Fermanagh Societies Announce Easter Arrangements For 2016

More Easter events news from the 1916 Societies.

The Fermanagh 1916 Societies Annual Easter Commemoration takes place on Easter Sunday at 11.30am in Derrylin Graveyard. There republicans will gather at the grave of local activist Jim Murphy, who was murdered by unknown British crown forces in April 1974.
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Bernice Swift, Independent Republican Cllr. and member of the local Sean MacDiarmada Society, has called on Irish republicans from across the county ‘to assemble in Derrylin and pay tribute to all of Ireland’s Patriot Dead, who died in pursuit of Irish Freedom and Independence’.

Continuing, she told how ‘this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Symbolically, Irish Republicans will gather at the graves of Irish Patriots, such as Jim Murphy, to respectfully honour and commemorate the sacrifice they made’.

Concluding she said, ‘we must never forget Jim Murphy, a true Irish Patriot who rejected British rule no matter what guise or form it took. Jim knew that fulfilling the 1916 Proclamation, which declaring Ireland a 32-County Republic, was the only proper way to honour Sean MacDiarmada, as the other 1916 Leaders. Honour Ireland’s dead and wear an Easter Lily.’

All welcome and for more information contact the Sean MacDiarmada Society on their Facebook page. Alternatively we can be reached here on this site.

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