Austin Stack How Very Very Dare You

Anthony McIntyre with some satirical advice for Austin Stack

Austin Stack should hang his head in shame for his most recent utterances in which he sought to simultaneously undermine the peace process and the Cuban revolution. At a time when the world media was descending on Havana to record the attendance by Gerry Adams at the funeral of Fidel Castro, Austin Stack in vainglorious fashion sought to steal the limelight from both President Adams and Mr Castro.

The former Cuban leader had kindly died so that Gerry Adams could publicly mourn him and help promote the peace process in full view of the global media at a political moment when international attention had shifted away from Belfast and to Washington because of the election of Donald Trump as US president. At that crucial moment in both the unfinished peace process and the ongoing Cuban revolution Mr Stack uncaringly demonstrated his disdain for revolutionary peace building. He openly accused the most important dignitary in Havana of being “untruthful in the extreme": in other words, a liar. The boundless audacity of it.

All his life President Adams has set his face like stone against violence and dishonesty. As Ireland’s premier pacifist and foremost exponent of moral clarity and intellectual acuity he merits the utmost respect from all subjects. One’s father having been the victim of a political assassination many decades ago cannot excuse one from the duty to show both deference to and respect for their betters.

It hardly requires any reminder from us to Austin Stack that the only reason he receives any publicity at all is a direct result of the generosity of President Adams who not only gave copious amounts of presidential time to the Stack family but who also informed on members of his own party to the Garda Siochana so that they might be investigated as potential “murder suspects” and possibly face life in prison.

Messrs. Trump and Castro may come and go but President Adams is a permanent fixture in the political life of the world we live in, the alpha and omega of our cultural memory. Austin Stack is well advised to remember that. Rather than snipe from the sidelines he should lend his voice to the ecstatic adulation President Adams is accustomed to and desist from any comments that might make it hard for the President to see his party colleagues prosecuted.

Victory to the Peace Process!
Venceremos to The Cuban Revolution!


  1. I thought that the Cubans would have at least buried Castro in Milltown cemetery....but no the selfish bastards want him buried at home.
    What's the chances Gerry arrives home with the ashes from a BBQ and claims it's Fidel and he wanted Adams to have them as thanks for all his help in securing the revolution....he can place them up beside Mandelas on the mantle piece!
    The sheep can then come and pay homage to the great man.....Adams.
    This sort of explains his departure and his latest drivel about unification....the sheep must have threatened to stray!

  2. Anthony,

    Another touch of genius. Always a treat when you open a large can of satirical whoop ass on Fielding Mellish Austin much like Sharon will have to learn not to get smart with the commandante.

    What with Castro's passing I revisited Woody Allen's 1971 classic 'Bananas'. There he was addressing the masses outside Connolly House Fielding Mellish

  3. Robert

    That is hysterical. The 16 years old part rings kinda true for 'Gerry and the peacemakers'.

  4. Robert,

    very funny - still laughing at watching Fielding Mellish

  5. Anthony & Larry,

    Good to hear you enjoyed. I now see, in my haste, that my first link was to something unrelated at the same address. At a second bite here is Fielding Mellish posing as the eternal and brilliant comrade Gerry Adams

    From the same film, the peace process foretold

  6. Well now that Uncle Gerry has come down from the mountains like Che, or at least down from Black Mountain, or the Bull Ring - oh well, alright, down from the trampoline - we can get on with Fidel's funeral. What's this, he wants a lift of Fidel's coffin? "No señor, no es posible. Recuerda El Dark, muchacho, recuerda."

  7. Castro liberated Cuba, Gerry liberated his paedo brother Liam.

  8. "It was her... her what did it!"

    "Who me Gerry?"

    "Yes you Mary Lou, it was you!"

    "What did I do?"

    "Don't come the innocent with me, I made you who you are.
    if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be the Vice President of Sinn Féin."

    "I know Gerry. I haven't forgotten that."

    "But you forget what you did when you were in the IRA?"

    "I was never in the IRA Gerry."

    "Aha... that's what we all say!"

    "I thought you were never a member of the IRA Gerry?"

    "Did I say that?"

    "Yes. Quite regularly."

    "Are you calling me a liar Mary Lou?"

    "No I'm only saying you said, you were never a member of the IRA but that's what we all say!"

    "Do you doubt me?"

    "No. Of course not. You would never lie about things like that Gerry!"

    "Then you admit I'm not lying when I said you did it?"

    "No but... Well you're not lying... Not lying but... However... Perhaps... Maybe even..."

  9. lol Dixie! You'd almost think you'd secretly recorded a conversation there. That's the sad reality of SF, they are now so beyond a joke that they have destroyed people's ability to really satirize them.

  10. SF have become like the media that lionised its leader from the 70s onward. The media pours out garbage now without even attempting to seem viable or remotely true and simply cares not about credibility. SF has from the peace process began been wrapped in cotton wool by the same media for political purposes. No challenge to them was permitted to safe guard the peace process. That is being slowly removed and the SF garbage talk is being challenged with peace safely secured and bedded down. The Guarda has also shown the SF leadership it cannot depend on them to baby sit them either. Changed times. Gerry can always retire from his agenda of global travel as a self appointed ambassador of Ireland and move into the Donegal cottage vacated by his right hand (tout) man, Denis Donaldson. Tour companies could run bus trips for foreign holiday makers to view him in his political retirement. At least that way he would remain some sort of national 'asset'.