British Supreme Court Ruling Dxposes Undemocratic Nature Of British State

In a statement issued on January 24, 2017, Des Dalton, President of Republican Sinn Féin outlined the undemocratic nature of British State:

The latest ruling by the British Supreme Court on so-called Brexit brings into focus the undemocratic nature of the British state.

Firstly, it underlines the powerlessness of the various devolved assemblies. What this ruling reinforces is that all powers of national sovereignty are vested in the British imperial parliament at Westminster while the Six-County state is regarded as merely another region of the so-called United Kingdom. 

Secondly, the British Supreme Court Ruling exposes the British Government’s supposed concern for that the ‘will of the majority within Northern Ireland’ be upheld as subservient to the interests of the imperial parliament at Westminster.

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