Desecration: A Grave Moral Crime

Chris Fogarty forges ahead with his critique of the Northern media and Tyrone politicians, whom he claims are engaged in a cover-up in respect of a mass grave in Dungannon.

Tyrone politicians and northern news media are deliberately concealing the desecration of a Dungannon mass grave of An t-Ár Mór. If they didn't know, they certainly ought to have known.  

It was difficult to understand why they didn't promptly mark out, visibly the perimeters of two or three known mass graves of Dungannon workhouse, to ensure that the reported desecration was not, at least, within those mass graves. 

Guided by the intelligent comments of a Ms. Kilgallen on The Pensive Quill I acquired the 1910 Ordnance Survey Map showing the footprint of the Dungannon workhouse within its grounds. After printing it, I accessed present-day Dungannon on google maps; both the streets map and the satellite map. Both are clear. The desecration was reported to me to be beside Carland Road between Drumglass High School and the South Tyrone Hospital.

So I asked google maps for the route between that school and hospital. It mapped two possible routes, one of 443 feet, the other of 475 feet; both walks of two minutes, Through The Old Workhouse Grounds Where, As Island wide Workhouse Policy, Deep Pits Were Dug, Into Which The Bodies Were Piled, with only a thin layer of soil over the topmost bodies.  

Tomorrow I will write to the politicians and reporters who have replied to me, and to those who did not reply.

A grave moral crime is underway; and it is abetted by the institutions of Dungannon, Tyrone, and other northern counties. Please take your own stands against genocide and its cover-up.


  1. I met Chris and his lovely wife Mary while they were visiting Ireland a few years ago. This is a man who calls it as it is and it's a pity there weren't more like him. When it comes to the matter of the so-called 'Great Hunger' he has clearly done a huge amount of research and knows the inside and the out. His contribution thus far to this particular case, the Dungannon mass grave, is very informative. We have to wonder why people fear dealing with this as it ought to be. Britain and her Irish minions would clearly prefer her brutal history stayed buried.

  2. I suppose the question here is one of whether the media is covering up or that they have not yet been convinced by the evidence presented.

    It is worth bearing in mind that the wider the cover up and the more people involved in implementing it, the harder it is to maintain it in any useful sense.

    Chris has been consistently meticulous in his presentation of detail over the years. At the same time, this is a big charge and the onus to prove is on the bearer of the claim.

    A lot of interest in this topic.

  3. I was under the impression that the grave was already found?

  4. Sean,

    I don't think so.

    It would make it even harder to cover it up was that the case.

    Like yourself, I have found Chris fastidious in his research.

    But genuinely believing something is there might not be enough in terms of evidence for journalists. It is generally impossible to herd journalists, something like cats in that respect. I spoke to people including journalists about this and the feeling I got is not that they are engaged in a cover up but that they want more to go on. They certainly showed no inclination towards frustrating him in his endeavours.

    Chris has prised an opening and to widen it further he will probably need greater local help. Cooperation between him and journalists might prove more helpful than competition.

    The Societies are not without some good researchers ... a helping hand perhaps?

  5. Anthony, I couldn't speak for anyone other than myself but I'd imagine that if the local cumann in that area can help then they'd be more than willing. Chris has a book on all of this, the mass graves and the genocide of the Irish. I haven't read it but would love to do so should I come across it. No doubt he is a very genuine man and might need some help with this. I assume going on the above, and which I hadn't earlier realised, that there has not, as yet, been an 'official' discovery.

  6. Sean,

    my understanding of it is somewhat like your own.

    I think the existence of it is what the "discovery" refers to but not the actual grave itself.

    If that is any clearer.