Not Giving Up

Daniel Bradley sees a Machiavellian hand at play in the lead up to the Official IRA's departure from the North's guerrilla warfare. Daniel Bradley is a justice campaigner whose brother was shot dead by British troops in 1972.

Today one must ask a question, are Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams informers? 

I give the Derry Journal secret papers that I received from the coroner’s office and I will draw to everyone’s attention of the secret meeting that was held on the 20th June in Derry between representatives of the PIRA and the representatives of secretary of state for Northern Ireland. And may I say MI6 pops up.

Now after that date there was other meetings and the PIRA received documents which we call the blueprint Operation Motorman. From the 20th July 1972, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams ordered every weapon of the PIRA out of Derry and Belfast. But they failed to inform the official IRA or to tell them to get their arms out of Northern Ireland, but yet they did inform them on the 3o July which left them no time to remove their weapons from Northern Ireland. 

So these weapons were thrown in the street, Belfast and Derry. Sadly the Official IRA went out of action. What the PIRA wanted as well as MI5. You see the British way is divide conquer. And my question to Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams, so called Irish men, why did you not tell the Official IRA on the 20th July to get their guns out? I’ll tell you why: you knew if the Official IRA lost their weapons there would be no more Officials and MI5 knew that as well. 

My brother volunteer Seamus Bradley was informed on by a member of PIRA. He was captured by the British Army and they knew everything about him so he was tortured, shot 5 times and as he bled heavily they put a rope around his neck and hung him? Why do both you men stand in the north and the south and proclaim that you’re Irish? 

I have challenged the PIRA since 1972 after my brother was shot, and then went and joined the Irish army still asking questions on my brother’s informer. I haven’t given up on my brother’s justice nor have I given up on my brother’s informer.

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  1. While the question asked by Daniel is a frequent one these days, I have seen nothing that would seriously support the charge that either were agents. They became strategic assets but that is an entirely different things from being agents.