New Obscenity

Antoin O'Hara protests the hijacking of the 1981 hunger strike for electioneering purposes. Antoin O'Hara was on the H Block blanket protest. His bother Patsy O'Hara was the fourth of the Ten Men Dead.

Francie Brolly wrote and sang - ''will this last obscenity be this grim H-Block cell?'

This picture is the new Obscenity to emerge 35 years after Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes, Ray Mc Creesh and Patsy O'Hara suffered and eventually died on hunger strike.

Antoin O Hara's photo.

Let me quote - 35 years ago I ask for your support - 35 years on I ask for your support again. With images of McGuinness, McCartney and McLaughlin this image was on display during Sunday's Hunger Strike March in Derry.

Bobby Sands stood for election on behalf of the POWs of the IRA and INLA in the H Blocks and Armagh Gaols to highlight the attempt to Criminalise our struggle and to achieve Political Status for the Prisoners that the Brits removed in 1976.

We had (Myself included) lay naked in H Block since 1976 with only a blanket to cover us as we refused to wear a prison uniform. Ciaran Nugent being the first Blanket man to do so. His Mural was removed by SF in the Falls Rd a few weeks back and replaced by Edward Carson.

I was Bobby Sands' first Cell mate on the Blanket Protest in H Block 5. Let me tell you the facts - he didn't die for Stormont - in fact he was part and Parcel of the campaign by SF to Abolish Stormont in the 1970s.

And yet SF will attempt to draw a distorted comparison in an attempt to woo voters. So they can Continue Ruling the partitioned part of Ireland on behalf of the British. 35 years after the Hunger strikes and 100 years after the Easter Rising.

But while Ireland is not free I remain a rebel, unconverted and unconvertible. There is no word strong enough for it. I am pledged as a rebel, an unconvertible rebel, to the one thing – a free and independent Republic - Constance Markievicz 1921


  1. Something to seriously think about!

  2. Antoin, it's a good point but why is anyone surprised at any of their actions! Would anyone be surprised that Raymond Mc Cartney was advisor to the present batch of SF republicans , ( their leader on Belfast city council and their MLA ,former prisoner, in Fermanagh) who in 1994 carried out physical assaults on INLA prisoners! Power was always their goal. They are a pathetic bunch.
    Antoin may your brother and all the others rest in peace.