Republican community activist Rowan Clarke on how he thinks Sinn Fein will respond to its leaders admission that he had informed on fellow party members to An Garda Siochana in relation to IRA activity in the 1980s.

My predictions of what will transpire during this latest Gerry Adams scandal. #toutgate

Gerry is over playing chief mourner at Castro's funeral, he will completely ignore the ensuing drama back home.

He will make a statement fawning over the legacy of Fidel. Somewhere there will be subtle mention that they were contemporaries: also the obligatory 'Fidel Castro and his revolution were the inspiration for the peace process...'

Meanwhile, chief Shinnerbot Mary Lou will make a few throwaway remarks to the tune of she trusts Gerry's word and will level blame at the family of Austin Stack.

When Gerry has done sunning himself in Cuba and returns to Ireland to face the stormfront, he will have a short but choreographed press conference flanked by a few veteran hunger strikers and former Kesh lifers as someone to exude 'I'm still a republican from working class West Belfast.'

Then back to Dundalk and lets hope this all blows over.......


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  1. The SF cult members put their blinkers on before they have their first coffee in the mornings. Then they remove their brains and go about their day.

    It is interesting where Gerry's head actually is these days. (don't laugh) After NOT informing the RUC about his brother Liam raping his four year old niece but rather promoting him around different areas within SF his head is now so fried over sex scandals and disappeared old dears he is passing on information, AT BEST, by his own admission, to the authorities from a third party source. Think about that! Even if Gerry is telling the truth, and you can make up your own mind on that, he gave the names of FOUR high ranking colleagues to the Garda investigating a MURDER inquiry. One of whom had not previously been a person of interest to the Garda. Gerry it would appear beyond any doubt as they would say back in the day, is a 'broke-man'.

    Still, he will always have his narcissism, 'broke man or not, he will be standing in Cuba believing in his own head that he is a ruff tuff 1970s Provo leader. A revolutionary like Fidel. Fortunately for him, if he misses his flight home and reality kicks in and he is back in 2016, the cops, north or south, will get him back home. He is a national ASSET ya know.