The Wounded Beast

In a piece penned prior to the Paris attacks Frank O'Brien criticised US foreign policy. Frank O'Brien is an Irish Republican based in the US.

The USA is over extended all over the world, which is a big reason that they didn't put up such a fuss over the Russians entering the scene in Syria. Unless Uncle Sam retracts its forces, leaving behind instead strong loyal civilian assets to do the job with a few advisors, it could wind up as it did during the Vietnam era.

Then there is the need to stop them from using the imperialist card, forcing them to talk with their allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, asking them what they truly want for their future. America has been way too much like a bull in a china shop, engaging others who pose little to no threat, even going and creating the supposed monster of ISIS/ISIL. They have been their own worst enemy, torturing innocent Muslims, then creating deep resentment towards them for these ham handed tactics. The best way to create an enemy is to mistreat those who haven't done a damn thing to you in the first place, and amazingly that is what the CIA and Pentagon have been doing without any consideration to the consequences. 

Torture is not what America was known for decades prior to now, so we crossed a line that makes us look like the "Great Satan." And further we have backed this once small group ISIS/ISIL, having supplied them with a large number of their arms and vehicles. If you step way back from it you begin to believe that someone high up wanted there to be a large insurgent force, and a ready supply of jihadists, turned radical by mistreatment of Muslims. 

In "deep or para-politics" this is seen as deliberate actions meant to serve a deeper agenda, or foreign policy objective, possibly just to further immerse the world in a morass of radical Islam, then giving the Western powers a reason to occupy and effect their brand of change in both the Near East and Middle East. Without an enemy you haven't any reason continue a war pretty much won already, so you sow the seeds of hate of yourself on purpose in order to make political gain on it. 

The problem is that this may bring a real threat to the homeland, which conversely is suffering from the siphoning off of oodles of tax payer dollars for near 15 years while the economy goes straight into the tank. Uncle Sam needs to let go of their imperialist dreams, telling the corporations to go to hell finally, and pulling back troops to closer to home. They should occupy their time in rebuilding an economy that had been doing pretty damn good back in the 1990s, but which is now imploding in on itself from hemorrhaging billions of its own dollars in places it shouldn't have been in the first place, like Iraq! Hussein could have just been as easily overthrown by his own people, merely providing them with the funds and know how to do it. 

By going in like John Wayne on steroids we have created a mess almost impossible to clean up, creating or heating up religious and ethnic tensions, making it almost unlikely that it will calm down any time soon. If the agenda was to sow dissension, torturing innocents in the name of creating radicalism, which could then be fought by the real monster causing it, then brownie points should go to Bush and Obama.

Neither Democrats or Republicans have bothered changing these direct threats and self made challenges to democracy ever rising in these regions, but rather fan the flames of anger and resentment aimed towards them, the "Great Satan." Why, oh, why would one want to be seen as an enemy? Probably again, because of hidden foreign policy and geopolitical objectives, for it certainly has suited Uncle Sam fine to be seen as the "Great Satan." 

We have killed over a million in both regions, mostly, again, innocent civilians, only fanning the flames of hate which we were supposedly fighting against. The colossal disaster in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc., has led to the displacement of regular people there, to places like Greece, and on to Germany, where these innocent folk aren't wanted, nor given any real kind of help. This being the fault of America stepping into the Syrian conflict, funding both insurgents and radical Muslims, even further, now dragging in the Russians and Iranians.

It is clear that both Democrats and Republicans have supported these post 9/11 objectives to keep the bull crap War on Terrorism raging, besides setting up things from it that would ultimately benefit conglomerates, and their economic aims. It’s both imperialistic and monopoly driven goals that this self created war was all about from the beginning. First a false flag, then an illegal invasion of Iraq, and the continued meddling in Afghanistan, and even Pakistan, started by Uncle Sam deliberately shooting himself in the foot. So they create the problem, offer a solution to it, then going on to making it even much worse than it was to begin with. Simply put, it's the Hegelian Dialectic, expanded upon in the Corbett Report, and its ALT brothers and sisters. War has always been a business, with those selling the guns and munitions for it also being the ones behind it in the first place. 

The Western military/industrial complex has been behind not only Vietnam, but also WWI and WWII, which earned those few people at the top billions of dollars, then there is the issue of drug running and money laundering, which happens big time in Afghanistan. The Taliban had almost eradicated heroin production, until we came barrelling in to supposedly save the day, but instead were really there for the heroin. The whole Iraq invasion was really over our gaining control of their oil, not about overthrowing a crooked dictator. In both situations we created vacuums, where there had been forms of stability, now there were only violent insurgencies with no end in sight. Then on top of it we actually create groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, so again, stepping back from it all, looking at the facts, one can only draw the conclusion that the goals from the start were to orchestrate a controlled war, in which tons of money could be made, and the stage set for divvying up the regions for the benefit of conglomerates/corporations. 

That about says it all, and one needn't look any further or deeper for the reasons things have happened the way they have, or turned out the way they did. As to NATO, CIA, and NGOs(non-governmental organizations) run by interested billionaires in the West, have been running a cold war against Russia, messing with the government of Kiev, overthrowing its pro-Russian administration, and threatening the strategic Russian naval base in the Crimea.

Russia brilliantly handled both this, and now the Syrian conflict, so kudos ought to be given to them for not declaring World War III from these provocations. The beast, in this case, wounds itself to frame a false dialectic, to profit a few individuals, and as an excuse to occupy places it shouldn't be in in the first place. Meanwhile the homeland falls into disrepair, its economy running into the ground, seeing its middle class disappear, and the gap between rich and poor reaching epidemic proportions. Sounds about right as a side goal of the corporations that own and run the US government.

The only hope, short of Bernie Sanders getting into office, would be to work on toppling the governments of the West through a people's revolution, the old ballot or bullet from places like the North of Ireland. It would do my heart good to see physical force, as long as civilians were protected, and only hard targets were hit at. You start with the most guilty first, working your way down to their slobbering, slave like servants in political office, who actually do pretty damn good financially and power wise. Once the power is taken back, the guilty are tried and sent to prison, and their money and assets seized, and used to help rebuild the places that were wrongly messed with. 

A new form of foreign policy would be to keep only diplomats in these regions, leaving out military and economic desires. We can then rebuild the homeland into a workers paradise, fleecing the rich for the needed taxes. 

Can Americans actually stand up for themselves is the question, first seeing beyond the media propaganda keeping them incredibly ignorant and in their place. They are the wounded beast that needs to see it wounded itself, then once brought up to speed, taking the power away from the corporate dictators in our midst. I know from history it only happens at times of extreme economic crisis, but this is where we currently are at, so I am certain it will happen. The question is when?

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  1. Frank,

    You have missed something, 'the old bomb and bullet in the North of Ireland' did not change the status quo one iota.

    Thinking that armed insurrection against a military-industrial complex would achieve anything other than more profit the professed enemy is absurd, though I do agree with much of your viewpoint.

    I would offer that the only thing a capitalist pays attention to is the profit margin, and therein lays his weakness.

    Do your trade in ethical dollars, think wisely upon your purchases and do all this in a co-ordinated effort and they will pay close attention.