Daniel Bradley Presses NIO For Truth Recovery

Daniel Bradley, a Derry citizen who has been campaigning for truth recovery in respect of slain brother makes public an exchange between him and the Northern Ireland Office.

  • On 22 Mar 2016, at 13:08, Murphy, Alan wrote:

Dear Daniel,

The Secretary of State’s Private Office have informed me that you have requested a meeting to discuss legacy issues. Northern Ireland Office officials are in the process of meeting with people that would like to discuss the legacy institutions proposed in the Stormont House Agreement. If you would like to meet with someone from the NIO, officials in the Legacy team would be pleased to provide you with an update with respect to the ongoing work to establish the proposed new legacy mechanisms.

If you would find this useful, please contact me (details below) to let me know when you are available and I can arrange a suitable time and date.



Alan Murphy

Policy Adviser - Legacy Group

Stormont House, Stormont Estate, Belfast BT4 3SH

Tel: 028 905 27740 | E: alan.murphy@nio.gov.uk

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  • From: daniel1bradley@hotmail.com - To: alan.murphy@nio.gov.uk -  Subject: RE: Meeting with NIO officials -  Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 10:47:21 +0000

Dear Alan, I am writing this email to express in words and to seek justice, but justice isn't just putting people behind bars, no I believe justice is getting the truth and the person or persons acknowledging their wrong doing and I know that there were a lot of wrong doings in Northern Ireland and I also know that my brother was a soldier who believed in the freedom of Ireland.

But I also know and agree that the British soldiers were at war with the IRA. But what I disagree with and hold the British government fully responsible for is the actions of their soldiers. Article "J" and i'm sure that you have read it, the minutes of secret meeting that took place 10th July 1972, where they deliberately changed the yellow card and specifically allowed their soldiers to torture and kill, ignoring EU rules, with no fear of being held accountable for any of their actions.

I would also say and you would agree with me, my brother and Daniel Hegarty are very different cases to the other victims. Young Daniel was 15 years old deliberately shot with no worries because article "J" covered him. Volunteer Seamus Bradley was captured and unarmed as he had been told to step down by his commanding officer Martin Mc Guinness and also on the 31st the night that he died an officer from the IRA his unit commander John Brady at the Creggan shops told him the same.

Two hours later Seamus was shot twice, captured and taken away in a Saracen and tortured. Again the British soldiers were given permission. Forty four years on and i'm still seeking the truth and justice. I communicated with VSS and also Judith Thompson also His Lord Chief Justice who held a meeting in the Hilton in Belfast recently and made it known that he was looking for input from the victims on how to get past the "Legacy of the Past". I believe that I have given you the best way forward.

I have informed my solicitor. I have asked him to send a letter to yourself, for yourself to confirm your position and as I have shared there are two main things that the Northern Ireland Office has to look at and that's article "J" and "war files". The lord chief Justice also wants to move forward but he also promised the victims justice. The British government as well as the IRA must put up their hands and communicate with the victims, sincerely apologise as well as compensate them, and then the victims can move on and justice will have been served.

It is only right and fitting that the British government apologise to myself and family and others to uphold the law, if the law is not upheld the past will keep coming up and we will not be set free and I would be confident that the lord chief Justice would agree with me on this. I intend to send this email to my solicitor to forward on to the Lord chief Justice to let him know that I have stepped out in a positive way to bring a positive solution to my brothers case and to move on from the past.

Yours Faithfully
Daniel Bradley

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