Societies Seek ‘National Dialogue’ Towards Independent All-Ireland Republic

A press statement from the 1916 Societies calling for an All-Ireland referendum as an alternative to the partitionist nationalist call for a national forum.

The 1916 Societies note proposals by several parties across Ireland – beginning with the SDLP, seconded by Sinn Fein and eventuating in the Dublin Government’s announcement yesterday – that a ‘national forum’ be convened to discuss the implications of the ‘Brexit’ referendum in Britain, presumably among them that the constitutional relationship between Ireland north and south, in what is a new strategic environment, not only requires review but must be fundamentally revised to reflect emerging realities.

We consider that the UK decision to withdraw from the European Union creates an immediate imperative towards Irish Unity and that the same should be effected at the earliest opportunity by all whose stated intent is to uphold the national interests of the Irish people. Our hope is that any forum to emerge will be mandated to agree a national republic, where Irish sovereignty and the right to self-determination are restored to the people as of right.

As of this morning, we have written to all elected representatives to the major institutions across Ireland, of our own initiative and independent to the proposed forum, requesting that a national dialogue, inclusive of all sections and strata of Irish society and extending also to the overseas Diaspora, freely agree proposals for an independent and all-Ireland republic to be approved in turn by the Irish people through recourse to a national referendum.

We assert that such a republic is the only political and constitutional arrangement whereby Irish national sovereignty and the right to self-determination can be upheld in their totality and as they should.

We look forward to working with all interested parties towards realising the above objectives, that we might build together in the time ahead a new democratic initiative that empowers the rights of our people while ensuring that the national interest be upheld.


  1. While I would love to see an all Ireland referendum, it's miles off, if a reality at all. Numerous Quislings campaigned for, then voted the g.f.a. I fail to see what difference the Brexit will make in terms of a united Ireland. All this talk of people being dragged out, is that not democracy?, is someone not always going to feel hard done by? How can those who chose to be part of Brit democracy,now decry it. How can we restore Irish sovereignty when the majority of the country voted to relinquish it? How can Scotland vote to remain under British jurisdiction then complain when the obvious happens? On another note what is the obsession with the undemocratic, austerity forcing, banking paradise E.U? It seems as if us Celts just want to give their sovereignty to somebody, anybody.

  2. Ho hum and more pie-in-the-sky from the 'Societies'.

    Nothing changes without consent of the wee 6 and therein lays the rub.

    The Wee 6 may have voted to stay in the EU but it sure as sh*t didn't vote to leave the UK.

    I do get the impression the 1916er's are grasping at fewer and fewer straws.

    Wonder what next they hope will make them relevant?

  3. I think the persuit of a referendum is for those with youth energy nd the desire. The fatigued numb and disolusioned of us will just leave the notion to them. People are fickle and moods change as 1916 and its aftermath showed us. But where any chnge from fatigue and disinterest will come from is anyone's guess. Should it come my vote is assred. But until then I'm not holding my breath.

  4. David Higgins
    You make some good points. The EU may now push on towards a United States of Europe under German and French steam. Some of them want an EU army and withdrawal from NATO. TTIP is coming up soon as well. The eurosceptic nations like Poland and Hungary will not have the support of the UK and will have to decide where their bread is buttered. As will Ireland. Will they sell their sovereignty to Germany and a USE? Go it alone? Dublin will be looking very closely at the deal the UK gets from brexit and the deal Scotland gets from the UK. These are interesting times, no-one knows how the cards will fall.

    All the while we have the 1916 Societies trying to push a big rock up a big hill. I almost feel sorry for them.

  5. Peter

    Scotland is going nowhere. Spain and the wider EU project will block any further fragmentation. The Tory Party will be no friend of Scotland either it has no MPs there nor indeed has Labour. Scotland and the wee 6 counties can expect a high price to be extracted for being British and Proud. As for the 1916 Societies, I am simply confused by that entire project from a progressive viewpoint and at this stage with republicanism as any type of percieved political vehicle. The notion of Protestant Catholic and Dissenter as an approach whilst at the same time we see republican cheer leaders in full military garb fantasising about being IRA men just leaves me fucking numb. What kind of crap is that? An ideology that pleads and bleets to those it is at war with. There is more chance of the UVF/Orange Order convincing RCs that drug fueled parades and their hangers on going through small RC districts is a good foundation for an alternative Ulster. It is just pure fucking horse-shit.

  6. Larry
    Scotland may yet get Devo-Max. I know they will not get Indy because of Spain, as you say, but there may be a loosening of the union. Whatever happens it will be interesting for sure.

    The funny thing about modern republicanism is that if there is a UI they will have played no part in securing it and will play no part in shaping it. It has become an irrelevance. It is the same with the OO, the last time my local lodge walked through the village there were only 9 of them!

  7. Peter, For me the E.U is the biggest obstacle to sovereignty in Europe, yet we get nationalist parties, S.N.P Plaid Cymru and Sinn Fein all pandering and fawning to this financial institution. It's a contradiction in terms for me. You can't truly be Sovereign unless your in charge of your finances, laws and yes immigration. I am confused, when I listen to aforementioned parties rallying, justly in my view, against Westminister interference, only to be more than eager than to hand the same powers to Brussels. I don't get it

  8. Brussels throws free cash about, that's why. The smaller nations can't cut it economically and especially with the corrup hoors running them (here). So the EU is an economic safety net for post independence.

  9. That's my point, if you can't have a workable financial structure without conter productive interest based loan from central banks to finance central banks, your far from independent. So should highlighting and opposing such measures not be a priority of nationalist parties instead of talking about being independent nations within the E.U, whatever the fuck that means.

  10. David Higgins

    To my mind it means fuck all at this stage. The devil you know is certainly NOT better than the devil you don't in regards to the choice between the Tory Party and the EU. No one outside the London Thatcherite sociopathic scum bags wants to be under those economic fascists. That is the issue. How a bunch of econimic fascists based in and around London can rig the electoral grid to secure government needs examined. Perhaps the lesson to be learned from 1916 is that the regions want as much autonomy as possible and as long as the Tory little Englanders continue to deny it the worse things will become. Ireland is full of tax dodging multi nationals and inward investment in the form of USA and global firms paying shite wages and minimum tax to a university educated workforce and the Irish governemnt rspectively while the scoundrels in the Dail fill their boots, pockets, coat linings and nickers with wads of tax payers cash then charge families for the priviledge of a water tap in the house. I have said it before and I'll say it again, we don't have an SNP here, we have self serving ex / present informers and sociopaths and paedos and sometimes a combination of all the above running the gaff. It will never change. The electorate loves them.