A Lot Of Paid Off People

Daniel Bradley in his latest letter thinks Sinn Fein has questions to answer. Daniel Bradley is a Derry justice campaigner.

MI5 is seriously dangerous as I found out for myself in 1984. It has authority over the RUC as well as the government and they are fantastic blackmailers. If you show any weakness at all they will have you eating out of their hands.

In 1984 I printed a story about IRA informers and MI5, after taking me 12 years to investigate it. Then I gave it to the Journal. After that I was abducted by two members of the INLA and one Provisional. All 3 were informers. They hooded and handcuffed me, took me to Leafair and then let me go.

The next day I was arrested by the British army and taken to Fort George. Five hours later 2 MI5 agents interviewed me and told me that the INLA and the Provisional IRA were going to shoot me dead and that they would get me a safe house in England.

You see, I am not a coward. Like my 2 brothers I stood my ground and I told MI5 that I could look after myself as I was an ex. Irish army soldier. This is all documented, and at the present moment there is an investigation been carried out by the PSNI as I have lodged a complaint about being abducted by the British troops and MI5.

But the Sinn Fein leaders have questions to answer: were they blackmailed by MI5 to work for them and hadn't got the courage to stand up to them? Everybody needs the answer why the young volunteers who went against the peace process were killed under the "shoot to kill policy". We all well know that in the 1990's the UDA and the UVF were killed off as well.

The money that was stolen in the big bank raid by the Provisional IRA paid off a lot of people. So it is up everybody to stand together and find the right questions that need to be asked and then answered.


  1. No-one can attest for the veracity regards the claims around Adams but one thing is for certain, it's difficult to imagine the Security Services did not know about his father and brother. Likewise, it's extremely difficult to believe they did not use this information in efforts to blackmail or coerce. After his arrest for the disappearance of Jean McConville, it was noticeable, at least to me, that he casually dropped in the fact that RUC Special Branch interrogated him about being an MI5 informant from the early 1970s. It almost seemed he was preparing the ground for the day the story ever 'broke', putting himself in best position to say, 'sure I told you's about those claims myself long ago didn't I'. This man, whether an informer or not (and we will never know definitively, is highly dangerous and not to be trusted. 'Cuddly Gerry' is a facade. The man is a cold fish and a total sociopath, there is in fact nothing he is incapable of truth be told and all around him know it, both at the top and bottom of the ladder

  2. Daniel,would there not be a few high rankers from your own home town who could direct you to a few of them millions?.the dirty bastards would sell their own father's,if they knew them.

  3. fair play to u daniel bradley whoever u are, ur a courageous man. yes it was game set and match to mi5 for a long time before we heard anything about a 'peace' process. ditching of eire nua, ending of abstentionism at 'gerry' mandered ard fheis, assassination of genuine republicans in the movement, the more u look into it, we were shafted a very long time ago. smugglers, diesel launderers, bandits, commies, genderbenders, mi5/mi6 agents and me feiners took over the movement. oh and gerry & marty too.