Representation And Reality. Malcolm X - The House Negro And The field Negro

West Belfast resident Seamas MacAlastair has a few thoughts on the N word controversy prompted by a Gerry Adams tweet.

Mr Adams was in our street this afternoon, himself and a driver in a navy blue beat up estate with a 2001 southern reg encouraging us to give PSF our vote tomorrow. It was a little surreal to be reading online about his latest foot in the mouth comment, then to actually see him out the window.

Couldn't really make out all of what he was saying as the speaker system was very poor but he most certainly never mentioned the devastating impact of British Tory welfare reforms, nor the imminent scrapping of 20,000 civil service jobs as voted by PSF MLA's. Naturally there was no mention at all of political policing, internment by remand nor indeed the conditions in Maghaberry.

He did however mention that he and his team are working to ensure prosperity for the people of West Belfast. Fair play to him for being out and about yet the 15 year old scrapper he was sitting in is a far cry from the reality of the suited, booted MLA team and their cohorts with their community jobs, their fancy houses and their high end luxury cars.

Carried away (!) in the emotion of watching a Tarantino film Mr Adams represented himself as a Ballymurphy 'nigger' ...the reality is that Mr Adams and co are more akin to what Malcolm X described as house 'Negros' - those who identify with and serve oppressive institutions, in the case of Maskey today lauding himself for securing the odd park or building in the district, rather than genuinely addressing the wider socio, economic and political interests of the masses of the people.

Nowhere is this more apparent here in West Belfast where Mr Adams and his fellow House 'Negros' have politically both in Stormont and at council level, held sway for the past generation, with disastrous results.

Never has there been a more pressing time for people to question the loyalty and commitment of these landlord charlatans and choose principled community leaders who will fight uncompromisingly for Irish Republican working class ideals.


  1. Sinn Fein consistently misrepresent the work done by others as coming from themselves. This was done not so long ago regarding the clean up in the rock streets. Here is the latest misrepresentation from them in lenadoon....

    For those who don't use Facebook the link should still work.

  2. A very good article and right on the nose. I remember years ago, just before Adams moved to Co Louth, the editor of the Andersonstown News asked a simple question “What has Gerry Adams done for West Belfast” and I’m still waiting for an answer.