Operation Folklore

Daniel Bradley with a letter calling for questions to be raised about Operation Folklore. Daniel Bradley has campaigned unrelentingly for the truth behind the killing of his brother by the British Army in 1972.

Questions must be asked on the planning of Operation Folklore, which was dated July 24th 1972.

Before I go any further let me share this: Bloody Friday was July 21st 1972. So I can assure you it took more than 3 days to plan Operation Folklore. I would raise concerns about this operation: was MI5 involved and communicating with the Provisional IRA at that time?

My thoughts is this: certain people of the Provisional IRA communicated with MI5 so that these explosions would happen and give way for the army to take Northern Ireland. What makes it so interesting that McGuinness and Adams held secret meetings from 4th, 7th, 10th, and around 20th. 

We know that the IRA were and that they had the plans of Operation Motorman which was called operation Carcan. Both men ordered all weapons out of Northern Ireland and refused to inform the Official IRA so that they could their weapons out. After Operation Motorman the official IRA was disbanded and the MI5 achieved its goal by disarming the Official IRA on the morning of Operation Motorman.

So I go back to the question: did MI5 know about bloody Friday just as they did about the Omagh bombing.

They should be questions on this. People should look up Operation Folklore. It would be worthwhile researching it.

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