Myths And Lies About Abortion Must Be Debunked

David Robert Grimes in a persuasive piece from the Irish Times dismisses what he regards as the dishonesty of the anti-choice campaign. Dr David Robert Grimes is a physicist, cancer researcher and science writer at Queen’s University Belfast and University of Oxford.

We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs – but not our own facts 

“It’s worth noting the sanctimonious gloat that ‘Ireland is abortion-free’ is a sinister fiction. It ignores the fact that roughly 12 women travel to the UK for abortions daily, while others procure abortificants online.”

Abortion has long been a contentious issue in Ireland, replete with emotive and frequently dubious rhetoric. This was recently exemplified by Save the Eighth billboard campaign featuring an abortion nurse detailing the horrors he had witnessed.

This testimony was somewhat undermined by the revelation it had been fabricated, leading to the unedifying sight of campaign manager John McGuirk rapidly pivoting from legal threats to grudging acceptance, a volte-face hard to distinguish from surrealist performance art. As the referendum looms ever closer, it is inevitable campaigning will become more charged, both online and off.
Previous abortion referendums have been ugly affairs, characterised by vicious campaigning. The stellar work of the Citizens’ Assembly has shown us this needn’t be the case ...


  1. I googled doctor david grimes and the first name that popped up was an abortion provider in America called doctor david grimes - any relation? this particular david grimes is noted for the following astonishing statement - that legal abortion was "markedly safer than childbirth". seriously - is he any relation?

    as for the billboard - what was that nurse's story based on? some abortion nurse's fantasies? perhaps it was based on one of these good peoples stories -

    now if you take the time to watch the above, which is something i recommend everyone interested in this 'debate' do, you will see that doctor david grimes is simply doing what his stablemate in the irish times kitty holland is doing on this most important issue - TELLING COLLOSAL LIES WHILST AT THE SAME TIME ACCUSING US IN THE PRO-LIFE SIDE OF LYING. - its their ONLY tactic, as i have said here on many occasions.

    I dont know anything about the billboard he is talking about, but years ago i worked in printing, publishing advertising for about 4 years. There is a common practice in advertising - (seriously, it makes total sense when you think about it) of getting an actor or actress to front a campaign based on a real person's story. YOU SEE IT ALL THE TIME PEOPLE, but this gimp grimes has twisted that into trying to persuade the irish people that the story is fabricated. now did you watch the youtube clip above? did you notice at the beginning when it said an abortionist was on trial for killing babies who survived outside the womb. this is what abortionists do all the time to the babies who survive the first attempt at killing them - they strangle them suffocate them or just plain butcher them/do whatever it takes to kill the child. now did you also notice that the three abortion workers are using their real names (did you notice that doctor grimes - they are not actors) but they do conceal the abortionists name because he is on trial. did you notice that doctor grimes?

  2. (part 2)
    then he goes on to say that it is a myth to claim that abortion leads to depression and suicide. he actually says its an 'odious claim'. seriously, this particular doctor is a very very sick man. how can such nonsense be published in a 'paper of note'. i'll tell you how - when it is no longer an impartial independent organ of news and information and is in fact an organ of propaganda. in doctor grimes neurotic/borderline psychotic world, women have abortions and then feel 'relief' - in his world a woman has an abortion and its as if she says - sure everythings grand now, i feel 'relief'. you then quote ABORTION INDUSTRY medical groups to back up your lies. no surprise there. seriously doctor david grimes, i am asking you the question, are you related to doctor david grimes in America, the abortionist who came out with the comment i mentioned above - that legal abortion was "markedly safer than childbirth". you see, i googled you further when i realised that he wasnt you and came across another doctor david grimes and heres the photo of the guy i think is you -

    now in that face i see a leering psychopath. the type of psychopath who will lie ad nauseum for THE ABORTION INDUSRTY AND SPARE PARTS INDUSTRY. whilst at the same time accusing us of lying. but maybe its not you.

    i also notice you use the word 'Sisyphean' in your propaganda piece. Irish Times readers love that kind of word, so well done david. when doctors come out with words like 'Sisyphean' IT readers practically cream their pants.

    as for any of you TPQ readers who might still think that women dont suffer TERRIBLY after abortion, please check out this website -
    They're based down in Cork. They help women who really suffer. You see folks, a woman never forgets the day she has an abortion. and every year on the anniversary of that childs death , mothers often experience terrible anguish called - anniversary grief - may God bless and protect all those suffering women out there and i for one think the people running organisations like the one I've just mentioned are THE REAL FEMINISTS. and remember - 'doctor' grimes would probably stuff the depressed mothers (they will always be mothers) to the gills with pharmaceutical poison and quote from medical bodies like he does above about how good they are for you.

    TPQ readers - you are going to be lied to constantly by doctors experts scientists etcetcetc over the next two months. dont fall for it. Savita is the biggest lie of them all too and the Irish Times are propagandists in chief until referendum day. now please look at the little child in the following clip at 8 mins 55 seconds. this is who you HAVE to protect from psychopathic abortionist providers in America like doctor david grimes and psychopathic Irish Times propagandists with the same name.

  3. The terms of reference for this debate are already antiquated .Planned Parenthood in America helpfully tweet “Some men have a uterus “, (or duderus as it’s colloquially known) , so the focus on abortion as an exclusively female process marginalises an oppressed section of the community , and endorses patriarchal norms. We can take this referendum as an opportunity to be more inclusive. Some men have ‘scrape jobs’, get over it.

  4. heres Planned Parenthood in action daithi -

    and heres a Planned Parenthood lady having dinner. doctor grimes should take her out on a date -

  5. Grouch, I can’t watch that sort of thing, it represents a dark departure from the concept of a medical procedure. Perhaps it’s the logical outcome for their position on a foetus, the rest find it shocking.

  6. a 'medical procedure' being what? abortion isnt a medical procedure.

  7. Grouch, less self preening please. You won’t win this argument in your own, try to understand when people aren’t against you.

  8. sorry for the preening daithi, but from the first comment u made above i honestly couldnt tell what side ur on.

  9. I don’t have a definitive view , I just thought it funny to introduce the debilitating new speak into this debate . To see honest to God advocates for female health get crushed by progressives for using now “bigoted” language, it’s not only females that have babies therefore it’s not only a female-only debate. Cleverer people on your side of the divide would do well exploit this , get the weight of the international LGBTQIA community on them to do your work. I’m on the side of farce.

  10. yes, its such a funny and 'farce' worthy subject daithi, and cleverer people on my side would still have difficulty deciphering your aborted english. grow up.

  11. Grouch, I don’t think you want to win more than you want to be seen as virtuous. Two of the main propositions you are up against, and are fundamental to your opponents are

    1) This is a female issue, men’s opinions are an unnecessary and historic intrusion

    2) their opponents represent an antiquated viewpoint out of step with human progress .

    The trans birth scenario I’ve given you attack’s them on both of these. It’s a really sensitive issue that has split even the feminist movement, so use the available tools even if you don’t really think it , and don’t pretend this is an honest battle of ideas. If you really believed what you claim to on this topic (its genocide etc) then this wouldnt need justifying. This clear enough?

  12. daithi,you trying to make your trans birth scenario relevant to whats happening in ireland over the next few weeks is pure nonsense and i think its the kind of thing that sociology students who sit around smoking their brains out might think is worthy of debate. if i 'use the available tools' of ur tranny argument as i go around and talk to people on the doorsteps, i will be met with open mouths and who the fuck is this loon talking about tranny babies looks. im in the real world, trying to persuade my fellow countrymen and women about the dignity of the unborn child and the reality of abortion and i dont need to start talking shite to them about tranny babies and how it pokes holes in the feminist argument. i dont need tranny babies to poke holes in their bull mo chara - seriously. then you claim i want to appear 'virtuos' rather than 'win'. are u being a dick now? and if people think that - fine, at least they know im not into killing babies in the most mind bogglingly cruel way. as for genocide - 50 million american babies since roe vs wade and now britain aborts 1 in 5 of her babies and virtually all the disabled babies. what word would you use daithi. also - i have NEVER said this is an honest battle of ideas - would that it were, really, would that it were - its us just speaking the truth about the unborn and abortion up against a mountain of lies pumped out every day by the abortion and spare parts industry propagandists like the wonderful doctor grimes who was quoted here talking about the 'myth' of women suffering from depression after an abortion who then went on to quote scientific research to back up his claims! and endless savita lies too. i never pretended this is an honest battle of ideas - because it isnt. so, just to get things straight - i will not be using ur tranny baby arguments to my fellow citizens daithi - as i want to 'win'! now, is that clear enough for u?