Hate Stalks Newry Streets

Damian McShane, Chairperson of the Newry Rainbow Community, hits out at physical assaults on gay people in Newry at the weekend and at the tardy PSNI response to the incident.

Been a long week and tonight we began taking down our flags and bunting. Many stopped and offered best wishes and speedy recovery to our members hurt, beaten, bruised, stitched and shaken by the homophobic attack upon our community members at the weekend.

There are many questions to be asked about the initial response from PSNI in relation to this attack and tonight, the Newry, Mourne, Down District council unamousily came out against this attack upon members of the NRC.

I do hope that they also ask the necessary questions and I thank them for their continued support.

As a citizen and as chairperson of the NRC I am sickened, sad, heartbroken and damn well angry that this attack has happened to my friends, my family and I hope that this is brought to its full realisation with prosecution of culprits.

There is no place for homophobia in our island, and there is no place for lack of serious investigation into treatment of the victims of such attacks.

I make no apology for my anger. This will not detract the NRC from it's work nor will we be intimidated by violence against our membership.

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