The Iman, The Would-Be Sultan & Coups All Around

Frank O'Brien with more views on the coup in Turkey. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

In 2002 AKP[Justice & Development Party] came to power in Turkey, bringing a combination of neoliberalism and Islam, and Erdogan came to high office a year later. Tensions began in around 2013 when Gulen tried to gain control of the National Intelligence Organization[MIT - Millî I stihbarat Teskilati], which he failed in doing.

Gulen's group had been consolidating political power in Turkey since Erdogan came to power. The military is far more sympathetic to Erdogan, given the arrests, trials and eventual imprisonment of 300 military personnel in 2003, after the alleged coup plot that was known as Sledgehammer, which was driven by Gulen's faction in Turkey, and elsewhere outside the country, being that Gulen's base is in America, his also being a key CIA asset.

Behind the scenes some of the powerful factions within the secularist CHP party have made an alliance with the Gulen movement, according to BoilingFrogsPost's Sibel Edmonds, who predicts there will be even more "terrorist" atrocities which will be blamed on the Kurds [who Erdogan reviles], and others on Daesh/ISIS [which by the way are in collusion with Turkish intelligence and the CIA]. Sibel Edmonds predicts the economy will sink even further than it already has, and that Turkey will wind up with somebody in charge who will be far worse that Erdogan, that is if he's forced from power.

Gulen has been in the US since 1997, having been wanted as a terrorist in Turkey, and who has built an empire, with the help of his CIA handlers, through his NGOs [Non-Governmental Organizations] and foundations,. His net worth from his religious empire is estimated at being between 22 to 28 billion dollars, and he owns the largest charter school system within the U. Through his CIA handlers he has established 100s of mosques/madrasahs in Central Asia, the Caucasuses, in Africa, and in Indonesia.

According to Sibel Edmonds the reports of Erdogan trying to fly to, and trying to gain asylum in Germany was pure psychological warfare disinformation, meant to demoralize the public, as was likely the reports of his having his plane escorted back by Turkish air planes, which were reported to have been on the side of the coup plotters. By spreading disinformation through social media, like Facebook and Twitter, the Poers That Shouldn't Be attempted to utilize it to further the success of the coup attempt.

According to Spiro Skouras [of Newsbud], the first tweet to the best of his knowledge, that first mentioned Erdogan's fleeing Turkey, and trying to seek asylum in Germany, sources back to a tweet by Kyle Griffin, an MSNBC producer, who's tweet said, during mid-coup, "Senior US military source tells NBC News that Erdogan, refused landing rights in Istanbul, is reported to be seeking asylum in Germany." This was meant by the coup plotter to try to stifle any resistance to the attempted coup, using classic psywarfare disinformation techniques to strangle any public resistance or likely any from loyal military/police/intelligence personnel[my added thought].

James Corbett of "The Corbett Report" is of the mind that this could have been an "encouraged," yet staged coup so that Erdogan could use it as a pretense to crack down on those who might very well be planning his demise. Sibel Edmonds on the other hand points out that Erdogan has for the last 3 years been trying to "clean house," since the Gulen movement and the CIA has been infiltrating the military, police, courts and quite likely the intelligence services. Gulen has "pocketed" many political representatives up on Capitol Hill, a known to be totally corrupt bastion that flies in the face of our supposed form of democracy, a Republic. So Gulen[or his representatives, since he is senile now] have solidified their power base within the US government, which usually goes now in lockstep with the desires of the intelligence community, as does the FBI and other Federal law enforcement.

Sibel Edmonds thinks that this was a dry run to a future coup against Erdogan, meant to see how much popular opposition there would be against such a future coup d'etat. Erdogan's own national security adviser was arrested, suspected of being involved with the coup plotters, so Sibel Edmonds believes that the Gulen/CIA network is far, far bigger than the around 2,500 that have been rounded up so far.

Sparking concerns of a near future coup d'eta attempt is the fact that 42 military helicopters are missing from the Incirlik NATO Air Base in Turkey, which is unbelievable since it is one of the most secure bases in all of the Western world. To borrow from Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell's observation concerning Saudi Arabia awhile back, I most certainly believe, having avidly followed this Erdogan situation for the past year, I really do think that Erdogan has been "placed on the menu" of Middle Eastern leaders that the US government desires to replace, even if it were like happened to Gaddafi.

NATO/CIA's Gladio B started in 1996/1997, and was a switch from using fascist extremists/terrorists to effect political change by manipulating public opinion through fear, to now instead using extremist Sunni Islamic terrorists in the same way, making them the new false bogeyman that we are all meant to fear, and whereas the real terrorists are our own Western governments that created these groups and control them covertly[aka state sponsored terrorism], like Al Qaeda and Daesh/ISIS. Fethullah Gulen's movement represents a more moderate form of Islam, which is pro-Western, unlike the Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia, but Gulen is not above the skullduggery that his CIA masters have been damnably guilty of, and they therefore are not above using whatever means are necessary to effect change in Turkey and elsewhere.

I agree with Sibel Edmonds that we should all encourage the brave Turkish people to shut down all US/CIA and NATO facilities in Turkey to keep another coup from being started, since even though Erdogan isn't the very best, someone far worse would undoubtedly replace him if he was overthrown.

I would remind the savvy people who've been following all the multi-encompassing developments/events in the past year and a half that there is a possible threat of a terrorist, aided by Western intelligence, or even ODESSA[aka The Nazi International as their called by Dr. Joseph Patrick Farrell], to set off a small to medium sized nuclear device, meant to massively manipulate public opinion towards more restrictive security measures such as martial law. To quote from the website [],

On 7 September 1997, the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes broadcast an alarming story in which former Russian National Security Adviver [Gen.] Aleksandr Lebed claimed that the Russian military had lost track of more than 100 suitcase-sized nuclear bombs, any one of which could kill up to 100,000 people. Lebed said: I'm saying that more than a hundred weapons out of the supposed number of 250 are not under the control of the armed forces of Russia," Lebed said in the interview. "I don't know their location. I don't know whether they have been destroyed or whether they are stored or whether they've been sold or stolen. I don't know."

Israel has such suitcase nukes too, but they are under strict control and security, whereas when the Soviet Union fell, many armed forces personnel suffering from lack of pay, gave into criminally selling all sorts of weapons, possibly including suitcase nukes. Lebed was adamant about his warnings, even suggesting if I recall correctly that some may have wound up in terrorist hands. Lebed mysteriously died in a plane crash not long after, likely killed for his embarrassing revelations on this topic.

Add to this that NATO has been baiting Russia, as has Uncle Sam, almost or actually trying to start an all out war, especially by encroaching near to the Russian border, readying to even place nuclear missiles right near their border. Then you have the Pacific Pivot strategy that is directly challenging militarily the Chinese, who have been building artificial islands in the South China Sea, where an all out war could be sparked by any wrong move. So the events in Turkey are pivotal insofar as it is one of the flash points that could trigger a 3rd World War, which is looking more likely each and every week. It is all the more important that people all over the world begin to wake up, and challenge their governments, working to make the voice of the 99% heard round the world.

We Americans stood up against the British, against unbelievable odds, but won in the end, so it is completely possible for oppressed people around the globe to do the same, throwing off the shackles of imperialism and despotism.

It is my sincere hope that the Turkish people demand a better democracy, protect of their secularist state that has been leaning to a religious state, and actually have for themselves an elected leader who will represent everyone, and not just the blind nationalist patriots, who are as dumb as those of the same ilk here in the USA. remember to learn these things on your own, not going just by social media, or the controlled mainstream media. Wake up, get involved before it is too late to act.

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  1. Turkey, at the core of impending doom just like the Cuban missile crisis. Like this crisis, perhaps we should take a more panoramic view of American foreign policy and then we might just obtain a greater understanding of what America is up to!