Sympathy To Paris & Beirut

Steven Katsineris expresses sympathy with the Paris and Beirut victims of theocratic fascism. Steven Katsineris is a Melbourne based writer and activist.

Dear Editor, 

I write to express my deep sadness and heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with the French and Lebanese peoples in the wake of the awful and indiscriminate attacks by Daesh (Islamic State) extremists that killed so many innocent people in Paris and Beirut. 

My thoughts are with all the families of those who lost loved ones and those who were injured. But these are not the only innocent people suffering such terrible ordeals.

And the Daesh or IS group are not the only immoral and evil forces at work in the world carrying out horrific massacres and other abuses. I’m also very mindful and offer my utmost support to the brave brothers and sisters, Kurds, Syrians, Iraqis, Yazidis, Palestinians, Armenians, among others engaged in fighting these same cruel fascists of Daesh who are still massacring and repressing people (mostly Muslims, but also Christians and others) in Iraq and Syria. 

And I want to take this opportunity to express my solidarity with others enduring war, terror and resisting oppression. Unlike some in the Western countries I do not forget or neglect the fact that there are other courageous peoples in Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Sahara and elsewhere also struggling for freedom, human rights and self-determination against vicious, fascistic regimes that have imposed brutal occupations, ethnic cleansing, appalling atrocities and tyranny on them. 

I grieve for the hundreds and thousands killed in these conflicts, for the many thousands hurt, the millions of terrorised and displaced refugees and salute the tenacity of those continuing to struggle, sacrifice and refusing to give up their quest for liberty and justice.

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