Hyberbole On The Way To Getting The Truth

Frank O'Brien shares more of his thoughts on the aborted Turkish coup. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

The ratcheting up of the level of fear and dismal anticipation, from the Nice attack, the past year and half of other French attacks, the Belgium airport attack, the recent Turkish terrorist atrocities, topped off with coup d'etat intrigues galore, made more awful for the stranded refugees living in squalor all over Europe, makes for a stew from hell that doesn't let us find any time for rest or time for reflection.

This stew of mass confusion, obfuscation, disinformation/misinformation, new social stigmatization facing secularists and the increasing fascism being brought about by Erdogan and AKP, is going to cause there to be an almost state of civil war, albeit lopsided towards the social conservatives favor. All that needs to happen to set it all on fire is the right push from a terrorist atrocity false flag, an assassination or a putsch attempt ala the recent one that almost doesn't count from its such half-heartedness.

An old professor used to say "the masses are asses" or refer to the average world citizen as sheep to the slaughter, since socially engineering humanity is so easy since the average intelligence quotient is barely above the high level of the most simple minded. The only hope I've found is in the Net where ideas can be shared in a matter of seconds, and the interaction of a person with a computer can accelerate the brain function of almost every person who can manage the exercise.

Turkey is only a slight bit smaller in population to the US, still having a good sized 80 million to pack a political punch, and it's citizens are just as easily lead around by the nose from societal cues like the media, which has been emasculated by Erdogan since some reporters actually dared to do some real investigative reporting. The inconsistencies and aberrations that rise up when trying to explain the recent attempted coup only give power to wanting to look at it with a magnifying glass even more. It is a riddle wrapped in a puzzle, surrounded by an enigma, or say something like the Russian Matryoshka nesting doll. Those who dare to question the state or mainstream media are labeled as conspiracy theorists, which I must say Jesse Ventura made fashionable among the intelligentsia for at least a time. To question in Turkey might even by itself laughingly become a crime if one takes it to it's conclusion when you follow the example of Erdogan and the AKP.

The best hope we have is for an information dump coming from an unprecedented hack into a national security level computer system, detailing frightening truths that are even worse than the NSA snooping programs outlined by Edward Snowden.

Having been focusing in on the coup attempt in Turkey for days on end, it would interest me what some secret cable from Washington might say about who was really behind the coup. The fissures that have shown themselves between Washington and Ankara have been guarded well enough that most people don't even know there are any differences. It took this coup attempt to show the distrust there is, and the detente with Russia has become a worrying aspect of the whole big picture. It is an impetus for researching the coup from the puzzle that it is, obvious Public Relations/Propaganda stuff filtering into the reporting of the event and its aftermath. It was an inside job undone by its own ineptitude and amateurishness which speaks to there being far more behind it than first meets the eye.

The one thing I can guarantee you from my non-stop following of the state of events in Turkey, is that it has been a lurching forward towards an Islamist state, which as in the case of Iran demonstrates that it doesn't have to be such an awful state of existence ... so long as you have a free and open alternative press elsewhere on the Internet. The problem that does undo the situation is that enough people have experienced secular freedom enough, that it is no easy task to turn the country around in an overnight fashion. Personally being a lover of free speech, dissemination of the truth and having transparency in government, it makes me cringe to think of the rollback of the modern Turkey to one of the long ago past, when it truly was a Caliphate. Though the AKP's vision for society isn't the draconian, and drastic one of Daesh/ISIS, it is far enough of a throw back to give one pause.

With the Gulen Hizmet movement estimated net worth to being between 22 and 50 billion dollars, it has been financially looked after enough to infiltrate almost any facet of Turkish society, one having to remember that it was Gulen who helped bring the AKP and Erdogan to power. Now with the friction between the AKP and the Hizmet having reached the point of no return, the Gulennist forces are completely on the defensive, fighting not to be found out for fear of arrest or worse. The CIA having helped put together the empire that Gulen heads up, it is not likely that the US would extradite Gulen given the beans he might spill about them.

The idea of the US's involvement with the coup is something that isn't unheard of seeing how the CIA has been behind dozens and dozens of coup d'etats in the past century. It is the amateurishness of the plot that speaks to it not being a CIA inspired coup attempt, for the military planes that locked on to Erdogan's private jet would have otherwise blown him out of the air. The AKP is and has been cleaning house, and recleaning house for years now, since there is enough hate of Erdogan that attempts at ousting him could be a regular thing until the opposition is brought to it's knees. The intelligentsia of Turkey will think twice about openly criticizing Erdogan or the AKP now that others have been arrested for doing the same exact thing. To know freedom in Turkey would take people taking to the streets, demanding their rights, and overwhelming the military and police, which under Erdogan would likely wind up with a massacre of even large crowds of people, right down to women, and children.

Edogan has been brutal towards the Kurds, looking to breakup their political parties, which is simple old school warfare, namely fragmenting your enemy. If no effective opposition can be had against the AKP, the Left having taken a nose dive in the polls, than things will be at the mercy of whatever the AKP so desires for the country. The fizzling of relations between Washington and Ankara is but a symptom of varying degrees of relations that have been soured by the CIA support of the conservative imam, Fethullah Gulen, who was single handedly made into a billionaire by the CIA.

Now this is why the old refrain, "Follow the money," is all too useful in being able to evaluate an individual or say a corporation. The strange timing of the Nice attack being a distraction that only reminds one of the interconnections between the recent events in Europe, and the Middle East. Problem, Reaction, Solution models will continue to spin us off of the literal political spin which soon follows terrorist atrocities, the Hegelian Dialectic though not being known about by most people, it's nonetheless simple logic would maybe be familiar to some of the public at large. The funding, money laundering and drug trafficking that run rife with key players, breaking many of their own religious laws, gives one to understand that the social conservatism of the AKP isn't necessarily anything other than window dressing. It has alliances with Daesh/ISIS which makes ridiculous any real talk of getting rid of jihadists. The deep state has let slip some terrorist bombs so as to sow dread among the public, cowing them to thinking of any anti-Erdogan action. To believe the official narrative would be to play the fool, which none I believe are believing in over in Turkey right now.

The people know themselves all too well the political realities facing them, a nascent democracy buckling and breaking into a fascist state. If Erdogan was deposed Sibel Edmonds predicts that someone much worse would replace him, though to be honest he is as bad as one really ever need to imagine. Ousting him is a not so bad thing if the one replacing him was made to be a Ataturk style secularist, playing along with NATO and the EU.

A friendlier secularist with no aspirations to becoming dictator would be the ideal leader, but then the Middle East has a history of strong men types who lead their countries like fiefdoms around a king. Saddam Hussein was a tyrant no doubt, but he played a part in things by being a lever or counter balance against Iranian moves, and his removal plunged the country into chaos and insecurity that to this day plagues it.

Having the key power countries in the region being Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who also happen to be vassals/proxies of Uncle Sam, you have even further destabilization from confirmed links between these three nations and Daesh/ISIS, who were originally morphed from Al Qaeda. The idea of a manufactured crisis, the problem, reaction, solution model, is what essentially Daesh serve the purpose for besides acting as an opposition to the al-Assad government in Syria. Their stretching themselves into Europe is almost along the lines of the early Gladio operations, with terrorist suspects amazingly evading police dragnets, all while conducting successful operations, supposedly flying under the radar of French and Belgium intelligence. The intelligence agencies are far from having been ignorant of the whereabouts and activities of the Daesh/ISIS terrorist cells, their merely having been ordered by the political strongmen to not go after them, unless called upon to do so.

In Turkey I would imagine as NATO has been that powerful a force in the country's past, that it has been part of the new Gladio B operations to let certain attacks go ahead, to sow fear and confusion. It is from the NATO Gladio B perspective that one should probably see the recent coup attempt, it having been a false flag coup attempt mainly orchestrated by the forces of Erdogan, yet designed in some small way by the intelligence agencies, it befitting Erdogan enough that he played along.

Erdogan wouldn't have seen it coming ever if any of the supposed coups had been directed at him by a seriously motivated military junta and/or the NATO intelligence cadre. He has managed like a cat with nine lives to wind up on the surviving side every time, so Erdogan must still serve some purpose to his NATO masters. Not so strangely enough according to Sibel Edmonds it was the switch in the late 1990s from the original Gladio right wing/fascist terrorists, to using extremist Sunni terrorists as the instrument of change that signaled a full swing into a perpetual War on Terror that has built up the secret state, the security companies and defense contract corporations, that for instance supplied security for posy war/post invasion Iraq, when it went into it's occupation stage. The security state has become the norm, and critics are roundly ignored or persecuted, as in Turkey's case.

As to who was really behind the coup attempt, one might never know given the level of obfuscation that has enveloped the media, official narratives not even adding up to the test of researchers. With the passage of enough time, and there being a greater number of critics or those who are more awake to the knowledge that there is a deeper level of politics to things like the coup attempt, perhaps people will be awake enough to take back the democracy stolen from them on the pretense of their need for protection. We must guard against the securocrats who hearken back to the old Soviet Union, and Eastern bloc countries which were dens of intrigue, and perfect police states. Actually the perfect police state is the one that you aren't even aware of, such as with the surveillance dragnet that Snowden outlined. Now with even the average person being aware of the NSA and some of it's other alphabet soup name relatives, people are more like a proletariat enriched by knowledge that can offer them revolutionary change, especially if certain truths become more widely known. It is only to the detriment of those who don't much like human rights, preferring more the Adolf Hitler route with a touch of Stalin.

Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell outlines what he calls the Nazi International, or there is ODESSA which Uki Goni incredibly lays out in his book, The Real ODESSA. I believe both are one in the same, having the desire to call in it's marker from the post WWII secret deals, and which Dr. Farrell masterfully details in his various books. The main opponents to the greater public are a few billionaire tycoons, certainly some military brass and intelligence agents[their masters especially..] and secret society/old boy's network/business related friends, who benefit from the strategy of tension, the Asia-Pacific Pivot and state sponsored terrorism and narcotics trafficking, money laundering and stashing away of billions and trillions of dollars. No surprise that they have dictatorial aspirations as well, though some desire to remain behind the scenes.

If we elect Trump we may well wind up to a raging Trump one angry day pressing the nuclear weapon's button. Erdogan seems to be wise enough not to necessarily go off the reservation, though he is anxious to remain out of reach from those who desire his deposement, and with NATO he couldn't be any closer than he could to those who will in the end get rid of him. The fascist Muslim Brotherhood, another CIA inspired front, likely with ties to the Nazi International, could smuggle a nuclear weapon into a city, its separate components being sent individually to the secret location of the eventual bomb. The technology might even be a small sized Die Glocke that has been weaponized, making a nuclear weapon, as Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell says, look like a fire cracker.

My belief from the soundings over the years that certain weapons systems like those using torsion physics or scalar physics, and also the miniaturization of directed energy weapons, along with, now get this, time travel technology that may have been separately perfected by others who weren't German. The earlier two weapons systems are bad enough, so that they alone are enough to occupy those who are fighting to stay ahead, so as to keep power, and not winding up like Gaddafi or Hussein. It is from the destabilization by Western neocolonialist/imperialist forces of countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria, that we have now seen an out of control refugee crisis, and terrorist cell attacks in mainland Europe, though I believe like Prof. Micel Chossudovsky that these are state sponsored and state directed entities.

The old saying or under statement, that we live in interesting times, comes to mind when flashing back to the last 16 years. For certain parts of the world 9/11 didn't get heard about, so there wasn't any celebrating in the streets or even a whimper about the seminal event. Enough has been dug up about the financial shenanigans that day to fill a book or two, and the fingers point towards MOSSAD, besides unbelievably to the president and vice president, and to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The scandal he had unveiled the day of Sept. 10th was about over 2 trillion dollars not being accounted for by the Pentagon's accountants. Now it stands as being over 8 trillion, which if we had it could halve the national debt. With a few forensic accountants investigating the Pentagon with unfettered access, without national security being torn away. Who their puppet masters were, or who this secret cabal is that rules the surface world from their behind the scenes locations, is a not so big mystery if you piece together enough of the known facts.

There is a Nazi International component, but there is also an Israeli one, which is not so surprising when early activist leaders had had talks with certain Nazi officials during WWII. Extremists attract extremists is how it ought to go, but the other aspect is the Anglo-American one which straddles fascism and totalitarianism all at once, the name of the game being how to get the biggest share of money out of a war or conflict, even if it bankrupts the population.

Erdogan is more the fascist, so Turkey is heading towards this realm of government, which is embodied by our strong president model that came from 9/11. If Trump gets in he might try purging his enemies, only of course if the police and military let him cross that line. We crossed the Rubicon as Mike Ruppert put it, only to come out the other side of it not being any the wiser from the journey.

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