A Poll, A Poll! My Kingdom For A Poll .... Well, One That Is Accurate Anyway!

Tyrone republican Sean Mallory with his views on Brexit.

It’s understandable. For centuries Britain has been invaded, colonised; we’ve had to hand over our raw materials to countries like India and Barbados; we’ve pleaded and begged, “please stop ordering us about and let us run our own affairs, Mister Gandhi”. At last, our patience has run out. We’ve snapped. We want our country back. - Mark SteelIndependent 17/06/2016

Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th June 2016 will always be remembered for two things:

1 – There was no Euro football.

2 – The British Referendum on Britain’s EU membership on the 23rd and its impending result on the 24th.

20 years from now people will not be asking, where were you when Cameron announced his resignation but didn’t actually do it?!

In all likelihood they will be asking, do you remember those two painful days during the Euros 2016 when there was this lull type thing in the Euros and there was no football...no football at all....Jesus it was an awful time?

Having lost the English referendum on Britain’s EU membership, Cameron during his valediction almost shed a tear but not quite. An almost tear which reminded me of Robinson’s expression of insincerity over Iris and what could be described as her affair with her grandson’s best mate. Cameron went on to express his love of his country but not its people. Those swine actually had the temerity to vote! He, with much rehearsed passionate and trembling speech, said goodbye to No 10 Downing Street. 

And then on ending, he and his good lady wife returned to no 10 for afternoon tea and biscuits!

He informed the public that his departure was not to be immediate and in a Lord Kitchener moment of ‘Your country needs you’ volunteered his services to guide the ship with a steady hand while one with more navigational skills was procured from within the Tory party!

Apparently this will take 3 months and will run right up to the Tory Party conference in October. But that was as far as his goodwill would extend. In a last ditch grab at revenge for treachery and treason, PR Dave let it be known that he wouldn’t be the Prime-Minister who invoked Article 50. If successful in the leadership battle it would be up to Boris and the boys to do just that and thus saving PR Dave from being recorded as the prime-minister who broke up Britain. That accolade was now laid at the door of his successor alone!

Meanwhile and unlike Boris and the boy’s celebration across the water which was quite a dull affair as the enormity of their success and what it would entail for the future began to hit home, Foster and her Neanderthals were celebrating being ruled from Westminster now and not Brussels. Extolling the virtues of such a new relationship she was quick to correct a pundit when they talked about the North of Ireland by retorting that there was no such place ... neither is there such a country as Northern Ireland Arlene. The difference between interference from Brussels and being ruled from Westminster being that, besides location, translators would no longer be required.

While she paraded around and talked up their victory as a strengthening of the Union, the Irish passport office was suddenly inundated with an influx of applications from British citizens from Co Derry and not Co Londonderry! How fickle their Unionism!

Farage’s retraction of monies promised to the NHS from Brexit and Boris’s hinting that it could take years to leave didn’t dampen Arlene’s spirits. Nor did the devaluation of the pound to 30 year lows interfere either. Not even Junior’s encouragement of all things orange to apply for an Irish passport, some of which he admitted he had signed himself!

Arlene, still euphoric from her victory, which she actually lost here by 56% Remain and 44% Leave -- and unlike Cameron and his referendum failure -- has had no calls for her resignation. She, in fact, now that Britain will leave the EU, is calling for special dispensation to allow the existing relationship with the South to continue .... talk about having your cake an eating it.

Theresa May, the British Home Secretary and most likely next leader of the Tories has been accused of “talking nonsense" after she claimed that Brexit could hurt businesses in Northern Ireland, by Independent cross-bencher (not dresser) Lord Kilclooney. - BT – 22/06/2016.

Kilcooney not only gave May a dressing down but also laid out the foreign policy of the South for the next two years by predicting that the Irish Republic would quickly follow the UK out of the European Union if people backed a Brexit. The former MP said."

If the UK leaves the EU, there will be no strengthening of the border here because the Irish Republic will swiftly follow suit ... The UK will have two years to negotiate the terms of its exit and, during that period, the Republic will leave too. As the main trading partner of the UK, it would be disastrous for them to remain.

Lord Kilclooney said that the farming community in the Republic would lobby strongly for an end to EU membership.

"Most of their beef, lamb and dairy exports go to the UK," he added. "They would be destroyed if we leave the EU, so they will do the same in order to continue trading with us."

SF have called for a border poll as the majority here wish to stay within the EU and that can only be achieved by joining with the Republic. Villiers slapped their wrists for such crass stupidity as nothing had changed and simply dismissed this out of hand. Kenny also dismissed it as unimportant to the more pressing need of retaining EU relationships with the North while the North is not part of the EU.

Relationships of a similar hue before Brexit but which the EU has stated very clearly that there would be no parting agreement on terms similar to that of Norway nor kindly terms towards Britain. Juncker, President of the European Commission and Schulz, President of the European Parliament, have both called for Britain’s removal to be as soon as possible in order to remove the system risk to Europe. Both hope that Cameron will invoke Article 50 at the upcoming European meeting on Tuesday 28th in his speech or they are willing to accept its invocation simply by letter.

So as ‘norn iron’ fans return from the Euros to take up their mantle of defenders of the faith over the 12th and reminding the croppy that the Euros are over now and it’s back to normal.

As Rory the Weasel McIlroy pulls out of the Irish Olympic team over the zika virus scare when in fact he is abhorrent at representing Ireland but not registering his company there for tax avoidance reasons. As Foster basks in the rays of victory will she as she encourages people to take back control of our future, extend that demand to Britain’s colonies.

As homophobic UUP intransigence over following proper council protocol led to the delay in Fermanagh and Omagh district council sending a letter of condolences to the American consulate over the Orlando massacre because UUP Victor Warrington described the mass murder as “tragedy, but tragedies happen everyday.” DUP councillor Raymond Farrell, who recently jumped ship from the UUP, also stated that there were many tragedies happening everyday around the world and asked “where do we draw the line with this? Do we go down the route of writing to everybody who suffered?” In November the council sent a letter to France after the Paris attacks without debate!

As Nigel Dodds, speaking of the attack on Jo Cox, reminded everyone of the misery after the news of the failed attack on himself 20 years ago by the IRA while visiting his son in the Royal hospital described Cox’s murder as truly shocking and horrible and then went on to detract from her own family's grief by mentioning public representatives who have met their demise at the hands of terrorism .... Irish terrorism for that matter ... Airy Neave 1979 for one. Soon to be, Sir Jeffery Donaldson mentioned MP Robert Bradford’s demise in 1981 which I can recall and unlike the failed attack on Dodds which was viewed with abject dismay within the Nationalist community, Bradford’s demise had the effect of not only raising his spirit but also that of theirs!

As Sepp Blatter explains how to cheat in drawing the balls for a tournament but was explicit to point out that it was an act that he never performed, as Clement Freud – liberal MP and much loved TV darling is outed as a paedophile, as those within the Labour Party, hell bent on removing Jeremy Corbyn, can all look forward to a blustery July with the release of Chilcot, and as Cameron extends his stay in Downing Street until October.

If a week in politics is a long time, then 3 months must be ‘to infinity and beyond’.


  1. I know I shouldn't take your pieces literally Sean by why the dig at McIlroy? He is Roman Catholic, self identifies as Irish and is representing Ireland at the Olympics or has he pulled out and I missed something?

    Can't be Northern Irish without being Irish, even Paisley knew that!

  2. Sean

    In fairness with regards to the border poll the referendum was NOT on a united Ireland. People would have voted differently on that as we all know. However attempt to accentuate the positive. There were a majority of people in the wee 6 and Scotland that voted for what they saw as their best interests. It was a vote that went against the little England vote that was slapped into the face of the English political elite. If as a republican you feel a need to reach out and defend the Protestants of the north then take heart from that vote and also from the resultant rush for Irish passports in the north. In any new dispensation it seems clear to me as eluded to by Steve and Pete on here, they have also seemed to indicate, if the situation were correct, Irish unity would evolve peacefully. Looking at the SNP and the amazing nihilism of the English and Welsh in the referendum, a positive and new approach surely is needed. Harping endlessly back to the past and criticising all and sundry is hardly appealing. That is becoming my take. Is McIroy a taig....? fuck I had no idea we had uglies of that caliber on our team! Though I agree with his decision on the olympics, no amount of money could possibly compensate for a child with defects like those now so plentiful in Brazil. Good man Rory. There are more important things in life.

  3. Well said Larry,

    your transition from advocating for a 'right fcuking up them' revolution to seeing Irish unity as an necessarily peaceful evolution is to be acknowledged, welcomed and commended.

  4. Henry Joy

    Your application to BBC/Sky News is top of the pile. I was 'rite fucking up them' in the context of 'at the time' of events re the Kingsmill attack in the early 1970s and would fully advocate the same response to similar attacks on RCs today by loyalist/Brit army/RUC if they were to occur. As for 2016, I do wonder now that Arlene the MAN has advocated a leave in spite of the majority vote in Norn Iron and Scotland what comes next. Trigger article 50 IMMEDIATELY I suggest and instigate the self destruct UK button now. Not a second to spare. Norn Iron and Scotland do not posess a Tory MP or a Tory B team (labour) MP between them. England and Wales have all those reptiles elected between them. When EU money runs out and the Tory Party 'sticks it right fucking up' the celtic fringe areas of the wee 6 and Scotland I wonder how low into the gutter the basket case 6 counties have to sink before Arlene the 'big fella' realises she got it wrong? The IRA could never have done this amount of damage. Ferage for POPE lol.

  5. People power coming to the rescue of Cameron et all. Protests at Westminster and no wonder those theives who 'work' their 'trade' their are a bigger danger to the UK than Guy Fawkes ever was!!

  6. Larry what makes me laugh is the BBC reporting that Vodafone are considering moving their operations to Europe in the light of Brexit.

    Absolutely f*ck all mention of the fact that Vodafone paid ZERO tax last year in the UK due to having their corporate tax shelter in Luxembourg already.

    "The telecoms giant said in an emailed statement it was important to retain access to the EU's free "movement of people, capital and goods".
    It was too early "draw any firm conclusions regarding the long-term location for the headquarters".
    But Vodafone said that it would "take whatever decisions are appropriate".

    Looks like a few feathers have been ruffled LOL

  7. " In any new dispensation it seems clear to me as eluded to by Steve and Pete on here, they have also seemed to indicate, if the situation were correct, Irish unity would evolve peacefully"

    For my part, yes. Can't speak for Pete though.

  8. Steve

    Having chided Christy for getting too far ahead of himself I don't want to do the same. We have no idea how things are going to work out. Whether a sensible deal can be struck with the EU or not, whether they will offer special terms to the UK or not etc. What is clear is that if the brexit deal is not amicable and things go wrong then Scottish independence looks a cert thing. If that happens then the Scottish are going to want a sensible deal with the English, their biggest trading partner and north sea oil partner. They will also probably want to keep the pound, the NHS and the Queen as head of state. In other words a looser UK with Scotland still in the EU, ruled from Edinburgh, but with special ties to England. I imagine that might be an attractive proposition for the Republic which also has England as its largest trading partner and nearest neighbour. I hope that a united Ireland with the island a part of a looser UK (i.e. joining the commonwealth and adopting the pound but staying in the EU) is a possibility. These are exciting times I just hope common sense prevails.

  9. Sean Mallory writes

    Steve / Larry,

    McIlroy’s religion is unimportant. I couldn’t care less if he danced in the moonlight with headless chickens....as long as they weren’t my chickens! I find him quite conniving and deceitful.....hence ‘the weasel’.

    I think you’re reading way too much in to the rush for Irish passports....it is about travelling freely and conveniently within the EU but my point was that at the end of the day even Unionism has a price.

    “Harping endlessly back to the past and criticising all and sundry is hardly appealing.” I didn’t realise that my rants were such.....you Larry, with a quick flick of the quill have fatally wounded me....I shall retire to hopefully mend my wounds. When shall I return, I don’t know...........Steve and Peter would be fuck’n delighted if that were to happen, now wouldn’t they!!!!!!!

  10. Sean

    You are taking the comments as personal attack when they were meant as an opinion on political approach in general. The idea that unionists would rush for passports is a 'given' sure they loyaly set up the UVF to fight Westminster when it suited them. As for rants about the past that is just my contention that an SNP has been much more effective and constructive than people shouting about Republicanism here endlessly. The very word/name alienates the people they are on their knees begging to love them...the unionists. Hardly rocket science in 2016. Nothing personal at all Sean.... chin up old chap.

  11. Steve / Peter

    I think the historical difference between Scotland's relationship with the English and Ireland's is that we were colonised, militarily subjugated for centuries by a superior military force. Scotland's union with the English was consensual. FG would jump at the chance to rejoin the Commonwealth and /or the Union if they could do so in my opinion. The EU was the perfect cover trade wise for that. It has worked until now. There is already enough connection trade wise without ever trusting Tory little Englanders. For most of us Irish that will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. Let them inflict bedroom taxes in London if they must. Unionists in the wee 6 will have plenty to think about in the coming months. I hope republicans hit the MUTE button while things unfold. 1916 has no positive relevance in this EU/UK unravelling that's going on. Scotland is terrified of being left alone, helpless without EU money and legal protection and at the mercy of little Englander Tories. Well check it out, we had centuries of it with ugly consequences. It took decades for the Scots to peacefully rid themselves of Labour and Tory self servers. English nationalism is on the rise. That does not auger well for clear heads and common sense. It signals a need for self protection in a 2016 EU modern era. Scotland is blazing a trail! England faces an ugly period at home in mixed race communities by the looks of things. Maybe Peter would like to tell an Irish man why I would be better off ruled by the Tory Party from London sitting in Donegal here? BTW I watched Paisley Jnr and O'Dowd and Nesbitt and a very clever SDLP lady on BBC last night and it strikes me that those in the wee north have gotten to know each other quite well and I believe they will forge a good deal for themselves collectively and for the relationship with the rest of Ireland. So, some resons to be happy. Ian Dury would be elated.

    Tories now preaching a need on SKY News for helping the poor. Jesus wept will the UK electorate England and Wales (that looks like the UK these days) really swallow that one? I believe it possible. The process to hoodwink the elcetorate by Westminster vultures has begun.

  12. Sean
    On the contrary, keep your republican bitterness on show. Your diatribe flows from complete failure and cheers my heart.

  13. Larry,

    "Scotland's union with the English was consensual."

    Some may disagree with ye there! But seriously, the Scots aren't daft and already know that even if they choose in another referendum to leave the UK, they are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to applying for EU membership. Plenty of other countries in the East ahead of them too so if they are terrified of being alone, annulling the Union is madness on their part along with the economic reasons Peter has pointed out.


    Me neither, I am more interested in letting the dust settle on this hullaballoo to see where the situation takes us in the next 3 years. I suspect not much will change as Capitalist markets just make adjustments, but politically in England it is a clusterf**k of rather large proportions.

    The flip side of this is that it strengthens the hand that Unionists have in the House of Commons by now being a bloody large minority party, as the Tories and Labour rip themselves asunder. I expect all kinds of deals to be done under the table, none of which will mention the words "Border Poll".

    I see MMG is now begging for "Special Status" for NI within the EU. Laughable. He's no doubt worked out that nothings changed but the Unionists are in a stronger position now. How he is going to sell that one will remain to be seen (and before people go berzerk I know most Rep's hate MMG, but he still represents quite a lot)


    I'm actually just curious as to why you find him deceitful? Make's no odds to me, I'm not a golfer. And nope, I'd be annoyed if you weren't around, free speech is a fundamental right in my opinion. I don't have to like it but I don't want you to stop either.

  14. Peter,your constant longing for all of Ireland to be brought back under British rule to me smacks of your unionist bitterness and as is typical of unionists you long for the past.
    I see nothing bitter in Larry Hughes comments. But he has a right as an Irishman to be upset at someone telling him he should live under the rule of a state that murdered millions of his countrymen.

  15. The brexit referendum aint going to count for shit. The political elite are gearing up to wipe their collective arse with English voters just like they do with the rest of us. Practice makes perfect. Scotland aint going nowhere either, SPAIN has already decided on that issue. Game over. The same shower of scoundrels and criminals at Westminster are hell bent on destroying Corbyn before he can take to the despatch box regarding the Iraq report. THAT is of more interest to me in all honesty. SF will do nothing in the north. The biggest danger there is DUP arrogance. Nesbitt seems to be trying to seduce the wee RCs, he is pushing at an open door I firmly believe. Meanwhile in 1916.....

  16. chchlc2222 chchlc2222

    You know there are Republics in the Commonweath, right? About 30 of them with ZERO 'rule' from Britain.

    Mrs Windsor is just a titular figurehead, of no power. A United Ireland could easily be a full republic but part of it.

    Quite an important one at that.

  17. Steve Ricardos
    So what? I don't want a so called queen as a figurehead or otherwise. The so called monarchy and so called united kingdom should no influence whatsoever in Ireland even symbolically. It would be an insult to the millions of Irish murdered by the british terror state.
    It never ceases to amaze me how little you unionists know about republicans.

  18. Besides,i see a day in the not too distant future where both the uk and monarchy no longer exist. You unionists are always stuck with your head in the past. You are incapable of thinking outside the box.

  19. Chc,

    So you want an 'United Ireland' with absolutely no compromise or token nod given to the million odd people in the North East, much less acknowledge their cultural history, yes?

    How's that worked out for you so far?

    And by the way I'm a fu*king SOCIALIST who gives less f*cks about the Windsors than I do about the fu*king Tory party.

    How's that for outside your f*cking box?

  20. Steve Ricardos,a socialist who is also a monarchist. Hmm. Why should Ireland compromise on its sovereignty? And why with all this reaching out and reconciliation is it only nationalists and Ireland itself that must compromise? We are told republicans should be commemorating the Somme today just because some deluded naive nationalists fought there. Why aren't protestants told to commemorate Easter rising and other republican events since many protestants fought and died for Irish freedom?

  21. Steve Ricardos

    Aye, but are you a Catholic Socialist or a Protestant Socialist? lol.
    I think the word republicanism is evil incarnate for unionists/loyalists in the north. I think unionism likewise is evil in its MO to Irish nationalists. Not so much prisoners of history as prisoners of terminolgy.

  22. Chc,

    Why do you think I'm a monarchist? I'd prefer the inbred fuckwit greco-german lot of them would be disbanded and the money from the sale of the property put into public hospitals and education.

    I mentioned the fact that SOVEREIGN republics are in equal members of the commonwealth as a potential solution for republicans 'united Ireland'. As it stands the wee 6 counties are cemented firmly apart from the other 26 and unless compromise is reached, that's not about to change.

    "And why with all this reaching out and reconciliation is it only nationalists and Ireland itself that must compromise?"

    That's a strawman, I said no such thing.


    You well know I'm a proddy atheist lol

    Still say the divided schools need to be done away with so our kids grow up together.

  23. Steve Ricardod, this might be a case of mistaken identity. I am a taigy atheist:)

  24. Steve Ricardos,i don't know you. But i think i may be directing my posts towards you by mistake. We may have more in common than you think. Personally i find the religion question offensive. Republicanism was founded by protestants. I myself have never been catholic,protestant or even christian:)

  25. Irish (sick) republicanism was nothing more than a mechanism briefly flirted with by Scottish Presbaterians in Ulster to wrestle over the spoils in Ireland with their Anglican English numerically inferior but socially superior English masters in Ireland. The millions of enslaved/dispossessed Irish RCs were only seen as a possible ally - cannon fodder. When 1798 was swatted like a fly the Presbaterians of Ireland gave up on the American option and became loyal lap dogs to the crown over night. Irish republicanism today is nothing more than a beggars charter pleading for the jailer to love the prisoner. 1916 was a Fenian inspired Rising. Not a beggars charter.

  26. "Scottish Presbaterians in Ulster to wrestle over the spoils in Ireland with their Anglican English numerically inferior but socially superior English masters in Ireland."

    You're winding bastard Larry lol

    Presbyterians were also subjected to the penal laws, a common cause with the RC's.It was CE Knox who engineered the sectarian shite to divide the United Irishman as it benefited British rule.

  27. Chc..

    OK, no harm done. I've been pulled up here for losing my temper before so am in no position to judge lol

    Funnily enough its a unionist 'Doctor' on here who usually gets my goat. Go figure.

  28. Steve Ricardos,republicans will never recognise the so called monarchy and you were the one to bring it up.

  29. Steve Ricardos

    You know what they say, we all know who our mammy is, daddy on the other hand is anyone's guess.

    Never heard Mackers referred to as a unionist before.

    I stick with my contention that Presbyterians tested the water here after the 2nd English civil war AKA the American war of independence and after a swift 'shoe-shining' they swanned aff to the New World with their ill gotten gains from Ireland. Ulster Scots having provided up to 7 Presidents in fledgling USA is indeed impressive until you realize there were only three dozen fuckers over there at that time!!

  30. Chc,

    Fair enough, just wasn't sure you were aware of it that's all.


    It was "Doctor" Coulter I was referring to, not Anthony. Mackers needs a good shave before I'd mistake him for Prod!! LOL

    What 'ill gotten gains' from Ireland are you referring to though Larry, genuinely curious?

  31. Steve Ricaardos

    I just threw that in there for 'effect' I'm applying for a job at the BBC next week lol