Newsflash: The Peace Process Is Over

Thomas Dixie Elliot satirically suggesting that the most important issue in the US presidential election today is the North's peace Process.

The Peace Process is over in Washington waiting to see who gets elected as the next greatest friend of the peace process in the whole world.

Gerry Adams favours Donald Trump because he has fond memories of Donald shaking his hand during a fundraiser in which he made lots of money.

Martin McGuinness was leaning towards Hillary Clinton until her security staff quickly removed him from the building as he was leaning a little too close.

Martin said he forgives Hillary because her Bill was a great supporter of our peace process. He also said that had Abraham Lincoln still been alive today he would also be a friend of our peace process. As would John Wayne and Elvis.

When it was pointed out that John Wayne and Elvis were not former US Presidents Gerry Adams said he saw the pair in that film True Grit. Wasn't Ronald Regan in that film as well? He asked. Gerry thinks that's where Martin was getting his Presidents mixed up.

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