When The State Creates A Web Of Lies

Daniel Bradley has provided correspondence between him and the PSNI solicitor in relation to the death of his brother in 1972. Seamus Bradley was an unarmed IRA volunteer when he was gunned down by the British Army.

From Colin Stafford:

Dear Mr Bradley,

I refer to your email to the Chief Constable today. I note the content of your email and would ask you to raise these issues via your Solicitor to the Coroner’s office. The Coroner will then give directions on matters raised by you.

Yours Sincerely,

Colin G Stafford Solicitor

From Daniel Bradley:

Dear Colin,

thank you for your email, but you would be aware that I am the next of kin to the deceased Vol. Seamus Bradley. As I have no trust in the system, due to a barrister employed by the state who called my father a liar at the inquest that took place in October 1973, producing 2 B/W photographs withholding the truth of the reality that my brother was tortured and that would have been seen clearly had the coloured photographs been shown.

I hope the state produces the other photographs as it would spare our family the added stress of maybe having to exhume our brother's body to confirm that his neck was broken, as we have no pictures of the back of his neck. I think that you would agree with me that this is very odd.

Referring to the ballistics report there has to be a lot questions asked on how Seamus received the marks on his body when it has been proved by myself and the ballistic report that Seamus was never up or fell from a tree.

We are now in the year 2016 Colin and I believe that the state should stop doing what it is doing. So at this time as you are speaking of the coroner, I would therefore like the coroner to know that in the year 2001 I was given 9 B/W photographs by the RUC and also given a statement by them that there were definitely no other photographs other than these. But the coroners solicitor must have surprised the PSNI when she went and took a statement off sergeant Penny and found out that there were coloured photographs in Belfast. So after receiving these, it only suggest that there are more photographs being held and as I said we are now in the year 2016 it would only be right that the state puts up its hand and tell the truth and save the Bradley family any more stress and heartache.

I am forwarding this letter to my solicitor and the coroner's office as well as to Mark Durkan MP and I will be asking why the RUC lied to myself and solicitor when they said that there were no more photographs. As you know, being a police man. when one tells lies it creates a web of lies and through the years the state has done that and caused the Bradley family more stress.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Bradley

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