A New Approach

Steven Katsineris with a letter calling for the application of a different economic logic in Australia.

Dear Editor, 

Its one thing for Australian politicians to keep repeating the jobs and growth slogan, what we must do to is decide what type of jobs and growth we really want and need to create in our society.

We want real, sustainable jobs that don’t damage or pollute our environment and gives people lifetime employment, not boom and bust growth. We need to boost financial backing for solar and other renewable energy industries that will create many thousands of viable, permanent manufacturing, technical, trades and other jobs and clean, safe energy. 

If we want to bring tourists to this country to see our nation’s natural wonders and spend money, we need to provide funding to properly protect and care for these wild places. This will create hundreds of thousands of long term jobs in the national parks service, tour companies, catering and services companies and many others. 

If we really want to look after the wellbeing of the young, elderly and disadvantaged we must appropriately fund education, health and welfare, this creates employment for teachers, support staff, office workers, carers, builders and a wide range of other ongoing, lasting jobs and this generates economic growth. It’s not just about job creation and growth, but creating the right sort of work that is decent, sustainable and gives this country and its people a bright, healthy and secure future that’s most important. 

Steven Katsineris

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