nodding dogs getting the pass. The term "terrorist" maleable to those with the power to give the pass.

  20. wolfe tone/Daithi,
    I knew before I sent it that some people would ridicule the article, dismiss it or other. It cut no ice with me when putting it together and even less now it is online. I could have went into the rituals, live art transportation, Epstienes flight logs....

    Michae/wolfe tone,
    If either of you are pissed off like most people with always having to hand over your digital foot print, invasion from big brother and Google, best advice I can give both of you (or anyone who wants to protect themselves online and reduce your digital foot print ) is to simply download and install Tails. If it was good enough to help Snowden get one over the Spooks....Should work for you too.

    I don't see Frankie as an anti-Semite although I don't share his views on many matters because I think the free spirit approach he practices makes it too easy for conspiracy theories to gain traction. .

    Couldn't agree more with that comment if I tried. Even a few heads who watch from the side lines I know agree with you.

    Part of me thinks that this Goebbels type screed is not worth the effort of rising up to but the part of me that values liberal democracy and feels a moral obligation to defend it against the tide of Alt-Right (and occasionally Alt-Left) hostility to it.

    Like I said to Niall, if I had wrote about Vatican sex abuse cover up, Dutroux or Westminster sex abuse crimes...You would have quietly nodded your head and frowned about those in power abusing their power for their own nefarious ends. I am toying with the idea to put a post or two on Bates & Wilkes that will read like a bad acid trip to explain what actually they, the elite peadophile are doing and how they are getting away with it and basically laughing in peoples faces by showing thier vile crimes on Netflix for example and passing it of as entertainment.

  21. Michael - the position in getting into the US is broadly that anybody with convictions for political violence does not get in. If they are to get in they have to meet two criteria: they are an elected rep; they support the peace process. So, it is restricted to SF. I think Jim Gibney was denied a visa because while a supporter of the peace process he was not an elected rep.

  22. AM

    Who determines whether an offense is political or not, the American government, the British government, or the American government upon the counsel of the British government (maybe the Irish too)? Seems to me that if the American government is banning those convicted for political crimes, it's acknowledging that you and others were not ODCs but bona fide political prisoners. Retrospective Political Status conferred in spirit by your sometime republican fellow travelers? Don't imagine that gives you much comfort. Certainly doesn't help you make a trip to the US. It's a sad and beautiful world, and wired to the moon. Thanks for the info on my country's entry policies. It all gets really muddled.

  23. AM, have you tried to visit the States lately? I know of an individual who has no convictions and no politics but their parent/s have and thus must meet US officials to obtain a visa. After the meeting it was deemed more information was needed I.e all internet accounts must be disclosed and before a decision was is made. Now do tell me, do you think a person who views the US as a terror supporting State, it's politicians lying evil people etc etc would get much leeway with US officials? I don't think so. The people who lap their lies and propaganda will waltz in to the US no doubt.

  24. Frankie, it's ironic that the term 'conspiracy theorist' was coined by the CIA in order to discredit folk who were asking and digging into the activities of various US State depts. More ironic is some of these folk do believe in the theory that Vlad Putin is so powerful and cunning that he basically can handpick US presidents and fix elections inbetween running a huge country, fighting ISIS in Syria and rigging the World Cup and Olympics!
    Btw, the allegations of collusion closer to home were at one time dismissed as 'conspiracy theories' as indeed were allegations that the Brit army deliberately murdered civilians. Lest we forget.

  25. Thanks Frankie,it might be worth considering which battles you fight, I imagine child abuse concerns you more than say, the prospect of the earth being flat? Some ideas you explore might frame others in a detrimental way, and thus you risk being reflexively dismissed.

    Although I could just be a spherical earth shill trying to nullify you?!??

  26. Frankie,
    I take what you say and I wasn't trying to undermine your article but it is disturbing to think that where that wee girl was concerned it was all covered up and no investigative journalist tried to follow it up....perhaps people's careers are more important than the truth...based on what is implied in your article it is still quite shocking and if it was my daughter it would be a matter of taking it in to your own hands to get to the truth...the Podestas wouldn't have forgotten my discussion with them!
    Although I do recall that an expert detective in child abduction was brought in from Lisbon at the very start and made a comment very early into the investigation along the lines that in his experience and from what his initial investigation has revealed they needn't look no further than the parents...he was quickly dropped from the investigation after that comment.

  27. Wolfe Tone - I have not tried to visit the States in quite a while. I am officially barred despite my wife and Children being US citizens. I doubt it will ever change. I have no doubt that what you say is true. I merely relate my experience of who I know and the criteria that has been put to them. I know people with very anti-US government views who do get in but they have no convictions.

    Mike, for present purposes I guess a political conviction is one which for the most part has taken place in a Diplock Court in the North or the Special Criminal Court in the South. Bernadette McAliskey used to get in frequently but was prohibited on one occasion a few years back. I don't know if she has been in since. I guess they just dismiss people with those type of convictions as terrorists while at the same time trying not to confer any political legitimacy on them.

  28. Frankie

    The fact is that you have showed not a shred of forensic or corroborating evidence for Pizzagate or that murder beyond the malicious lies of a far right thinktank. Nor have you hard evidence that Ted Heath murdered young boys procured by Jimmy Savile.

    I have in the past been given the names of two prominent Republicans alleged to be kiddie-fiddlers. I will not divulge them as I have no corroborating evidence.

    You would do well observe similar discretion.

  29. Wolfe Tone - conspiracy theory existed a long time before the CIA. The CIA was formed after he second world war yet the term was in use before the first world war. The CIA took it up in the 1960s to undermine those challenging the Warren Commission Report. I guess conspiracy theories are as old as mankind, the first perhaps being that god made the universe and it didn't develop naturally.

  30. Naill,
    I take what you say and I wasn't trying to undermine your article but it is disturbing to think that where that wee girl was concerned it was all covered up and no investigative journalist tried to follow it up

    One of the best investigations in to Maddie McCanns disapperence was a documentary by Richard Hall. If you find or take time to watch what he uncovered and how high up Tony Blairs Gov. was and other political connection involved, the money thrown at the case...It is as you say "very disturbing".

    If you want a couple of conspiracy theories click here ..

    wolfe tome.
    When people call me a 'conspiracy theorist' , it is water of a ducks back to me, all I do is look at all the available evidence on loads of topics and call things as I see them. When reading the Podesta/Hillary leaked emails Jeffery Epstines name popped up. I had read about Epstine, from being best friends with air miles Andy from the House of Windsor . and both attending the same parties on Epstines island were adults had sex with underage girls.

    When I started to check the flight logs of Epstines private jet it read like a who's who. Apart from Bill Clinton being on the "Loita Express" 26 times in 3years, the name Donald Trump appears at least once.

    Donald Trump, Courtney Love, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and uber-lawyer Alan Dershowitz may have been identified by a butler as potential "material witnesses" to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's crimes against little girls..

    Some ideas you explore might frame others in a detrimental way, and thus you risk being reflexively dismissed.

    I firmly believe (for a host of reasons) the people making the rules that I am meant to abide by are raping children and it is covered up at all levels. It happens within all religious institutions, police forces, all levels of politcs, European Royalty, education, humanitarian charties..If you check out James Alefantis (Comet Ping Pong), his former boy friend is none other than David Brock,one of people behind Bit Coin The first 5 years of Bit Coin 99% was for hiding illegal profits from trading of child porn, sex trafficking, drugs and arms...

  31. Anthony, it's anyone with convictions for political violence that the US Government doesn't support. For instance, if you put a bomb on a civilian Cuban Airliner and kill all the people on board then no problem come on in! Also if you took part in enslaving, killing and working to death a lot of European Jews but you know a lot about rocketry or Russian intelligence, then Bob's your uncle! You could even run for Congress! And don't get me started about the mass murdering crimes of Thatcher, Blair and Churchill who've never been turned away and for whom wearing a poppy also represents. Their killing good, your killing bad. Simple as.

  32. Not much to disagree with there!!

    We are musing on what barriers are put in place of people in Ireland getting to the US. While I don't pay it a lot of attention, I do know what the broad position is in relation to people with convictions for political offences. While it does not apply in every circumstance it generally does. I think Seamus Finucane was in the US recently to give testimony re his brother Pat. Seamus while he supports the peace process is not an elected rep. So some clause or condition exists that permits it when the other two criteria are not met in full.

  33. Barry,

    Earlier this year Sonia Poulton released an excellent documentary called Paedophiles In Parliament , that exposes what is being covered up within the UK. It is an excellent starting point. In 2014 I penned two pieces for TPQ. The first on Monday, July 14, 2014 covered mostly the Westminster child abuse cover ups. I did mention "l'affaire Dutroux", in the comments both Anthony and wolfe tone had this to say...

    Anthony "a while back I read a book by one of the Dutroux victims. She was brave. I can never understand how they released his wife. She in my view was on a par with Hindley. "

    wolfe tone "AM, strangely enough i read somewhere that Dutroux's wife was put up by a convent when she was released.. This oul lark runs deep and deeper than people realise i would say..."

    If you research "l'affaire Dutroux" Barry, you will soon discover how the Belgium police and Judicary covered an international sex trafficking ring that went to the heart of European Union, NATO, UN, Belgium Royal Family who held eye's wide shut parties at Chateaux Des Amerois (Mothers of Darkness Castle) where children and babies were raped and sacrificed.

    The second piece that appeared on TPQ was called Sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll that covered some of the sex abuse with the music/entertainment industries and the hypocrisy everyone has towards underage sex with minors and how certain stars get away with it and others are hung out to dry ...


  34. Frankie - if you are a conspiracy theorist you don't respond to criticism like them. You are pretty chilled and come back with reasoned arguments rather than shout, scream and call people names because somebody does not share your view. People engage with you whereas conspiracy theorists are often ignored or simply dismissed as cranks.

  35. Frankie, again, be careful of over extending. The elites would have no need for something like bitcoin if indeed they were profiting from child abuse (as opposed to satisfying personal/religious desires), there are many stores of wealth that can be transferred around the globe if needed, even yaughts full of gold seems less risky and time trusted than crypto.

    My expertise with crypto is caching order book data from online exchange API’s like GDAX, but I doubt any data could support your assertion since the blockchain ledger is annoymous, you wouldn’t know who owns what.

    But it’s clear if 99% of its activity was paedos, then some of them will be losing money, they would be the flip side of any winning trade after all. Why would paedos continue to use an instrument that was draining their wealth ? If they were miners of coins, then why risk loss of not just capital but liberty too by introducing child porn to the portfolio?

  36. (cont)

    Before I answer your Podesta questions, I am going to try a different approach. George Carlin more or less said that he has a front row seat to a freak show. I couldn't agree more. This rock we live on is a horror show. And when Bobby Sands said....

    This is the crime of which we stand accused. Never will they label our liberation struggle as criminal…Our revenge will be the laughter of our children”

    My revenge will be watching criminals who apart from telling me, you and a boy named Sue how to think, who either sexually abuse anyone or cover up those crimes are jailed for 30yrs and fed bread and water through a hatch and if alive after the 30yrs...Then shoot them at dawn. A few years ago TPQ published a piece called "Common Purpose" - Friend or Foe? . by the Bogside artists. The first person who I heard talk about what exactly Common Purpose is and how evil the organisation is ,was Brian Gearish. I don't agree with everything Gearish says, I believe he is very close to the mark concerning the hidden agenda behind common purpose.

    One of the ways common purpose filters out to the public is the sexualization of children within the education system. Here is an example of what Labour MP Jess Phillips (from todays Daily Mail) thinks......

    "She clarified that she wasn't suggesting 'we go into schools and teach children how to masturbate'. But she added that girls should be taught about orgasms in school. Mrs Phillips, whose husband Tom is her constituency support manager, says she regularly walks around naked at the home she shares with her husband and two sons. But this, she attributed to mostly 'laziness'.

    So a woman MP, in the days of Me Too and women being exploited, thinks its a good idea to teach children how to orgasm in school, instead of teaching kids how to read, write, learn basic maths and think for themselves.. Another way Common Purpose works goes like this. Brigitte Trogneux, who was married and a school teacher had underage sex with her "star pupil", Today Macron is trying to tell people like me the best way around a border where I live, give moral guidence to my kids. And you think I have things wrong..

    Barry, you can't deny what goes on in Bohemian Grove and how the rich and powerful go there twice a year and apart from engaging in homosexual orgies, they worship an old Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. Here is a 15 min mini doucmentary called "Moloch: The God of Sacrifice" The history you thought you knew. It mentions that when Moses came down from the mountain and found the natives naked, drunk and worshiping a golden calf....they were praying to Moloch. The media corporations cover up what they do by passing "Moloch Worship" as light entertainment in the hit Netflix show House of Cards . Or the HBO show staring Jude Law as The young Pope, where Jude asks"name a top contemporary artist" in episode 2. The reply was "Marina Abramović ", who is directly connected to the Podesta brother, Hilliary Clinton and a host of "stars" within the entertain industry....I haven't forgotten about your Podesta question...


    1. Frankie

      Jess was not instructing girls to have orgasms merely that schools give comprehensive and holistic sex education encompassing the whole range of sex and sexuality including female specific experiences like orgasms.

    2. Barry,

      Read again the article (includes listening to the podcast link in the article). There is an agenda to allow for the sexualization of children at all levels of society. I could have choosen any number of examples to use how common purpose works but I chose Jess on purpose. And Jess is basically on board with the agenda (common purpose) and if she doesn't know it then she is dumber than I thought. Now you can put what ever spin on what I have said on this piece (original article/comments) you want, cuts no ice with me.

    3. Frankie

      Your linking to that UKIP supporting; historically racist tabloid the Daily Express leaves me with the impression that you are hostile to feminism and assertive women political figures like Jess Phillips and Hilary Clinton, Frankie "Give Her One for Ulster" McKillen. And you have the effrontery to accuse me of being "pro-British".

  37. Barry,
    I agree with you on the evidence or lack of. You remind me of my friend, logical 99 per cent of the time and then ruin it with the Russia shite. My mate believes because of Trump jr shenanigans, Trump senior is a Russian asset. You have hinted similar nonsense. No doubt Trump jr got info off a Russian lawyer, but treason? Follow that logic through. Logistically how would that work? How do you betray a nation under the nose of the world's must powerful intelligence agency? To what end? Go from the top politician in the global empire to a lackey of lesser power. My point is how is pizzagate derided but Russian assets and wmds acceptable? Where's that evidence?

    1. Barry,
      Same report from The Daily Mirror and another from the same paper about the sexualization of children . Another way Common purpose works is when Detective Constables Sharon Patterson, 49, and Lee Pollard, 47 both Colchester police officers who are accused of sabotaging child sex abuse cases.

      Patterson allegedly advised a supervisor that the case should be dropped, saying the claims were down to a “bitter” ex-wife.Patterson’s “deceit”, the prosecutor said, “directly contributed to this investigation being brought to a close”.Pollard allegedly removed and destroyed four photographs that were “important exhibits” to an investigation and also misrepresented evidence to his supervisor so no further action was taken in a separate probe.

      Jess Phillips who like to walk around naked in her house and isn't bothered if her sons see her naked likes to go podcasts wants to tell the world how she got turned on listening to The Red Hot Chillie Peppers as a school girl and....listen to the podcast and her words not mine....She thinks it is ok to teach young impressionable girls about how to orgasm in school and not how to read, write understand basic maths and how to think for themselves.....What does Jess think about boys becoming girls at 10,11,12...How does she plan to teach them in her new sex education class?

      Hillary apart from being a racist she thinks black, african american look the same. I don't hear you speaking out against Hillarys husband who is accused of raping and sexually molesting women such as Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathy Sheldon and Kathleen Willey . When Bills sexaul conquests came to light...Hillary tried to intimidate sexual assault victims.....silence them..

      In short Barry, no one has denied the contents of the Podesta/Clinton emails. People such as yourself have been vocal they got leaked..and got even more pissed off to where open sourced investigations took them. I have done my best to seperate fact from fiction and Both Clinton and Podesta should be in jail. There is also a very sinister charity called Common Purpose that is back dooring in the sexualization of kids.

      I don't give a fcuk about mens rights or womens rights...I do care about human rights and kids should be protected at all levels.. Hillary Clinton doesn't care about anyone but Hillary. Podesta is the same. Jess Phillips is ok with common purpose by default or other and before you point any more fingers ...Why don't you find out what a female officer in Colchester was thinking when she dimissed sexual abuse towards a minor as a pissed off mother with a gripe....

    2. Frankie

      Jess Phillips grew up in a household where sex was freely talked about and where there was no body shaming. Sounds healthy to me. She is a fearless campaigner against sexual exploitation and domestic violence for which she receives regular rape and death threats on anti-social media. Your suggestion that Jess does not believe girls should be taught to read and write and learn maths but should be taught to orgasm is for the birds and potentially deFamatory.

      Sexual abuse is fundamentally about abuse of power. Teaching girls about orgasms and taking seriously the incidence of gender dysmorphia among children is most certainly not abuse of power.

      I do not think it is wise of me or anyone else to comment on a live court case. If that allegation about that female police officer is found to be true then of course it is utterly disgraceful.

      You have no corroborating evidence for Bill Clinton's alleged sexual conquests; your source for these allegations is a notorious right-wing muck raking broadcasting outlet. Can I suggest you do some detective work on Donald Trump's alleged sexual assault on a 13 year-old girls allegedly procured for him by Jeffrey Epstein?

      You produce as is your wont a pastiche of conspiracist audio-visual material (you appear to have an aversion to engaging with the written word with no forensic evidence to back up your outlandish fables and then try to say with a straight face that you have done your best to separate fact from fiction. Really?

    3. Frankie

      And your bete noire the supposed tentacles of a Common Purpose as pro-EU, left of centre network set up to school the leaders of the future appear to have been the product of the fevered imagination of Paul Dacre, former editor of the Daily Mail


      For a supposed Irish "Republican" you seem to enjoy using the most reactionary elements of the British media for your flights of fantasy.

    4. Barry,

      Can I suggest you do some detective work on Donald Trump's alleged sexual assault on a 13 year-old girls allegedly procured for him by Jeffrey Epstein?

      I think you will find your suggestion is misplaced but well intended. Until early this afternoon I never knew while looking for my thoughts on the Trump/Epstein connection the late Frank O' Brien wrote an excellent piece that appeared on TPQ on Monday, March 7, 2016 a good year before I knew about the allegations in the semi new hellfire club .

      With new details on Donald Trump's questionable relationship with pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein coming out on the latest " Corbett Report" tidbit, it seemed like the time to revisit how utterly relevant it is to our current presidential campaign, being that the smuck, Trump, is actually getting support from a scary number of Americans.

      You have no corroborating evidence for Bill Clinton's alleged sexual conquests; your source for these allegations is a notorious right-wing muck raking broadcasting outlet.

      Click the Corbet Report link Frank referenced and listen from 11mins....until 12mins..And ask yourself this. Is Virginia Roberts a liar?

      A few months after Franks piece, Dan McLaughlin who is an attorney practicing securities and commercial litigation in New York City, and a contributing columnist at National Review Online posed the question...Is There Anything to a Lawsuit Accusing Donald Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl with Bill Clinton’s Billionaire Sex Buddy? . Dan McLaughlin's piece ends....

      In other words, without any sort of supporting evidence, we should not put much stock in the sensational and belated claim of Trump himself participating in the rape of a young teenager. But it’s not so easy to dismiss the same charge as it applies to Jeffrey Epstein – or the significant possibility that Trump, like Clinton, may have been closer to Epstein’s now-infamous sexual abuses than he lets on.

      Which probably expalins why on the Nov. 28, 2018 Julie K. Brown wrote in The Miami Hearld Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a free man, despite sexually abusing dozens of underage girls according to police and prosecutors. His victims have never had a voice, until now. Her piece ends ...

      Marci Hamilton, a University of Pennsylvania law professor who is one of the nation’s leading advocates for reforming laws involving sex crimes against children, said what Acosta and other prosecutors did is similar to what the Catholic Church did to protect pedophile priests. “The real crime with the Catholic priests was the way they covered it up and shielded the priests,’’ Hamilton said. “The orchestration of power by men only is protected as long as everybody agrees to keep it secret. This is a story the world needs to hear.’’

      Barry, assuming you clicked the links) on June 24, 2018 I already asked "WTF is the truth between Trump/Epstein and a 13yr old girl?" In a reply to wolf tone on November 07, 2018 in the comment section I linked Epsteins flight log and said check The Donalds dates. Last I heard Epstein cut a plea deal to prevent things going Federal....

      According to flight logs we know The Donald was with Epstein at least once, around the time a 13yr old girl was raped . Can you throw any light why Bill Clinton's name appears 20+ times? Do you believe the allegations Virgina Roberts made about seeing Clinton at Epsteins house ?

    5. Barry,

      Jess Phillips grew up in a household where sex was freely talked about and where there was no body shaming. Sounds healthy to me.

      Less of the spin. No one mentioned body shaming. If you have children, next time give them 'The Emperor’s New Clothes' social experiment. The idea sits easy in the space between your ears and come back and tell TPQ how it was recieved. You are with Jess and both think it is healthy, doesn't sit easy with my ideals of socially acceptable

      She is a fearless campaigner against sexual exploitation and domestic violence for which she receives regular rape and death threats on anti-social media.

      I know she stood up in Westminster and read out the names of women who were the victims of domestic abuse. I also know she doesn't do herself any favours by laughing at mens rights/issues. The death threats and the vile abuse she recieved over comments she made have to be condemed and are wrong. The people bethind the threats should brought before a court and ask to explain what made them so angry that they sent a vile message that said I to a woman I want to rape and murder you. But Jess doesn't help her cause when she alienates some of her voters by saying Left-wing men are the 'actual worst' sexists

      If Jess Phillips is as fearless as you want me to believe,do you think she will use her Parlimentary privilege and ask what is the truth about Airmiles Andy/Epstein and what is the truth in the allegation made about Uncle Dickie in War of the Winsors? I know what Jess Phillips said to Dr Joanna Williams on a TV debate on BBC Politics(listen from 3mins 40secs) about how children should be protected at all costs and how victims of abuse deserve justice. Maybe fearless Jess can get for justice for Richard Kerr who was raped by members of the House of Commons.

      Sexual abuse is fundamentally about abuse of power.

      Same question. Do you think fealess Jess Phillips will ever stand up in the House of Commons and use her Parlimentary Privillage as an MP and ask "Why and has this house allowed the for cover up by elected representatives and British Royalty who have abused their power when they carried out sexual abuse?"

      Your suggestion that Jess does not believe girls should be taught to read and write and learn maths but should be taught to orgasm is for the birds and potentially deFamatory.

      Maybe fealess Jess should say that instead of laughing during a House select meeting when the subject was mens suicide rates (higher than domestic abuse), prostate cancer (kills more than breast cancer does), alientating men on the left, tellimg the world what she got up to in her parents bedroom while listening to The Red Hot Chilis.

      What fearless Jess Phillips will not do is use her Parlimentary Privillage. If she does, she will get my vote. If as I suspect she wont ask about the links between Prince Andrew and Jeffery Epstein and the links between Mountbatten and Kincora I will simply tell her what she is meant to have said to Diane Abbot and fcuk off.

  38. David

    The evidence mounts that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential election as it did in the Brexit referendum the pumping put of fake news by the troll factories of the Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg justs as it interferes in elections across Europe in order to undermine the EU. Putin is a cunt shop needs to be kept in his box.

  39. Frankie, I do recall the uproar the belguim people displayed over the Dutroux affair at the time. It stank from the high heavens although no doubt folk will still demand evidence of a 'conspiracy' even though it's staring them in the face. Alas some folk really do believe a govt cares for the tax payer and has our best interests at heart and thus wouldn't lie and deceive us!
    Btw, I mind Elton John being arrested abroad(France I think) for possessing a photograph that was deemed child porn. Alas a guy like him will have plenty of allies to call upon to get him out of a sticky situation and thus the narrative put out was that the photo was simply a misunderstanding and it was 'art'. Again I would challenge any sane person to excuse that photo as 'art'? Yes disgustingly, this sxxx runs deep.

  40. Frankie - I remember writing that. HTF do you remember all this? She was one bad article.

  41. Barry,
    I never said he never interfered, to blame him for brexit and trump is asinine and insulting to voters. The hypocrisy over interference in the west is laughable. As for keeping him in his box, will you volunteer for it? I don't even mean this to be insulting, just my view, a lot of people with this mindset remind me of maud flanders "something must be done" well do it then

  42. Barry,
    I feel as if am singling you out, i actually find you thought provoking. You show redtraint over naming paefo without evidence. Did you so the same decretion with wmd in Iraq?

  43. David

    Breaking news for you. Trump sacks Sessions as Attorney-General just as Mueller starts writing his report. He replaces him with someone who is openly sceptical of the entire Mueller investigation. Trump withdraws the White House press pass of CNN journalists ("enemies of the people" who seek to press him on Muelller. Trump is behaving just like Nixon in late 1973 when he sacks AG in order to ward off the judicial investigation into Watergate.

    Now how is that shite?

  44. (cont)
    The fact is that you have showed not a shred of forensic or corroborating evidence for Pizzagate or that murder beyond the malicious lies of a far right thinktank.

    I will try to fill in blanks again Barry. On the 2nd March 2003 The Guardian carried a piece by Nick Paton Walsh called Norwegian paedophile ring exposed . ..

    Under the lifeless afternoon sky, the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes and its tiny population of immigrants from neighbouring Russia is less than welcoming. The next stop is the North Pole. Kirkenes is a crossing point between the wealth of Scandinavia and the brutal poverty of Russia's old, rusting, northern naval towns. And it is through here, say Kirkenes police, that Norwegian paedophiles issue visa invitations to Russian families, headed by women they have formed online or letter friendships with, to come and live with them so that they can abuse the children.

    On 2/11/2018 it was reported Former United Nations aid boss, Andrew Macleod...

    has divulged the true extent of sickening pedophilia within the UN, and it’s not pretty. He estimates that there’s at least 3,300 pedophile employees responsible for the sexual molestation and rape of 60,000 children around the world in the past decade alone. In an explosive dossier handed over to British DFID Secretary Priti Patel last year, Andrew Macleod claims there are “at least 3,300 active pedophiles” within the UN staff that have committed tens of thousands of sexual crimes against children, that have largely remained unchecked around the world, under the protection of the international organisation.

    I could have mentioned anyone of the countless child trafficking rings that have been exposed. It happens world wide.

    On 12/01/2010 Haiti experienced a devestating earthquake killing thousands. And on 29/01/2010, Laura Silsby was part of a group of ten American Baptist missionaries from Idaho attempted to cross the Haiti-Dominican Republic border with 33 Haitian children, most of whom were not orphans and had families. The group, known as the New Life Children’s Refuge, did not have proper authorization for transporting the children and were arrested on kidnapping charges. Silsby got a reduced sentence because Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton wrote a letter saying Laura is a good woman and not a sex trafficker.

    On the 10/07/2016 Seth Rich was murdered...

    The cops suspected Rich was a victim of an attempted robbery, one of many that plague the neighborhood. Strangely, however, they found his wallet, credit cards and cellphone on his body. The band of his wristwatch was torn but not broken.

    Shortly after wikileaks produced thousands of emails on their servers. And for anyone to think his nurder wasn't in any way political, can they explain why. No one believes it was a botched robbery. It has all the hall marks of a professional hit, in Washington DC in the middle of a US Presidential election.

  45. (cont)
    Fast foward to February 9, 2017, when Donald Trump signed into law a Presidential Executive Order on enforcing Federal Law with respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking...

    These organizations derive revenue through widespread illegal conduct, including acts of violence and abuse that exhibit a wanton disregard for human life. They, for example, have been known to commit brutal murders, rapes, and other barbaric acts."

    Trey Gowdy, who came to my attention when following the Benghazi hearing, spoke at the Child Trafficking Subcommittee Hearing (worth a listen, clip is 12mins long), and he avowed to do all in his power to bring who ever sex trafficks childern or abuses them to justice no matter where they are on this rock. Around the same time (give or take a few months) Gowdy was coming out of one of the many US Senate hearings he attended and a reporter asked for his opinion on the Podesta emails and wiki leaks. Gowdy said he is no fan of wikileaks, disagrees with hackers but....he has read stories about the emails, he hasn't read the mails but wants to (I have suspicions as to why both Gowdy or Jason Chaffez didn't stand for re-election...All good reasons).

    I have shown in the original piece that John Podesta apart from covering up The Acorn Scandal covered up for Anthony Weiner when he was sexting underage girls asking for sex, wrote a letter along with Hillary and BIll Clinton asking for the reduction of charges for Laura Silsby who has been accused and charged for trying to traffic children from Haiti. We also know that James Alefantis (who owned comet ping pong at the time, not sure if he still owns it today) held a fund raiser for Hillarys failed campaign, attended by both the Podesta brothesr. Hillary was that impressed she sent a personal letter thanking James for the evening. Again all links are in the original piece including a recording of an act called Majestic Ape and a group called Sex Staines both who apperered at Comet Ping pong making vile remarks about having preferences for little boys and little girls. Was Majestic Ape or Sex Staines part of the entertainment. Is the voice recording of what sounds like someone being abused (in the article) the voice of John Podesta.....

    I could go on Barry but I have other things to do. If you or anyone thinks I am just a conspiracy theory nut spreading rumours online, you are very wrong. As I also linked on this piece two other articles from TPQ that I wrote almost 4 years ago on child sex abuse within Westminster and the Entertainment industries ....

  46. Frankie - just a nut not a conspiracy theory nut. But we like our nuts here - in fact if you are not nuts you are unwelcome here.

    On a more serious level - you are more than welcome here. Keep writing. You need merely look at the discussion you have provoked. The question I would ask if you are merely a conspiracy theorist, why do your theories attract so much interest?

  47. Barry,
    There's no doubt Trump's a cunt and sacks people who don't toe the line, doesn't make him a traitor. The woman who was on the committee that got Nixon and hates Trump admitted there is not enough evidence to impeach him. What i mean by shite is the conspriacy theories that go with it. I watched a cnn anchor say about the pipe bomb attempted delivery to various Democrats etc "my worry is a hidden Russian hand here" Tod Chuck I think his name is.How is that not a conspiracy theory? Imagine if Arabs were sent pipe bombs and a msm anchor said my worry is a hidden Israeli hand. If you believe Russia has such influence, what's the end game? Why is Gorbachev today saying US/Russia relations are on the precipice of cold war2

  48. Maddie died in the apartment, of that there is no doubt. But what is truly shocking about this case is the length the media have gone to protect the McCanns. Freemasonry and paedophilia are all over this case. If they had been working class people who left their kids unattended as they wined and dined the story would have been so different. However, the fact is the McCanns and their associates did something far worse than neglect to take care of their kids. Gerry McCann's response to the Portuguese journalist who asked him about the results from the sniffer dogs handler's report is the most disturbing red flag (among many) in this case. An odious specimen.

  49. David

    The end game for Putin is the end of the EU, NATO and any other pillar of rulers based international order.

    I personally do not believe that there was a hidden Russian hand behind the pipe bomb attacks but the Salisbury poisonings and those of Litvienko, the wealth of bots released into the cyberspace of other countries in order to interfere with elections. Putin's KGB background is evidence enough of Russia's malign intentions. Both Trump and Putin are cunts locked in a bromance but Putin has the superior brain to come out on top.

  50. Barry,
    How would Trump benefit? The institutions you named are western power bases, they'll survive Trump, more powerful people than he have use for said institutions, it's that simple. Do you not see how this benefits Trump. These allegations strengthen his position. When i hear msm spout Putin's out to destroy the west, it sounds the same to me as madmen like Alex Jones screaming nato's agenda is to destroy the American way of life. Baseless nonsense pandering to their audience. You say you don't believe the pipe bomb allegations, that isn't the point. The point is they said it without evidence. Why is it ok for cnn to do this but not fox? Remember the outrage when fox was playing with the Obama birth certificate tripe?

  51. Anthony/Daithi/Wolfe tone

    The question I would ask if you are merely a conspiracy theorist, why do your theories attract so much interest?

    I conspire with me, myself and I every day. I have been questioning things since growing up in Ardoyne listening to Hank WIlliams. All I seen was people in uniforms with guns telling me where I can and can't go. It transpired that British Governments and British Military Intelligence conspired with Christopher Black to jail Republicans on trumped up charges or in the case of Freddie Scappaticci to murdering up 50 people.

    If I am to believe in the history of mankind, I have to believe somewhere around 200,000 yrs ago monkeys decided to walk across the African Savanagh, ate a few magic mushroom and by the time they got to Egypt they had figured out Pi, how to quarry, maths...the list is endless.

    What I am doing is figuring out the best way to link a conversation you and Daithi had here recently about muslim women and why Microsoft bought github a few weeks ago for several billion US, 5G technology, singularity and bit coins. .I know at first gance it looks like a tin hatted conspiracy theory. At the minute it makes sense in my head..It will make even more sense when I put it down and post it.


    Frankie, again, be careful of over extending. The elites would have no need for something like bitcoin if indeed they were profiting from child abuse (as opposed to satisfying personal/religious desires)

    They created it to eventualy take control of everything.

    Wolfe tone
    I was and stil am in frame of mind that Dutroux went as high up as I said. Like Pizzagate,Westminster, Vatican cover ups....All the same type of crimes and no matter what way anyone looks at it and follows the money..It is nearly always the same faces and families that turn up. I never heard about Elton John being caught with a photograph but it doesn't surprise me. I remember Pete Townsend who was investigated for downloading 1 child porn photograph..

    The Who's guitarist, has claimed he paid for child pornography to prove that British banks were complicit in channelling the profits from paedophile rings. Talking about his arrest for child pornography, Townshend described his decision to pay $7 to download images of abused youngsters was 'insane' but said he had been trying to investigate the industry.

  52. Frankie, good for you. When you make your argument and present the evidence for consideration people will look at it. Right or wrong you always back it up with something. You avoid the standard response of the conspiracy theorist to criticism - which is to scream abuse at whoever disagrees with them. They tend to hate being disagreed with whereas you don't much give a damn. It is always good to have things looked at from different angles. That does not mean we give everything the same weight or even listen to every argument if we regard some to be so implausible to begin with. On blogs the arguments that gain more traction are those where people are prepared to stand over them. Using a moniker does not prohibit a good argument being presented but it limits the reception it gets. I think one of the reasons you get a response is that you don't fear standing over what you say. That's me for tonight - off to watch Scandinavian crime drama and sip whiskey!

  53. Frankie, my mistake, Elton John wasn't arrested but rather questioned about the photo that was part of his 'art exhibition'. The photo was deemed 'not pornagraphic'. But judge for yourself, firstly, why an individual would take such a photo and secondly, why an individual would think this is art:http://www.wiki.ncac.org/Klara_And_Edda_Belly-Dancing_(photograph)

  54. On the 7th Nov. 2018 I said this...

    When I started to check the flight logs of Epstines private jet it read like a who's who. Apart from Bill Clinton being on the "Loita Express" 26 times in 3years, the name Donald Trump appears at least once.

    Donald Trump, Courtney Love, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and uber-lawyer Alan Dershowitz may have been identified by a butler as potential "material witnesses" to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's crimes against little girls.

    Last week Russia Today interviewd Ben Swan who I mentioned in my original piece. RT mention the same names and have thrown newly appointed Ascota's name into the mix for covering up the rape of young girls..

    Bottom line is this does Epstine have a little black book that keeps him out of prison...? Yes. In much the same way Freddie Scappaticci has little black book that keeps him out prison...

  55. Like the Podesta's and Epstein, it seems Scap apart from being a murderer he is also a sexual pervert...

    Stakeknife' accused Scappaticci pleads guilty to having extreme porn

    December 5 2018

    Freddie Scappaticci, the man widely named as the Army's IRA informer 'Stakeknife', has pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates' Court to two charges of possessing extreme pornographic images.

    Bedfordshire Police said Scappaticci, 72, faces two counts under the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.

    Scappaticci has always strongly denied claims that he was Stakeknife, a high-ranking military mole in the IRA's internal security unit

  56. Frankie, when they discounted images of children in his collection, it made me wonder if it was sexual violence or corpse defiling images he was charged over. Was he accessing his glory days vicariously?

    I know recordings of his interrogations exist where he begins by striking a saucepan, but did he ever carry these out on his own? Could he have got away with sexually assaulting those he would later kill, and thus could never reveal what he did on top of his Army Council mandate ? Was he ever alone with a corpse ? I have the stakeknife book at home but it doesn’t answer those points.

  57. Daithi…

    This is all I know. Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot sentenced Freddie Scappaticci to three months in custody, suspended for 12 months, after being found guilty to having at least 329 images of extreme pornography including those involving animals.There were no images involving children.

    And Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot had this to say in summing up “You have not been before the court for 50 years - and that’s good character in my book.”

  58. Freddie Sheep Shagger - I guess his children must think there is no end to the embarrassment he has showered upon them.

    1. I can take unboard the claims about conspiracy theroies and how the some people either try to delfect the truths, down play some peoples roles or put the balme on others. The first thing I try to do myself is debunk what I think, second thing I look for are parallels to the six counties/Ireland. I have read how Scappaticci became an informer after a fight with Irish Republicans. I also heard how he was caught in a VAT fraud case and he was flipped both theories are plausible but I am now starting to think the truth is more sinister and he was flipped because he is simply a sexual predator who was offered a deal after he was caught raping a young girl. I am also wondering how many more victims he abused, outside of those already in the public domain. I did read a piece by Hugh Jordan after Scappaticci was charged watching beastiality porn and Jordan claimed Scappaticci would often watch porn with his father on Sundays.

      Suzanne Breen, recently wrote on January 23 2019 Man named as Army agent Stakeknife sued over 1970s child sex abuse claims ...

      The Irish News yesterday reported that it had seen court papers accusing the former member of the IRA's internal security unit of assaulting the woman between 1976 and 1978.It is understood she was a teenager at the time and the allegations were reported to police.

      The fact that the rape was reported to the RUC who did nothing to help the abuse victim and they covered it up probably with officers higher up the food chain because their pay masters needed someone who was close to Irish Republican thinking to pass information doesn't surprise me today. We know the RUC have form in covering up sex abuse. And Aine Dahlstrom is a clear example of victims of sexual abuse not getting the help they deserve.

      Aine and her mother Sally first reported the abuse to the RUC in January 1987 but withdrew their complaint days later as they thought some officers appeared more interested in using them to get information on IRA activity...

      What I know is Jeffery Epstein who hasn't done any real prison time has a little black book with names of Presidents, fromer Presidents, British and European Royalty, heads of State and CEO's of Corporations who abused their powers to sexually abuse young boys and girls. And Freddie Scappaticci, who also hasn't done any real prison time has his own black book as an insurance policy, murdered up to 50 people, was paid my the Brisih state and is a sexual predator.

      For a supposed Irish "Republican" you seem to enjoy using the most reactionary elements of the British media for your flights of fantasy.

      Barry, I have never said I am an Irish Republican. I have always said on this blog I am a Rockabilly. I don't wear shamrock on St Patricks day, I have never worn a lilly at Easter. Same rules for July and November. I don't wear expression of cultural identity. Although I do listen to Hank Williams and I totally understand what James Connolly meant about "Even if you hoist a green flag over Dublin Castle..." oddly enough the same corporations, banks, families that called the shots then are the same corporations, banks, families that call the shots today.

  59. Barry, if what I posted about an international sex trafficking was pure conspiracy..Then would care to explain or give your two bits on why Jeffery Epsdtein is back in jail on sex trafficking charges..A quick google search.. my last post mentioned Epstein and I provided links to back up my argument..You Barry don't.

    I don't care if they are called 'The Cabal, NWO, Illuminate"...What is happening is certain very rich and powerful people are raping young children and getting away with it..

    Will Epstein do a deal and name people, time will tell..Is he guilty. Yup. Are they (NYPD, FBI) cross referencing with Weriners laptop, probably.......

    Barry, love to hear your thoughts on Epstein and his friends who took flights to Little St James..

  60. Barry,

    Can I suggest you do some detective work on Donald Trump's alleged sexual assault on a 13 year-old girls allegedly procured for him by Jeffrey Epstein?

    You produce as is your wont a pastiche of conspiracist audio-visual material (you appear to have an aversion to engaging with the written word with no forensic evidence to back up your outlandish fables and then try to say with a straight face that you have done your best to separate fact from fiction. Really?

    If you bother to scroll back and read the comments before you said about fact and fiction etc, you will find that I made references to Epstein, his political connections, his relationship with the Donald, Air miles Andy, a host of world leaders and A list stars several times as well as providing source links to back everything up...Here is a podcast from today's Guardian that explains the Epstein case from start to finish. Who his friend's are, how high his political connections go...first hand testimony from his victims....

    The only difference between what I have said about Epstein and the podcast is they reported Epstein was refused bail yesterday...

    Barry I don't particularity care what title people give it be it 'Pizzagate' or other. Anymore than I care if people call the rich and powerful the NWO, Illuminate, the Cabal. What I do know is at the top of society there is an international child sex trafficking ring. And the same names, families, corporations keep coming up time after time.

  61. In 2014, I wrote a piece about a paedophile ring/network operating not only out of Westminster but also in Europe. While Carl Beech (Nick) has been proven in a court to be a fantasist and a crack pot..I am not. All I will ask anyone is to explain to me what Tim Fortescue meant when he said “if someone came to him with scandal involving little boy's, he would make the problem go away and collect brownie points and get 'them' to work for him..”...He didn't say he would kick their face in, go to the police...He said he would gladly cover it up. In the article I wrote I also mentioned Kincora no one in a position of power wants to go there.

    Fast forward to 2019 and Epstein....and some of the names I mentioned then are appearing on not only Epsteins private flight log but also in his little black book of who's who.. I personally believe that most if not all the sex trafficking from the Vatican, Westminster, NXIVM sex trafficking... Washington (pizzagate) are all connected. A lot of the times it is the same names and faces that keep cropping up... Has someone tried to either kill Epstein to silence him or was it a half hearted suicide attempt..No idea. But I hope he goes down for life this time and he is given some sort of drug to make him talk..He knows loads.

    1. Frankie, be in no doubt Carl beech is part of long played out psyop, similar to your man who named nonce Lord mcAlpine. I.e both cases helped discredit/ turn attention away from genuine victims demanding answers and justice. Carl beech for eg helped discredit a whistleblower within the NHS(in which he was well up in) and then curiously turned whistleblower himself! Doesn't make sense unless he/state want to control the narrative. They love a long game of cricket these ones do.

  62. My gut instinct is he was silenced. It will come out in the inquest he threw the rope up..Don't ask me to buy into it....He knew too much and he had to go.