Bigoted Imbecile Known As Diane

Sean Mallory with his regular overview on events North and South.

Ian Junior on realising that an election was afoot decided that Damascus was not for him and called on those members of the RUC who were involved in the killing of Colum Marks to be given medals for their actions rather than being investigated in to the lawfulness of their actions.

The Reverend Dr David Clements made it publicly known how Martin McGuinness’ refusal to publicly state any regret at being in the IRA and not issuing an apology to the IRA's victims ‘grieves him deeply’......the reverend that is, not McGuinness. The good Reverend's father, an on-duty member of the RUC, was killed by the IRA back in 1985.

Clements hasn’t elaborated on whether he has asked the same of Theresa May to issue an apology and to publicly state regret for the hurt her security forces have inflicted on the Irish Nationalists
... which would include the RUC.

The official equality screening report by Department for Communities (DFC) found that the DUP’s £2m Community Halls Pilot Programme was yes, largely if not mostly biased in favour of the Protestant community. Apparently this was because Protestants due to their religious beliefs on gambling couldn’t apply for lottery funding which Taigs could as they don’t really have any qualms about a wee flutter, with Cheltenham being an exceptional favourite. Which sort of explains why there are absolutely no bookie shops at all in Protestant areas!

The report found that the scheme was not expected to promote good relations but would have a positive impact on people of a Protestant belief. No shit Sherlock!

What the report failed to mention was that the Orange Order and affiliated groups in the past did receive lottery funding and so not only does this call in to question the validity of the report but also the whole objectivity of the DFC.

Foster in further attempts at ingratiating herself to the Gaelic speaking community said that she does want to understand and respect the culture that they are not a part of. She wants to meet with Gaelic speakers but only those “without party political baggage or indeed demands, people who genuinely love the Irish language and don’t want to use it as a political weapon” ....the same as those people on the 12th of July who genuinely love the English language and who don’t use it as a political weapon in their speeches at the various Orange fields.

Meanwhile deputy Dodd's wife, the bigoted imbecile known as Diane, met with reported Irish language enthusiast Linda Ervine to discuss the issue. Ervine, much in the media with her efforts to depoliticise the language from Catholic Ireland and reclaim it as a language for everyone, with particular emphasis on Unionist Protestants, is heavily reported as being an Irish language enthusiast but only from her Scottish and loyalist roots ..... certainly nothing to do with anything Irish.

On a cultural note, Belfast's Origin, costing over £100,000 of lottery funding and involving a cross-community effort wins Spectator 'worst public art' award. This lead the Spectator to ask, "haven't the people of Northern Ireland suffered enough?."


"In the name of 'peace' and 'economic regeneration', the Arts Council of Northern Ireland has littered the region with tat. If they were a person, we'd lock them up for fly-tipping."

South of the British border, the new National Maternity Hospital on the St Vincent's Hospital campus in Dublin, will have full clinical, operational, financial and budgetary independence, Simon Harris the Minister for Health has said. Just as he made the incredulous decision to hand over sole ownership of the tax payer funded facility to the Sisters of Charity .... those same good Sisters who ran the Magdelene Laundries with the full knowledge of all previous government parties. Sort of makes Fosters wood burning fiasco pale to insignificance doesn’t it!


  1. While the article is in mirth, the Irish language should be free of political baggage.

    I'm in favour of Irish being taught in ALL schools, though I am vehemently opposed to segregated education of whatever hue.

    The word 'Ulster' was conveniently left out before the word 'Loyalist' was used to invoke emotion.

    Can't be an Ulsterman without being an IRISHMAN!

  2. Sean Mallory says

    Steve: The word 'Ulster' was conveniently left out before the word 'Loyalist' was used to invoke emotion. Can't be an Ulsterman without being an IRISHMAN!


    Never deliberately left the word Ulster out at all but on reconsideration after reading your comment I should have included it as in my opinion it would have given weight to the point I wanted to make about Ervine's limitations defined by her Unionist/Loyalism on how far she is willing to accept the language and also highlight the limitations of her stance on depoliticising the language.

    Also, I presume by you're past comments on the Quill that you are not an 'Irishman' and your understanding of an Ulsterman is limited to 6 counties and is mainly a British/Unionist/Protestant perspective. Of course you can be an Irishman and an Ulsterman, look at Tommy Bowe.

  3. I must have missed that wee article until now. Always enjoy these!

  4. Sean,

    Fair enough point regarding Ervine, but at least it's a step. Would it not be far better encouraging her and others to embrace the language rather than chastise? Longest journey start with the smallest step and whatnot.

    Am I an 'Irishman'? I honestly don't care for monikers. When people ask me 'what' I am I say 'European'. If I am talking to someone from the island of Ireland I am Irish 100%, religion or political notions trouble me not one iota, though being diaspora down under I do have that luxury I suppose.