Sinn Fein & Likud

The IRPWA's view of Sinn Fein meeting Likud.

Recently Sinn Féin the supposed party of anti imperialism and revolutionary solidarity held a number of meetings with the far right Zionist Lukid Party.

Lukid is the Party that heads up the Zionist Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu, a man that recently presided over the genocidal bombing of Gaza.

Historically Sinn Féin have supported the people of Palestine and SF members and proxies are active in the Irish Palestine Solidarity Committee, an organisation that unreservedly and unequivocally endorse the BDS movement.

Publicly supporting the cause of the Palestinian people while at the same time quietly consorting with representatives of the Israeli government is a clear contradiction but one Irish Republicans have seen all to often from SF across a range of fundamental issues.

It is hypocritical of SF to claim to support the Palestinian people while talking to the Zionist oppressors. It is actions that speak louder than words and we have witnessed SF actions in British ministerial roles divert millions in Irish taxpayers money to corporations such as Caterpillar, corporations complicit in the theft of Palestinian lands and the supply of machinery used for murder and destruction. Armed with this truth Sinn Féin’s public calls of solidarity ring hollow

For Irish Republicans there's only one side to take in this struggle, there can be no ambiguity. We must be on the side of humanity, we must be on the side against Zionist Israeli aggression, we must be in full support of the right of the Palestinian people to live free and in peace in the lands of their forefathers.

The IRPWA speaks as a significant section of modern Irish Republicanism that has aligned to it a large number of political prisoners currently held in SF endorsed British Gaols. We stand in full solidarity with our Palestinian comrades. We will continue to oppose the Zionist aggressors through BDS and acts of solidarity, we have not been co-opted into British Rule nor has our international solidarity been bribed by the Forces of imperialism.

Having read the righteous critique of Sinn Féin by Haidar Eid at the Palestinian Campaign for the Cultural Boycott of Israel, the IRPWA extends a continued hand of solidarity and comradeship from one oppressed people's to another.

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  1. This episode has to go down as one of the worst actions by Sinn Fein in recent times. Their fraternising with murderers, torturers and imperialists is indefensible. This quietly published shameful episode almost slipped under the radar and none of the mainstream media reported it. The meetings between Sinn Fein and Likud representatives and Israeli diplomats smacks of double standards, SF unilaterlism and political rhetoric. Sinn Fein's forced response to criticismdoes not hold up in light of the international boycott of Israel campaign. What would one say if this happened during say the successful boycott of South Africa? What would the repercussion be for fraternising with and legitimising racist, repressive imperialist regimes?

    Saying one thing and doing another!
    These meeting with the representative of the Israeli Zionist regimegives it international creditability and acceptance. It legitimises it, depicting the representatives as respectable, reasonable, sociable, honest and fun people.

    Sinn Fein through meeting with Likud rerpresentatives and Israeli diplomats have defied and undemined the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement (

    Incredibly SF and Pat Sheehan,SF MLA. have defended their unilateral stance. Even after the meetings were exposed by Tom Hurson in the Irish News at the beginning of August, (, Mr Sheehan stated blatenly "inclusive dialogue is key to resolving the conflict", (

    Now what does that remind you of? A touch of the Good Friday Agreement establishment propaganda. Having gone down that road and mainstream politics, the SF leadership have developed the subterfuge into a mantra of 'inclusive dialogue resolving conflict'. Balls, it is nothing but double talk for stifling political opposition and dissent, hiding responsibility and guilt, all the crimes and psychological damage.

    Say one thing and do another!
    Maybe SF should be reminded of their article in An Phoblacht, April 13, 2016, 'Israel challenged to genuine talks by Palestinian Ambassador at Sinn Féin Ard Fheis', ( It makes for a cringe worthy read by any left wing republican socialist. Was Mr Ajurri duped and used by SF duo personality? Ironically SF was praised by him for their solidarity and he went on to say " Palestinians want to negotiate a permanent solution but it seems Israeli leaders only want 'permanent negotiations'. "

    It is not for nothing that SF has been described as party running away from confrontation. Their actions (in many cases talk but no action), depict a party courting the middle ground, mainstream political approval and well healed American backers, even if this means shying away from fundamental left wing, alternative policies. To this end party political opportunism and controlled opposition by the leadership is the order of the day. Lip service is paid to left wing, republican, solidarity and principles are watered down and subsumed by political expediency.