Sean Larkin Society Launch One Ireland One Vote Campaign In South Derry

The 1916 Societies have been busy in South Derry with the One Ireland One Vote campaign.

The Sean Larkin Society South Derry are pleased to announce we have kick-started our One Ireland One Vote petition-campaign, to bring about an all-Ireland referendum on Irish Unity.  

The petition is part of a strategy put forward by the 1916 Societies to attain a fully-inclusive, 32-county referendum on the National Question, to give everyone on the island the opportunity to have their say in a meaningful democratic vote.

Our Society decided to begin with a leaflet drop; to give people the relevant information on the petition and the referendum, to help garner a clearer understanding of what it entails, followed a few days later going door-to-door with the actual petition.

We started in Newbridge, South Derry. Garraidh Ó hAodha – who has took up the mantle as our Chairman in this upcoming, seminal year, marking the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising – along with some other founding members of the Society, were overwhelmed by the response on the doors. It is clear there is a real appetite for change, that the referendum is seen as a breath of fresh air.

The disgust on the doorstep at how our politicians are behaving, with little or no regard for ordinary people, was fervent. One case in particular drew an angry response. A woman relayed how classroom assistants to those with special needs had been cut. Classroom Assistant positions, which had proved to be a vital link to these young vulnerable children, had been cut in order to serve the political ideology of austerity, which is being implemented by our own politicians.

Our Society is very clear that the only way to rid ourselves of the scourge of austerity, as other neoliberal policies, is through independence. To regain sovereignty, we must rid ourselves of undemocratic external influences, which have no mandate on this island whatsoever. Partition, segregation and gerrymandering are no longer acceptable and we need an all-inclusive, all-Ireland referendum as soon as possible to address the ills in question.

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