Jewish Lightning And Saudi Extremism

Frank O'Brien continues his critique of the American body politic. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area. 

Former CIA agent, Robert David Steele, who is running for office, confirms how in his experience that the 1% have in essence conducted a coup d'etat on America.

The only thing we don't agree on being that we should give them blanket immunity for their criminal actions. He cites the book, The Terror Factory, by Trevor Aaronson, a book which documents the complicity between the FBI and the manufacture of terrorist cases, mainly set ups, and how we really need a Constitutional Convention to reform politics in this country.

I am glad that he admits the real unemployment rate is closer to 30 to 40 %, since that reality once made known would help in there being a revolution. As with Steele, there are even CIA agents that are good guys, who are in the system, kept from doing the kind of good that is contrary to traditional CIA history, like in supporting most of the world's dictators.

I think the cases that will help break open the consciousness of Americans are the ones where the shadow government has put up road blocks in front of the honest agents, prosecutors and judges, and even politicians, to keep them from going after the bad ones in their own fiefdoms. I can tell you from almost having been a cop that we were taught a different history of power than what they teach in high school, justice for instance, being that it is a balance between politics, power and public opinion.

Just as Nixon was behind a lot of dirty politics, other presidents, politicians and people in power bend the law, or bend public opinion to their own will, the dark joke being on the public, like with mass shootings, the unlawful killings of young African-Americans, and gun control. These are wedge issues used to bring about certain agendas, with the CIA having already infiltrated the police, politicians, prosecutors, judges and the press.....oh and good old Hollywood! Aka propaganda central!

Almost anything can be covered up, especially locally, but also globally, like with the key foreign players on 9/11, Israel and Saudi Arabia. As Indira Singh was told, "The future will make Nazi Germany look like a tea party." Which is a pretty frightening statement, yet it empowers one knowing how legitimate the struggle really is.

Richard Grove is another great 9/11 'money trail' witness, also as with Singh, dealing with the cyber sided aspect of the 9/11 false flag. Sibel Edmonds also covers the FBI aspect of the hidden war on the American people, calling for transparency. My research shows several open source intelligence cases that could break open this Chinese cookie, or Russian nesting doll, to the light of day.

The PROMIS software thieved by the Department of Justice from INSLAW back in the 1980s connects directly and indirectly with the evidence of Singh, Grove and Edmonds. As does the 'October Surprise, the Iranian hostages, Iran-Contra, BCCI, Clinton's scandals, the 2000 presidential elections, going all the way back to Watergate, when the Powers That Shouldn't Be brought down tricky Dick Nixon for his trying to get too big for his britches.

Our latest venture in the covert world was to promote Daesh/ISIS/ISIL to have an enemy to fight and use to distract the American public, using CIA front companies, and Saudi Arabia and Israel to foment, and support/arm this good sized elitist Sunni extremist movement. Turkey provides both sustenance and arms to the group, while Israel pretty much does the same, along with Saudi Arabia[the heart of the beast] and smaller countries like Qatar. While we claim ignorance and deny responsibilty for terrorism, these smaller countries can better get away with it, Israel having had experience with Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO. Russia fortunately called our bluff in Syria, wedging itself between us, Iran and China.

Even the evil "Franklin Scandal" perpetrators are feeling the heat again in the ALT press, stemming from the newest and oldest cases involving politicians and cops, besides the CIA. Basically according to my sources, there are good people, or the 'white hatters,' who exist in the political structure and press who struggle to shine the light of day on the venomous snakes, or wolves in sheep's clothing who make up a great number of our politicians, super rich and their flunkies. Trying to help these honest prosecutors and reporters is risky to one's life, but then of course, some things are worth dying for.

Saudi Arabia's royalty and white collar class for instance are in power from providing oil to the American companies, which the US government protects and promotes, while getting them to support state sponsored terrorism used as a foreign policy making strategy. We there by have had them promote extreme Sunni Islam in the their country and all over the world, especially in key places like Africa, Europe, Eurasia and so on.

Israel benefits since their Arab neighbors are too busy fighting each other to be fighting with Israel, all while Israel supported Hamas to keep down the PLO. Israel sells guns and ammo to its neighbors too, so war is profitable to Israel, while being at war allows them to slowly strangle the sovereign Palestinians.

The current Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, is genocidal, and wants to either wipe out the Palestinians, or break their will to fight in self defense. Saudi Arabia funnels drugs to pay for 'off the books' American black ops in the region, creating essentially a slush fund, laundering the money besides making it. Turkey does the same, and all three sell arms to Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, buying their stolen oil, and making there to be enough breathing space for them to survive, at least till their usefulness is finally over with. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" rings all the more true in this true "wilderness of mirrors."

The entitled, "strategy of tension," is all important, while keeping on the mask of make believe decorum, and rallying against their terrorist creation. Israel has in effect a liberal press and open society enough for their to be opposition that works tirelessly towards exposing these ties, actions and crimes against humanity. If seen as a chess game, Saudi Arabia is getting set up, like Turkey, for an eventual fall, so new and more cooperative governments can be put in place. There are good guys within the system trying to bring light down upon these war crimes, while trying to stop the "dirty war" which has its strategy taught at America's own School of the Americas.

The US has been behind so very many coup d'etats, that it is like performing a simple mathematical problem, solving it through overt and covert methods. Each country's defense industries has control of the government through finance campaign and through front companies, proxies and dictators already in place. Saddam Hussein had become a problem so much so that he had to go, and the Afghani Taliban had almost cut off opium production, which funds "off the books" covert operations, so the Taliban had to finally go.

We use these smaller countries, and their intelligence services to fund, manipulate and direct the geopolitical sphere in certain directions, and the mainstream never or hardly reports on any of it. Enough bread crumbs, and limited 'hangouts' have exposed the soft white under belly of what Danny Casolaro called "The Octopus."

Given enough people knowing about these truths can hopefully reign in the wild horses, which are basically the neoconservatives, and usual suspects in super big business and banking. There are so many fine threads to this beast, that it will take a good number of documentaries to demonstrate the existence of the beast, and its likely agenda and long term plans. In this two front war, Uncle Sam plays a huge part, which has been irritating the Russians and Chinese, who have their own economic goals and objectives.

Someone in both spheres of influence wants another world war to thin out the population, and make for a power grab. Israel is both our own buddy, buddy in the region, and she spies on the USA too for useful intelligence and top secret technology. The USA uses Britain to spy on us, and Canada, while we spy on the British and Irish population, and we in comparison also spy on each other, which is one of those inconvenient truths that they don't want the public to know.

Whistleblowers like Casolaro, Gary Webb and Jim Keith got too close to the truth, so they were killed to silence their great reporting, keeping them from breaking this, the biggest story of the early 21st century. Columnists like me make our bones on top of the truly awesome research of these brave martyrs to the cause of truth, where no national security court can gag the truth.

One of the two forgotten aspects of this state sponsored terrorism is collusion with organized crime, and the other being drug smuggling. Both Casolaro and now Singh found these connections out in the wide open, a not so secret part of the revolving military/intelligence/industrial complex, who is the ultimate authority. When you pick at that you get a reaction, one that can be rather deadly.

One way they might fight back besides killing you is tearing apart your life, like mine right now. The fruitful tables of research are looking into Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia. All three have their parts to play, with a lot of pain and suffering in between, though ultimately all three except Israel are set to be changed around to promote America's foreign policy objectives. One is to have control around the area, besides the opium that is grown in the Near East.

The USA wants to counter the working class and black struggles in their own countries, so what better than a super charged war against the 99% who can barely eat, nor have a doctor. The ones that benefit from something in a criminal case are the first perpetrators who also get fingered as traitors if in a gang or cartel. They 'seeded' the mass media with images and plots dealing with a 9/11 script, so people had under gone predictive programming at its slickest, just like a Madison Avenue special. There were dancing Israelis near Manhattan, being a part of a massive MOSSAD operation, reported on by Fox News, but that it got censored from their archive.

The Israelis even warned the USA about a disaster of an attack that was being planned, and was coming soon. The US character was not swayed in any way, and a military war game was going on in FAA's radars on the ground, simulating almost exactly the actual attacks. From the testimony of legitimate witnesses like Singh, Grove and Edmonds, we get enough to open up a new investigation into the whole 9/11 event, in 'new York and Washington, D. C.. Skeptics will fold like a house of cards under the testimony of these brave insiders, who bring truth where hope also comes.

To fully comprehend the big picture one needs to immerse oneself in reports on these witnesses, analyzing the finer details as if they were combing their hair. Patterns emerge that demonstrate a much bigger picture, along with a hidden narrative perpetuating extremism and armed conflict. If you are an innocent Israeli that gets blown up by an extremist Sunni woman, it is because your own government officials have colluded with some of these militant ideologues, even arming them. Some key information is withheld from the manufactured enemy, allowing just enough to have a false flag controlled by the ultimate puppet masters. Whether they be super rich, or working for these bigger interests, they predictably look to cause mayhem leading to instability, causing refugees to flee from the fighting and bombs.

Its sort of like an ethnic cleansing or part genocide, yet either way Uncle Sam gets his stolen territory with its reduced population, and its very submissive. Once you know about this geopolitical gaming going on, you want to flip out, bringing the guilty to justice, but it is not that simple, so the best thing you can do is document whatever happens behind the scenes. Israel is the enemy much as the Saudis are, since we screwed them so very bad. They in essence are our front companies in an intelligence war game that has been going on for quite some time.

Whoever is behind these guys is a frightening visage who knows as much, if not more of what is going on, and is likely directing it too, Fight them we must, exposing even more of what the truth seekers are investigating, and documenting. Remember to keep an eye on Israel, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Iran. This is where people will die in the droves, much like the old sickening sectarian veteran who blindly fights for his country, mowing down anyone that gets in his way. This artificial extremist Sunni Islamic state can be folded in at any time, from its being so very manageable, a specialty of Uncle Sam. Double agent running was a trade mark of British intelligence, much like the scenario today, though it can confuse an investigation into its background. These monsters will 'put up' a straw man any time to fire up public opinion, which is currently looking to take away the legal firearms in civilians' hands. First disarm them, then subjugate them a little more, and soon they'll be totally malleable, and moldable.

Only the truth wins out in the end, while those guilty might be irradiated by their own nuclear weapons. We should go on spreading the truth, come hell or high water, exposing The Octopus for being the tool that it really is of the oligarchy, The deaths that are mysterious ought to be investigated, showing whether it is murder or suicide, which you can tell with forensics. Out of the ordinary stuff can be found by carefully examining the crime scene, and testing various bodily evidence. There has been one attempted to get to the bottom of Danny Casolaro's death, which richly shows how he was deliberately killed, not done in by himself. Look more into it if you want to really understand the conflict, and refugees crisis.

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