Beware The Ides And Ideas Of March

Sean Mallory looks ahead to the Northern Assembly election.

.....well, OK, OK, the Ides traditionally falls on the 15th of the month and to be precise, the elections are on the 2nd March, but what the hell, a bit of theatrical melodrama fairly turns the heat up!

Knowing that her term of Commander in Chief of the Assembly was coming to an abrupt end on Monday 16th, Foster returned to Stormont escorted by her crew of miscreants, only to have her office officially dismissed by Sinn Fein.

As she descended the Stormont staircase, disarmed of her true blue scarf, down to the cabinet des horreurs (Madam Tussaud being the indelible proprietor of the more famous chamber), DUP toady sycophants in tow, squeezed around her, attending to her every needs. But not all bees displayed such fealty to the queen. Lo and an behold, lurking in the background, sharping scythe in hand for the final blow, and a predilection to schadenfreude at the unravelling of Robinsons legacy, stood the DUP hellion, feigning devotion and outrage at his queens treatment by the croppy.....but he didn’t stand alone!

A few days later, her arch nemesis and the person having fired her, announced his own retirement from politics due to ill-health and if read correctly the upcoming retirement of Adams as well.

Prior to this Arlene, reeling from the Unionist grass roots backlash to her ineptitude, and having failed to assuage their fervour through claims of misogyny (a claim vigorously stubbed in to the dirt by all women's groups), dressing in her favourite true blue scarf or ordering Givan to reverse his bigotry, began to distance the party and herself from the SPAds named by the NI Permanent Secretary, Dr Andrew McCormick in his evidence to the Stormont's Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Like UDA activist Stitt's interpretation of honour among thieves, a perception that Foster it seems wholly agreed with, she ordered Dr Andrew Crawford and John Robinson to fall on their own sword over the RHI scandal and take one for the party. A request once violently flung back in her face by Jonathan Bell!

Elsewhere, Henry McDonald writing in the Belfast Telegraph 19/01/2017 about the Irish language being used as a political bartering coin emphasises that the language belongs to all people irrespective of religion or political background and quotes Linda Ervine's “sterling” work in loyalist East Belfast.

Speaking with a Gaeilgeoir from Cork about Ms Ervine's sterling work he was quick to point out that her take on the language was from a Scottish perspective and not from an Irish one plus she has/had (he hasn’t been on it in years and cannot say for sure that it is still the same) but she had Red Hand Commando paraphernalia all over her website which sort of counters the ‘sterling’ work implied by McDonald and reinforces his ‘political bartering coin’ perspective.

Former SDLP MLA Dolores Kelly who received a £65,000+ severance package after losing her seat in the last elections is considering re-standing in Upper Bann in the Upcoming Stormont elections again.

In 2014 she gave off about senior PSNI officers being rehired after being given very substantial severance packages. She says as far as she is aware there are no obstacles as to why she shouldn’t stand again ..... morals or ethics could be one or even an understanding as to why the Assembly collapsed in the first place Dolores!

Nelson McCausland, in trying to alleviate the pressure on Foster for her intransigence and lack of humility over RHI, only served to exacerbate Unionist arrogance by blaming the collapse of Stormont on SF alone in his Belfast Telegraph column, 12/01/2017. He did point out that as far as Nationalism is concerned: “Of Course I have a negative view of an ideology that I reject.” Which explains his lack of respect, understanding, equality, parity of esteem....I’m heading towards Nazism here!

Barry White, a Barry lacking in the dulcet silky tones of the real Barry White, but a past Belfast Telegraph journalist, shared a similar perspective to that of Fintan O’Toole in the Irish Times. That Unionism is heading for a dramatic cliff-hanger if it doesn’t sort itself out and that moderates such as the UUP and SDLP need to get together to make a difference. Strange that both never mentioned that SF and DUP hold the greater mandate or that the moderate UUP made an election pact with DUP in the last Westminster Elections!

And while McGuinness resigns then retires, Trump elects then presides and May declares a hard Brexit with intimidation, we can understand Obama's legacy when we read that his US-led coalition (including France and Britain) admitted killing 188 civilians in Syria and Iraq. A number hotly disputed by Amnesty International.

“ some incidents casualties are unavoidable”. – Central Command Spokesperson.

Except when responsibility lies with Assad or Putin then such acts are war crimes!

And so, just as Foster lacked humility and dined regularly on hubris in her capacity as a publicly elected official, traits shared by one Gaius Julius Caesar, one can’t help but consider: As he made his way towards the Roman Senate, just as she made her way to the assembly chamber, both forewarned of impending doom, his impending dismissal from office through a severance package of steel, hers, to add insult to injury, an impending oral dismissal by croppies she despised yet her effrontery lightened with a prospective severance package of silver, what a much less complicated method of dealing with public accountability Caesar’s was!

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  1. Seriously enjoyed that. As Henry Joy pointed out in another thread no one has campaigned against the GFA but that isn't exactly true, the DUP have relentlessly campaigned against implementing it while in office. People are definitely at the end of their tether with the lot of them. Or at least it would seem so. If they all turn out and vote the same again, let them get on with it will be my verdict. It may be a big shock to their collective criminal 'system' should the turn out be about 40% or less.... Now THAT would create some serious debate.