"Dry Your Eyes, Do The Job, Or Move On"

Tyrone republican Sean Mallory with his customary take on politics and events in the North.

Unlike Gene Wilder, who passed away in the presence of his family after a lengthy illness of diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease and who’es comic genius will be badly missed, the termination of Unionist paramilitary John ‘Bonzer’ Boreland was not down to a diagnoses of a disease of a similar vein, was not in the presence of family and friends, and nor will he be missed by the general public. One has to be initially loved by the public in-order to be missed on one’s demise!

Boreland, gunned down in a North Belfast street, for having along with his associates, breached the ‘Monkstown Agreement’ and having the door of West Belfast UDA protection slammed in their face and thus cementing his fate. The writing was on the wall for Boreland but not by Banksy’s hand!

Boreland’s associates, prior to his murder, were forcibly removed from the Shore Road and Tiger’s Bay and provisioned with one way tickets to the land that is open for business – Britain.

All while the PSNI sat back and watched on, absent-minded of the fact that they were the legal exercisers of the law and not the 50 or so Unionist paramilitaries who did the evicting! Perhaps some further guidance and recommendations on prudent action from their sympathetic Chief Constable, George Hamilton, wouldn’t go amiss. Advice such as ‘Dry your eyes, do the job or move on’!

On the flip side of this British coin, Sinn Fein member Daithí McKay, also faced eviction although nothing on a similar scale as Boreland and his associates.

McKay, having been reportedly tutoring Unionist /Loyalist Jamie Bryson in speech therapy for the mentally ill, over the NAMA scandal, resigned not only his seat as chair of the Stormont Committee overseeing such an internal investigation (non-criminal) but also his MLA seat and SF membership.

Quickly replaced by Philip McGuigan and much to the chagrin of several North Antrim SF members, who aggrieved at McGuigan’s non- party consultative selection and McKay’s most irreverent treatment by the Belfast Leadership of SF, all resigned in mass, in the non-ecclesiastical sense that is.

The Belfast leadership, masking their angst at such a defiance by the root and branch against their leadership decisions and their regret at lacking an armed wing outside of Belfast to deal with such dissension, have attempted to play it down as something that happens in political life! One wonders who will be called on to make a trip northwards this time to quell the potential spread of this malignant tumour!

McKay, who less than a week ago was portrayed in the media as one of ‘them ‘uns’ has suddenly transmuted into a potential front page selling human being and is now addressed in the media as ‘Daithí’.

‘Daithí’ has been urged to defend his own integrity by going public and seek revenge on the Belfast Leadership who betrayed him by Suzanne Breen of the Belfast Telegraph 31/08/2016 by telling his own side of the story, as the public have a right to know Daithí. Most importantly to tell it to Suzanne first!

Malachi O’Doherty, associated with the same paper of such moral standing, 09/08/2016, gave a somewhat unexpectedly cold account of his journalistic dealings with Bishop Edward Daly who passed away recently. O’Doherty failing to hide his bitterness at the Catholic Church, implied that he had the beating of the man, certainly not intellectually, but more morally, and left the reader feeling O’Doherty’s contempt for religion, it’s structures and its exponents. Even casting doubt on Daly’s own belief in a God.

Not the eulogy Daly or his supporters would have expected and certainly one that runs contrary to world opinion of the man with the bloodied white handkerchief. But then if you can’t beat him with words beat him with a ‘Stick’.

Another contributor to such a paper, Nelson McCausland, 01/09/2016, finds fault that the British Justice system here in the North isn’t working as effectively as it should with regards to Republicans or more importantly to McCausland’s personal desire as to how they should be legally ill-treated under the law.

It appears ‘lenient’ when Republicans are not being locked away for decades while facing serious terrorist charges. Which is a view that I’m sure the families of the Craigavon Two share! To rub salt in Nelson's bitter wounds, not only are they given bail but also while on bail allowed to go off on holidays to Donegal or spend a week in a luxury hotel in Fermanagh, if such a hotel could be found and the social benefit system stretched that far!

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