A Life Ago ... A Life Yet Ahead

The latest from Frank O'Brien on US foreign policy. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city area.

"At times I almost dream I too have spent a life the sages' way, and tread once more familiar paths. Perchance I perished in an arrogant self-reliance an age ago. And in that act a prayer for one more chance went up so earnest, so... Instinct with better light let in by death that life was blotted out no so completely, but scattered, wrecks enough of it to remain dim memories, as now, when seems, once more, the goal in sight again."[Robert Browning, "Paracelsus"].

This soul wrenching quote, both at the beginning, and end of The X-Files, S04E05, "The Field Where I Died," best sums up my experience when after I died briefly from smoke inhalation in 1999. We get but one chance at getting life right here in this life, it long after affecting our future in the next life, so we shouldn't waste the ever so brief chance that we have at being of service to others in whatever capacity we can.

Omar Mateen blotted out the lives of a huge swath of innocent people all because he couldn't come to terms with his own sexuality, which it has been reported was bisexual at least, and it not really having been anything to do with Daesh or extremist Sunni Islam. Were his soul's judgement to be seen on TV, it would surely be seen to be going to the depths of everlasting perdition, where only those go who take the lives of others who were meant to have lived a long and happy bunch of lives. True Islam, whether Sunni, Shiite, or the few other sects of it, is about love, caring and peaceful coexistence with other religions, with it only getting perverted by those wearing the golden ring of power in Islamic nations, or the mullahs preaching to the flock wherever you go around the world.

Whether or not many Americans realize it or not, there are some in the Afghan, Pakistani and other Islamic nations that aren't all too aware of the supposed events of 9/11 as its been documented in the corporate mainstream press here, but rather they believe like so many millions of Americans that it was our deep state that was behind it, or they unbelievably never even heard about it, only knowing the day that US troops, alongside British, and other international soldiers went to war on the Taliban, and the CIA created Al Qaeda.

The choices being made by many, many young Muslim men to join the renewed Taliban has been accentuated by the intolerable, and vicious indiscriminate killings of civilians by either drones, bombs or by gun fire perpetrated by the said coalition forces in Afghanistan, whereas in Iraq, the majority of Iraqis see the US as the Irish saw the British troops sent into Belfast to quell the violence that erupted there in the late 60s/early 70s.

With over a million dead Iraqis, and their blood, being on the hands of America's military, and politicians, is it any surprise, and the CIA[no doubt aided by MOSSAD, MI6, DGSE, etc.] were behind the building up of Daesh to help over throw the Syrian Al-Assad government, leading to tons of atrocities being on Uncle Sam's, and NATO's hands. The choices being made in the name of God and country by America's intelligence community, and military, are what are behind the steady increase in jihad being waged against the West, yet it is a craftily manufactured enemy in so many ways, not just from our slaughter of a ton of innocent Muslims, but also from it's being engineered by despotic military and cloak and dagger types.

In the end the American Empire in the 21st century has been built on the bones of millions of innocents, now being responsible for millions of refugees who are being treated like scum by the European countries whose governments have much responsibility in their plight as does the USA. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that given the ethnic cleansing, and other war crimes committed against innocent civilian Muslims, that a scattered few might not want to hit back at those who have caused it all, even if going after an equal number of innocent European civilians, since tit for tat is an worldwide tradition. If unless the perverted course of the globalist, imperialist agenda of the West, which is disguised as a so-called War on Terror isn't turned around, the rest of the world will fight tooth and nail in a fully justifiable war against it.

Our lives are so precious, as are the lives of those that we don't necessarily know all that well, so to be blindly patriotic, not being all too educated about what you are backing is the truest stupidity that could ever be dreamt up by anyone. We must boldly go forward thinking only of the needs of others, not ourselves, which runs counter with a lot of Westerners, who are very, very narcissistic, and bourgeoisie, and I mean just look at Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, to get the idea. To bridge the gap that exists between the mainly Christian West, and the Islamic world, this War on Terror must be stopped dead in its tracks before it helps create even more jihadists, and crusaders on the other side.

We must look to educate those who are mindlessly unaware of the real history that has been the reality of those in Islamic countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, etc.. Instead of empire building, or fake democracy, we need to be respectful, and kind to those we have done such outrageous harm to, making up for the wages of our collective sins. We likely only get one chance, and from what I found out from dying in 1999, we had better get it right the first time unless we wish to die and go straight to Hell.

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  1. Bloody hell. Great read on the day the Chilcot report comes out. I don't expect anything other than a whitewsh and the inteligence services that were bullied into producing a false inteligence report - the dodgy dossier - as a means of invding Iraq, will no doubt carry the can again. Blair will continue to lie that he genuinely believed the document was truthful and went to war with honest intentions. His nose is that long at this stage he can break a window at 20 yards with it. Certainly after centuries of crusades by western powers the Muslims have plenty of reason to be angry. Cause and effect is deliberately ignored in the most patronising manner by the west and many of its contemptible citizenry. Like western holiday makers asserting in Tunisia after the beach massacre there that they wouldn't give in to terrorists. As if they somehow held the moral high ground whilst the entire middle east and North Africa were ablaze as a result of their governments actions. Personally it has gotten to the stage I would happily see WW3 if it stopped the UK/USA endless global menace and vandalism and mass murder on a national scale.