A Morning Thought (27)


  1. from the Guardian

    "A new private university college founded by the philosopher AC Grayling and staffed by celebrity professors will teach exactly the same syllabuses as the University of London, which charges half the price, it has emerged.

    Students of the New College of the Humanities will pay £18,000 a year to take courses in history, English literature and philosophy that are already on offer at Birkbeck, Goldsmiths and Royal Holloway for £9,000 or less.

    Academics complained that syllabuses listed on the New College website appeared to have been copied from the University of London's own web pages in a move some said amounted to plagiarism. Grayling claimed it would help save humanities education from cuts by bringing together teachers including Richard Dawkins, Niall Ferguson and Stephen Pinker."

    i say - bring back the stake.

  2. Valid observation, just worry that within us atheists we put too much faith in the belief of the general benevolence of humanity. The debate over the importance of external morality hasn't properly concluded